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It had been a month since Swara last met Sanskar

Their results came and now Sanskar was in last year while Swara was in third year

Day by day Sanskar was becoming more restless
Until the day Swara decided to part their ways he never realized the importance of Swara in his life

Things were gradually entering his mind that his life was so colorful with her , and now when she is not by his side everything looks so faded and boring…
Her talks , her thoughts, her actions and small small gestures were wat made his day bright…
No matter wat the problem was they both always found the solution in one another….
It is truly said that “We don’t know the value of a person until he is gone” and this is what was happening with Sanskar… He was missing her gradually with the passing days,hours , minutes and seconds he was knowing her value, he was just missing her presence…Once his side which was filled with HER PRESENCE, was now empty not empty hollow in HER ABSENCE

Today was a Saturday evening and like any other week he was moving towards the beach , the only place where he feels relaxed, The beautiful sunset somewhere give peace to his soul….

He was sitting on the sand when his eyes fell on a girl who was running with an ice candy and behind her a boy was running
This scene made him remember how much they enjoyed when they came here once
When her ice candy fell down she took his ice candy and started running across the sand with him chasing her
He closed his eyes and a smile appeared on his lips remembering their masti


Swara was sitting in her room engrossed in her books when she heard voice of a cuckoo… She went towards the window and closed her eyes remembering something


Swasan were siting on a bench in college garden , they were just talking randomly when Swara heard Cuckoo’s voice

She immediately closed her eyes and started praying something by joining her hands… Sanskar was looking at her confused trying to understand what is she doing
The minute she opened her eyes sanskar asked her
Sanskar: Swara wat were u doing?

Swara:I was making a wish…!

Sanskar: Y so suddenly?

Swara:I heard a cuckoo singing and people say that if we make a wish at that tym it gets fulfilled

Sanskar narrowed his eyes:You believe this?

Swara:Ummm to be true I don’t know, but what’s wrong in trying, there is no loss if ur wish gets fulfilled

Sanskar: You and your beliefs (smiling genuinely)

Swara (monologue):Sanskar I don’t know whether this wish would be fulfilled or not but my all time wish is your happiness


Swara opened her eyes and a tear rolled down her right cheek remembering their moments

Truly life was beautiful having him by her side

She remembered the several encounters which she had with him in these last 35 days… Each tym Swara ignored him or simply looked somewhere else and moved from that place…
She also had her own life and gradually she was learning to stay without him…Life never ends if u don’t have someone in your life
Life is meant to move on with tym,
She was just happy that everything was falling in place now , she was no more a hurdle in his life
But she was sad , it was difficult for her to stay without him, each time she thinks that he would be no longer by her side , this lone thought breaks her heart into several pieces… She is just trying to believe that everything will fall at it’s right place with tym…

Her thoughts were disturbed by a phone call….

_on call_

Swara:Han Akii Bolo (Yes Akii say)

Akii:Cupcake we have to go their house in evening…Inform Aunty-Uncle too…

Swara: Oky Akii, I’ll tell them…

Akii:Hmmm…(after pause) Cupcake listen

Swara:Han say

Akii:Swara elders have to reach there till 8… How abt we can go a little late… U know na m not so comfortable with these functions… And… (Interrupted)

Swara: Han Akii, no problem even I don’t want to go early…That idiot girl there irritates me a lot…

Akii:Hahaha … How can I forget that…oky so see u in evening… Bubyee



Sanskar was down near the main gate, he had some work in the secretary’s office that is near the main gate, when he was coming outside he saw Swara And Akshat coming there , he was mesmerized to see Swara she was in Pink and white Anarkali suit…

He could hear them talking

Swara:U idiot who told u to park the car outside han…(Slapped his head)

Akii:I was in hurry to drop mom na…

Swara:Akii suno, I know this is not the right time to ask this, not even the right place but I think I should ask it before reaching there

(Sanskar came a little more near to them to hear what Swara is saying)

Akii: I know what you wanna say cupcake, but do you think I really love her?

Swara: According to me u do, but u shud be knowing it well Akii,not me…


Swara:Achha tell me one thing you would be meeting her after 2long years…So u missed her or not…?

Akii:I did cupcake, I missed her a lot, every time we did something that is her favorite, I felt lonely…

Swara: Well this is quite filmy, but you try it… Chalo come on close ur eyes and c whose face appears before your eyes!!!

(Hearing it Sanskar too closed his eyes and Swara’s smiling face came in front of his eyes followed by her sad and tear eyes when they parted the hug a month ago)

Sanskar:(monologue) That means I love Swara, I love her (but suddenly realized ) no no how can it be it is just friendship nothing more…(he came in sense when Akshat shouted)

Akii:Swara… Swara (sanskar became tensed listening Swara he thought her face came in front of his eyes?) Cupcake it is Aditi’s face… That means do I love her?

Swara: Akii this was just to satisfy u, it doesn’t matter whose face appears in front of ur eyes when u close them… But the feelings that you have for that person matter… U miss her when she’s not with u, u remember her while doing small small things, her smile her happiness r important for you…you don’t want to c her with any another boy… That’s it Akii, now also u r confused that u love her or not…Don’t waste more time Akii (starts walking again) You never know what happens the next in your life, u r there with someone now but we never know that destiny separates u from that person the very next second…
(A lone tear escaped her eyes)

Swara: And Akii , her parents r soon going to find her better half u better confess your feelings because she also loves u… (Said the last line in little slow tone…

Akii nodded but as soon as the last words got registered in his mind he ran behind Swara with a happy face, who was now running towards the car…

Here Sanskar was in deep thoughts , he was just trying to decide what he feels for Swara, he started walking towards his block absent mindedly


Night (1am(

Sanskar was walking to and fro in his room, he was unable to sleep …. His thoughts were completely occupied by Swara today… He was just thinking wat is correct and wat is incorrect… Just then his eyes fell on his diary ….

Sanskar picked the diary and got seated on his bed… He started reading his diary from the day he met Swara

He was going through the diary and while turning the pages his smile was never leaving his lips…
Just then something struck his tube light brain… He realized that Swara is the same girl whose assignment he returned, when she was in first year… The same girl who denied to follow the command of her seniors, and the same girl from whose boldness he was impressed

Then he continued reading the diary… With each passing page, he was getting sure of his feelings…

After one hour he got up, and moved towards the balcony… He raised his head to look in the sky, which was twinkling with millions of stars, and the moon was almost full as the next day was full moon night…

He smiled broadly looking up,

Sanskar:So Sanskar Maheshwari is in LOVE finally… Miss SWARA DIXIT u r successful in making this jerk fall for u….. (He was so happy to realize his feeling but was sad too to remember Swara’s tears)

Precap: ~ Confession ~

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