I see love in your eyes (Kaira)-epi 3

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Gayu hugs Naira near the door to the ICU where Vivan has been admitted. Vivan is still unconscious n Gayu waits there like forever…. Rema comes n stands with gayu, akshara who was there, tells rema that gayu hasn’t drunk or eaten anything after hearing of vivan… Rema tells gayu to eat…she,at first refuses n rema says “your mom told us to take real good care of u but if u do this, we can’t keep our promise to her, we want your happiness,vivan will be better….eat something,come with me….” And they both go….naitik and akshara has a sign of relief now….

Karthik and Naira are at the nearby hotel sitting opposite facing each other…. Naira signs that karthik order n he orders pistachio icecream….waiter tells “I’m sorry sir,its out of stock now….we have honeymoon special icecream, if u want?” Karthik looks at naira n she looks surprised….karthik tells wait or “we’ll have that…” Naira is shocked n stamps secretly on karthiks foot….in pain he also stamps back…she stamps again n says “hey, u r really a mendak,u know, a really stupid one, but I guess I even can love frogs” and smiles….karthik stares at her (yeh rishta plays…)their order comes n karthik and naira sits staring wondering how to begin….the silence is broken when karthik takes his spoon n starts to eat saying “I guess I have no choice then… ” seeing this,naira also,quickly starts eating….so it happens like a happy couple sharing icecream…rema and gayu enters the hotel n gayu sees dem….gayu stares at dem for an instant n rema too now sees….gayu cries n runs out of d hotel….rema follows calling her…. Karthik n naira continues not seeing both rema n gayu….

Gayu goes back to Naithik and akshara….naitik and akshara asks gayu if she ate n she lies saying yes n goes,..rema goes to gayu n says “look gayu, I’ve always loved u to be with vivan n I nvr knew that u had karthik in mind….vivan loved u a lot n truly ever since u knew each other…. U see love can’t be bought with money….vivan loves u n u like him as a bff,den y not try loving him….? Forget karthik,coz its no use loving him as he doesn’t love but vivan can gift u a happy life….im not forcing coz its u who should choose your fate” and goes…. Gayu watches rema as she goes and also looks through the ICU glass to see vivan n rests her head on it n cries….

After a while,nurse comes asking for gayu…vivan has gained consciousness n is murmuring the name “gayu, is she one of u? ” akshara and rema looks at gayu n akshara answers “yes she is gayu”

Gayu enters the ICU and goes near vivan….vivan is sleeping,gayu cries n touches his hand…he opens his eyes n they stare at each other for a while,for the first time….akshara,rema,naitik,naira and karthik are happy seeing this….naira looks at karthik n karthik smiles….

Precap: Naira is dressed in an extremely beautiful gown with well putup hair….karthik is beside her in a suit… A car comes n kidnaps naira….

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  1. Anyan

    Its good yr

  2. Vrushy

    Write more about kaira.

  3. AnjanaRahul

    Thanks sethidisha and anyan….

  4. Its good, keep on writing plz….I’m waiting for your next episode….

  5. Good….its kaira but isn’t the emphasis more on ‘Vayu'(Vivan+Gayu)….anyway gud going

  6. the title is kaira but the whole story is abt gayu vivan.either change the title or change the storyline.u could hv simply shortened the delusion of gayu n emphasize more on kaira if u r writting a kaira ff.anyways,waiting for next part n hopefully it ll b abt kaira only.

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