Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 34

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Friendly Warning to friends: The following is written in a mindset of tiredness again! If there is any mistakes or whatsoever….I am so S_ _ _ _!

Pragya was waiting eagerly for the something he is going to express to her….She felt as if moments passed slowly…..Pragya, Why today the time passes so slow? I can’t wait to see what is he going to give me!! But this time is so slow and that too today!
She was keep on checking the clock and at times trying to do some housework or surfing some random things in her phone…..Finally it was evening, and she heard his car sound and Pragya looked at herself in the mirror. Pragya, Finally he is here! Pragya be controlled! Don’t get excited and most importantly please don’t do anything crazily! Ok?
She was advising herself looking at the mirror. Abhi “Pragya! Come down!” Pragya “Haan coming!” She ran out of her room and was disappointed to see no one there. Pragya, I heard his voice right? Or did I daydream?

With full of confusion she stepped down the stairs….She felt she was stepping on something and looked down to see what it was. Pragya, Paper? What is this?
She picked up and read it. It was a note by Abhi….. To the person who is showering colors in my life, please come to the part of the house that is filled with colors……Pragya, So he is here! And what is this hide and seek game? Hmm…I am showering colors in his life? That’s so sweet…. I thought I showered craziness in his life……..Which part of this house is filled with colors?
She thought for a while looking around and then Pragya smiled widely. Pragya, I know! Is it that? Let me go and see……
Pragya rushed out of the house and went to the garden. Pragya looked around but he was still not there. Pragya, where is he? I am so sad now….
She looked around again and saw a red rose and there was a red color card on the paper. Pragya, Now it’s a card! Ok let me see what is it now!
She read the card…..
Dear LF,
Just look behind!
See u at the back!
Pragya turned behind to look at him and he was standing just in front of her. Pragya was stumbled at his closeness. Abhi held her hand and said “Excited to see what I express to u?” Pragya nodded her head and Abhi “Just close your eyes and hold my hands!” Pragya in worried tone asked “Wait nothing like that kind of thing right?” Abhi “What do u mean by that kind of thing?” Pragya didn’t know how to explain….She kept on looking everywhere in nervousness. Abhi “Pragya! We are not teenagers to be out of control! I know you are mine and I am yours! So why do we have to rush into that kind of things now?” Pragya closed her eyes in response and seeing that Abhi held her hands and slowly bringing her said “By the way how can u even think I will do all that ah?” Pragya still closing her eyes said “How would I know u ask me to close eyes and hold your hands….After all you are a man too!” Abhi with a smirk “Just for this u thought like that! Crazy girl with crazy thoughts!” Pragya moving along with Abhi said “Really? Do u think I thought something crazy again?” Abhi “Of course as usual!” Pragya gave a sad pout face and said “Sorry!” Abhi “So cute! I like this anyway!” Pragya in return held his hands tightly and asked “How long do we need to walk?” Abhi “Wait patiently Pragya! We are reaching soon!”

After a while,

Abhi “Now u can open your eyes!” Pragya opened her eyes and was shocked to see the place! It’s the same isolated place……But now it was all decorated with flowers and the bench was even changed!

Pragya, Why did he changed this place like this?

Abhi made her sit on the bench and he too sat beside her. Abhi “I want you to close your eyes again while I want to express to u what I feel about u……” Pragya “I should see what u want to express to me !” Abhi insisted “I want u to feel Pragya…I am giving u something to express my feelings! So please Pragya….” Pragya couldn’t deny and she closed her eyes in response.

Abhi started to sing the following lines to express his feelings……..

Girlfriend! Close friend! In love there is color
Girlfriend! Close friend! O My love you have color too
Green color, the desire inflicting green color
The smile of the grass is green color and it gives me the ‘go ahead’ sign
Your nerves are also green and it gives me the ‘go ahead’ sign to our love!
The parrot on the branch, it’s beak is red. Your favorite roses are red, the soles of a child’s feet which never touched the ground is red.
All the reds that I describe also belong to your anger…..all reds are your anger…..Pragya smiled hearing that line and he pinched her cheek lightly….

The evening of the sky is yellow, the shining golden earrings u wear is filled with yellow, yellow is also bathed in caesalpinia pulcherrima flowers that u adorn…..
The mellow yellow of the evening moon are all is in your heart…..
It’s the color of wave-less depth, the color of the cloudless sky, the color of a peacock’s neck, It’s blue! And it’s like All flash and shine in your eyes……..
It’s the color of the night, the color of the monsoon, the color of the wings of a crow, the bold color that underlies feminity, the color of the Cukoo bird that sings in the bright sunlight….
All are combined in the color of your hair………
Abhi now caressed her hair and she was enjoying his touch on her…..

White! The color of a flowering plant that sprouts in the rain, White that is present in your eyes! White! it is the color of your mind that is so pure……

Abhi finished singing and Pragya had tears rolling down her cheeks. She was still having her eyes closed and Abhi cupped her face and said “Pragya! Open your eyes! I am done with expressing what I feel!” Pragya opened her eyes and was completely lost in his way of expression…..
Pragya tried to stand up but he stopped her from doing so. Abhi “How can u just leave like this without saying how do u feel about my expression of love?” Pragya looking into his eyes said “I am lost! Completely lost and I can’t tell how much this means to me….” Abhi “I am also lost and don’t know Pragya but after u had entered my life….I just feel it’s colorful in all ways and that makes me express to u this way…..” Pragya “I also don’t know how I made your life colorful….. But I hope it doesn’t turn to colorless because of me…..” Abhi “Stop telling like this! I am very sure u will always make other’s lives colorful in all ways…..” Pragya couldn’t reply anything and she just buried her teary-filled face against his chest. Abhi hugged her closer and kissed her head. Abhi “Pragya! Just know one thing that I want to keep u always in my heart and nothing else…..My heart belongs only to u…..This is what I sense now…..”

Their moments of love remained there by sensing their love……

After a while, it started to drizzle……Abhi “I guess we have to go back now…..” Pragya still hugging him said “Hmm….” Abhi “Are u here?” Pragya “Hmm…..” Abhi slowly moved her from the hug and saw her closing eyes…..Abhi “She slept?” He tried to wake her up and but she was already asleep….Abhi, What is this girl? So unromantic and now is sleeping…..But I love her for this only! She is so unpredictable and looks so peaceful in her sleep….

Abhi carried her in his arms and was thinking, I think I should carry her a lot of times in my life! Now I even lost count of how many times I had carried her. As for Pragya, she was asleep by clutching onto his shirt.
Abhi, I hope she understands that I am loving her more than the way she thinks….It’s just that my way of expression is still not explicit enough…..But it doesn’t matter as I will express to her again and again until she is completely lost again and again in my love…

In some place,
Pragya meeting someone and saying “I am very bad at planning so just ignore whatever I said to u that day!” Someone “How can u say like this? Do u know how much I practice for it?” Pragya burst into laughter and said “Really? Show me what u have practiced!” He kneeled to propose and Abhi came there and asked “Who is he?” Pragya “Guess who is this?” Abhi “Don’t say it’s your boyfriend!” Pragya “May be….as he is a boy na….” Abhi grabbed the collar of the person’s shirt and made him stand. The very next moment he started to punch his face with full of force! Pragya was now trying her best to cool down Abhi’s anger.

Who is this someone? Pls wait to know that!
Thank u for all the support and Keep reading until this ends which is soon too!

Song credit goes to Pachai nirame from Alaipayuthey (Tamil movie! Again A R Rahman song! Haha what can I do? I am a 90s kid filled with his songs always in all ways!) but I edited certain lines guys according to this ff’s situation! It may not make sense in that way! This is what happens when I am senseless…..

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