Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 38

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As previously mentioned, I am working towards the ending of this ff so one of the issue is being solved in this update! Please read to know that!

If u come near me then I will live within u…..When I live within u my life gets a lively feeling….It’s a feeling that can only be felt if u live my life……
Abhi was in those thoughts while he was driving to Tommy’s house. Abhi reached the place. Abhi, I don’t know how many times I have to come like this and bring her back to my house….First it was the hostel and now it’s Tommy’s house!

He stepped inside the house and looked around. It was a very small house compared to his. Pragya was walking out of the kitchen with a bowl of flour. Pragya saw Abhi and she dropped the bowl in shock! Sadly, her face was now covered with flour….Abhi saw that and couldn’t control his laughter. Abhi “Wow! Even before I gave u punishment u give it to yourself!” Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Yes I am here!” Pragya was now wiping her face with duppata and Abhi walked closely to her. Abhi “Shall I help u?” Pragya with stammering said “No… it’s….ok…I….am….fine….” Abhi “Fine? That’s why u left me right?” Pragya “I told u many times that I need to leave u….that’s good for both of us!” Abhi “Really?” Pragya “Yes!” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “Do u think only u can be crazy?” Pragya was puzzled by his question. Pragya, Why is he suddenly talking about craziness? Is he sick or what?

Abhi with a smirk said “Look there for my craziness!” Pragya looked at the direction that he said and was shocked to see what was in front of her!
Pragya “When did this happen?” Abhi with a wink said “Right after that day….” Pragya “You cheated me!” Abhi “Excuse me! This is not cheating in any way….” Pragya was keep on looking in shock. What was she looking at?

Tommy was standing there in a bodyguard attire and was smiling away. (Imagine Tommy to be the Ronnie character in Kumkum bhagya).
Tommy “Jerry I am your official bodyguard as appointed by Abhi sir!” Pragya “You cheater! You are my friend and how can u work for him now?” Tommy “Yes I am always your friend but I also need a job that is what Abhi sir helped me at!” Pragya “Stop calling him as Abhi sir!” Abhi “It’s respect Pragya! I am his boss now!” Pragya “Respect? You cheated me!” Abhi “Can u don’t keep on repeat that we cheated u? We never even knew that u would leave me! U made it a sudden action! Actually u cheated us! Am I right Tommy?” Tommy “Yes sir! You are absolutely correct sir!” Pragya got frustrated and she just walked back to the kitchen. Abhi “It seems that madam is very angry now!” Tommy “Yes sir again u are absolutely correct sir!” Abhi “Tommy! Please don’t call me sir again it only makes her even more angry yaar!” Tommy “No sir! It’s my duty to respect my boss sir!” Abhi shaking his head said “What else I can expect from a stubborn girl’s childhood friend? You are completely like her too!” Tommy “No sir! I am not completely like her but sometimes she have influence on me sir!” Abhi “Ya that’s somewhat true she have influence on everyone around her…. “
Pragya came out of the kitchen and said “You two are now even having discussions sessions!” Abhi and Tommy at the same time looking at each other asked “Discussion sessions? About what?” Pragya “How would I know?” Abhi “You don’t know then how would we know?” Pragya “Ridiculous! I have nothing to say!” Abhi “Then don’t say….why do u have to strain yourself if u have nothing to say?” Pragya “Oh god please save me from this two!” Abhi and Tommy gave a Hi 5 to each other and it made Pragya even more annoyed……
Pragya couldn’t do anything further as usual her plan failed miserably this time….now it was just a location change but still Abhi was around…..To make things worse now her friend was also on Abhi’s side….
Pragya, Now what can I do? Why everything is in favor of him? Why???

Abhi saw her in deep thoughts standing at the terrace of the house,
Abhi “You know what?” Pragya never looked at him when he was beside her. She just asked “What?” Abhi “You are always having thoughts about leaving and that’s why always your plan fails! But I am always thinking about being together….and thoughts on togetherness will never make us leave our loved ones….That’s why I don’t even have to think of a plan! Everything happens by itself…” Pragya was still silent….and thought about his words…..Abhi “Think Pragya….if u want to leave me….u can leave me at any moment but if u think about being with me….being together…then u can’t leave me at any moment….” Abhi left from there leaving Pragya once again in confusion….Pragya, How can I tell u it’s not my wish to leave u at any moment? It’s your Ma’s wish and how can I go against it?”
Tommy overheard their conversation and decided to tell Abhi about Pragya’s problem. Tommy came to Abhi to tell about Pragya’s problem and he signaled to Abhi to come out of the house to talk. Both of them went quite far from the house to talk….
Tommy told everything about Pragya and her problem….Abhi after listening to all that said “I know all this!” Tommy was in shock and asked “You know all this? As in whatever your Ma said to Pragya too?” Abhi “Sadly, yes I know!” Tommy “Then why u didn’t tell Pragya that u know?” Abhi “I don’t want her to get sad just like the way she don’t want me to be sad…that’s why she is silent nowadays….she is thinking that her silence will silently remove her sorrows….I know it won’t happen that way….” Tommy “Then how are u going to convince your Ma and Pragya?” Abhi “I always have my way…..Ma is just upset that Pragya lied but the fact not all lies is to cheat or hurt others….I know Pragya didn’t lie in the sense of cheating or hurting others….she did that to make me feel better….if not she wouldn’t have loved me from the day she met me in the elevator….” Tommy in a puzzled look asked “What elevator?” Abhi “Oh u didn’t know na….I will tell u…She loved me even before Tanya knew me….” Tommy “How did u know that?” Abhi “Tanya told me….” Tommy in shock asked “What? When?” Abhi “Right before she met with accident she told me that I have a silent admirer….When I asked who it was, she said it was Pragya….and that’s why she gave me the locket with only Pragya’s photo as the gift before I left India….” Tommy “Then how did your photo was also in it?” Abhi “I had placed it recently….just before giving to Pragya…” Tommy “But then Pragya told me that u cried badly that day….telling that Tanya was the one who wished both of u to be together?” Abhi “I lied and it was all my acting that day….I knew she would follow me….” Tommy “I am lost for words….how can u even lie until she believe u blindly?” Abhi “I never lied to hurt her that’s why it’s believable to her!” Tommy “But how can u use Tanya’s name just because u want Pragya now in your life?” Abhi “Tommy! As far I know, I never cheated Tanya, even until now I couldn’t accept her loss…It’s my loss… but when I relate myself to Pragya, I felt maybe my loss can be gained from Pragya….That’s why I am not ready to lose Pragya in my life at any cost!” Tommy “I really don’t know what to say….but one thing is for sure that u won’t lose Pragya!” Abhi “Thank u Tommy! Now let’s go! It’s quite some time that we are left the house and she will get suspicious of our discussion sessions!”

You are my only wish to the wishes that I have…..

Thank u everyone! I mentioned earlier that I will reply u all in the previous updates but as always nothing is happening as per my plans! It’s always like that where something else comes up and make me stuck with it! I hope u all don’t mind and I try to make that up in my updates…I try to express my thankfulness through my updates….so each and every line that is expressed through Abhigya is my way to thank u all!

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