I see love in your eyes(Kaira)-epi 2

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“So my deedi finally found her prince,right?” Mishti asks Naira who is shocked on hearing it….she gestures her to be quiet or maybe someone would hear them…naira forces mishti with her into her room n locks the door….mishti looks at naira with a mischevious and teasing smile and naira with a smile asks “how did you know this?” For which mishti answers ” he’s my bff after all,na…”….they both laugh…

Gayu is seen remembering her moments with karthik…. Every memory appears like a flash n fades, she wishes she could forget and tears start welling up in her eyes….she wipes it when she hears footsteps approaching her….n 2 hands close her eyes….she smiles n call out “vivan juz cut it off, I know it’s u….the hands r removed n she’s surprised seeing Naitik and Akshara.. Naitik tells “surprise!! Happy birthday gayu” n gives her a car key tied with a golden ribbon….she’s seen really happy and hugs them…they go to enter the car….naira opens driver seat for gayu…gayu enters but doesn’t face naira….naira stays silent for a moment but is disrupted by a call from Karthik…karthik says “I’m in the town,I came here for shopping and came across an accident….” Naira asks”what’s that got to do with us, karthik?” “Don’t tell gayu already but its vivan, his stage is pretty critical being hit on the car by a truck,he is admitted here at median trust….” Says karthik and naira is shocked….naira knocks on the door glass and gayu refuses to open….naira tries again but she is avoided by gayu again….naitik and akshara senses something awkward….gayu gets a call and seeing that its karthik feels like attending n she attends before it just stops ringing….she says “hello” n karthik says “gayu,see now,plz hear me clearly,plz be calm…vivan just had an accident n is in medi trust hospital” gayu,with a shock abruptly ends the call and starts the car with both naitik and akshara in car and directly heads for the hospital where she sees karthik at the reception….gayu goes past karthik without notice but he calls her….akshara n naitik also comes and karthik tells vivan hasn’t gained consciousness yet….gayu cries….naira also reaches the hospital and meets with dem…she cries seeing gayu crying…gayu looks in through the ICU glass and sees vivan with plasters on his forehead and hands….she remembers one of vivans words”I love u now, and have always loved u n if karthik doesn’t love u juz give me the luck to be ur man” she cries harder n naira seeing this hugs her….now gayu hugs naira and naira consoles gayu….

Precap: Vivan holds hands with gayu….naira,karthik,akshara,naitik and rema are happy watching them holding hands….

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  1. Anjana, gud going….keep writing… Waiting for episode 3….

  2. Vrushy

    Its nice.
    Please write more about kaira.

  3. it was really awesome

  4. AnjanaRahul

    Thank u all for ur support….yes, I will surely continue…

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