My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 5 (Special Episode)

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Precap- Sanskar jealous of Akii…. And Swara hiding the fact that she love Sanskar from him

Leap of one month

There was a great hustle bustle in college which was quite more that it is usually

Obviously y would it not b cause today was last exam of the students

So all were excited as the exams were over now , however worried too for their respective results

Swara was also tensed as she was determined to get first position this tym cause she was second the previous tym


Late afternoon

Swara was waiting for Sanskar and Akii in the parking lot as she wanted to ask Sanskar abt how his exams went and Akii and Swara were to go in Swara’s car only

(Note Akshat’s parents r already residents of Mumbai however he went to Delhi for some course now as he is back he has joined Swasan ‘s college
He is a second year student)

Just then Sanskar arrived there

Swara: Hey Sanskar

Sanskar: Oh hi Swara ! How was yr exam?

Swara:It was superb Sanskar but m really worried for results

Sanskar: Don’t worry I know you will come first

Swara: don’t know abt me but u should come first (monologue- I don’t care abt me so much Sanskar but I want u to b happy and ur happiness lies in ur success.. I wish like every time u should b first.. And somewhere m sure of that)

Sanskar snapped his fingers in front of her
Sanskar: Hey where r u lost?

Swara(came back to senses): ummm nothing… U tell how was ur exam?

Sanskar: it was good Swara … Waiting for results

Just then one of Swara’s friend arrived their

Isha: Swara u r coming tonight na?(she’s one of her best friend ?

Swara:no Isha, I don’t like to party and all so I won’t b coming

Isha: This is not fair yar if u won’t come I will also not go

Swara:What is this yar? U r being so childish! (Hesitatingly) OKY fine I’ll come but will leave early

Isha:oky done (gave her a hug and went saying meet you soon)

Swara was biting her nails in tension and cursing Akii she was quite audible to Sanskar

Sanskar shook his head and asked: Now what happened to u?


Sanskar: one second what did u say? I don’t know Chinese

Swara:(closed her eyes and I one breath)I don’t know how will I go cause Akii can’t accompany me as his head was paining and he said he will not go anywhere today and I know he will get fever today cause he was studying till late night yesterday and he’s not in a habit of being awake till late
And I can’t go alone also cause it will b late night while coming back and mom won’t allow

Sanskar took few seconds after she completed to understand and then said: So y did u Agree with her?

Swara:cause she was very excited for it and she would b upset cause of me So I agreed

Sanskar: oh…. Simply go somehow or deny her

Swara was in dilemma cause she very well knew Sanskar will never go as he doesn’t like parties and to convince him was a big task although he was invited

(All the students of second and third year decided to arrange this party as exams were over Swasan gave their contribution but still were not in mood to go)

Swara(whispered):Can u come with me

Sanskar although heard what she said but pretended as if he don’t know what she’s saying

Sanskar: what swara? U said something?

Swara:No no I didn’t said anything…. Y is this idiot taking so much time

She was upset and without looking at him m moved towards her car

Just then Akii arrived:Oops sorry m late… Come let’s go

Swara nodded, she was not in mood to drive so gave him keys to which he gave a questioning look

Swara: Chup chap drive the car

And she sat in passenger’s seat

They drove of but one pair of eyes saw this whole scenario
(Obviously Sanskar)


Sanskar’s POV

Its been almost three months of our friendship

I don’t y I felt so bad seeing her with Akshat but later I realized that he’s not bad… He’s such a good person, he knows Swara so nicely all her likes and dislikes

U don’t know y I felt bad? Then something struck my mind at that tym that is this jealousy? No but we r jealous for those whom we love or like! Swara is just a friend of mine nothing more…
I don’t want to indulge myself in this love and all … I know many girls r behind me and they try to befriend me only because they want my attention… And I seriously hate such girls… I know Swara is a true friend she has no hidden intention behind her friendship… I trust her and if she has some intention behind her this friendship I’ll never forgive her cause I don’t like betrayers
But m pretty sure there is nothing like that

She a nice girl, she has all qualities of what a boy wants for his lady love and m sure whoever she will love will b a very lucky person

Today also she thought abt her friend
I know she’s not so interested in parties and all but she agreed just for her friend’s sake despite of the fact that now she herself don’t know how she will go

I know she wanted me to accompany her but she didn’t had the courage to ask me cause she knows I also don’t like parties

She was so disappointed and that’s y she gave Akshat her car keys cause she never give a chance to anyone to drive her car easily and that poor fellow was confused at her behavior (he chuckled thinking that)

She don’t know that m going to accompany her

(He called her )

****on call****

Swara(sad):Hello yes Sanskar any work

Sanskar: hello !yes Swara but y r u sounding so upset any problem (laughing in his mind)

Swara: no nothing like that u say y u called

Sanskar: woh tonight is party na

Swara(not interested): hmmm

Sanskar: so I’ll accompany u there

Swara:hmmm oky bye
(Suddenly realized) what ? What did u say?

Sanskar: Don’t b shocked I’ll accompany u to the party now don’t ask y cause I can change my decision too

Swara-oky oky bye meet u soon


Evening 7:30 pm

Sanskar was waiting for Swara in his car at their apartment’s main gate

Sanskar:(monologue) oh god y girls r always late I thought that Swara is not like that but she…(just then Swara knocked on passenger seat’s window)

First tym he was mesmerized seeing her she was wearing a purple dress till her knees with very light makeup and silver earrings shining like stars in moonlight

Sanskar opened the door for her
She got in and said: chalein

Sanskar nodded and just then she noticed him he was in black shirt and blue denims, looking amazing

She felt proud that she’s his Secret lover



It was more than one hour that they were in party

Both were getting bored so thought to get juice for themselves

One of Sanskar’s friend came their so he started talking with him
By the tym Swara took a glass of cola from the waiter
(Unfortunately someone spiked that glass for someone else but she took it mistakenly)

Swara sipped the drink and find its taste different but then she saw one of Sanskar’s classmate flirting with him so she gulped whole glass in one go

After few minutes her head started paining( m first tym writing such scene so really don’t know whether m doing justice with it or not)

She moved towards Sanskar and said that her head is paining
But due to loud music he failed to hear her

Gradually the drink started its effect on her

She dragged Sanskar to a side
Sanskar was shocked by her actions
Swara:Sanskaaaaar… U know uuuuuuu rrr a bookworm (speaking like a drunkard

Sanskar understood that she’s not in her senses
Sanskar: Oh god Swara what u drank Han?
He hit his hand on his forehead and started thinking what to Do

Just then he was dragged towards the dance floor by Swara

Swara: Let’s dance na Sanskar… Come

Sanskar: I don’t want to dance Swara

Swara started dancing jumping and squealing

Sanskar was just standing there cause he didn’t wavted to create a scene in front of all

After sometime he took her outside

Swara started hitting him with her hands: u r velly bad Sanskar… I wanted to dance na

She stamped her food and sat on the ground

Sanskar looked at her with wide eyes and said: I’ll c u tomorrow

He tried to make her stand but couldn’t as she was too adamant

At last he also sat with her (they were in parking lot)

Sanskar: Swara let’s move na

Swara: No I don’t want to talk to u.. U r very bad

Sanskar: really

Swara:Han really u r an idiot … U don’t even believe in love always future future future

Sanskar was shocked as she started love’s topic

Sanskar: Swara these love and all r fake

Swara:no Sanskar… U don’t know anything.. Its a beautiful feeling yar…

Sanskar: how u know?

Swara :Cause m also in love na buddhu

Sanskar was again shocked:with whom

Swara:obviously u .. Wait..
She stood up made him stand

She sat on her knees , Sanskar was numb to react

Swara (being on her knees): I Swara dubey is in love with Sanskar Maheshwari… I love u since two years when I first saw u… I know u don’t believe in love and all so I became ur friend
But now no more… Will u accept my love Sanskar

She waited for his answer but when he didn’t replied she started crying

Sanskar was brought back to senses from her cries
He jerked her and yelled: what the hell r u saying Swara ?

Swara stood up and hugged him tightly murmuring: I love u Sanskar I really do m not lieing

After few minutes he felt her weight on him and realized that she fainted



Hello guys…. I know u r eager to c Sanskar’s reaction but wait for sometime more…. I don’t know what I have written … M not well, I got fever but somehow completed the Chapter hope u will like


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