My secret admire »DevAkshi« Episode 24

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Hi guys Rithika here

So so so sorry for making u all wait a lot, I’m actually piled up with lot of work, studies, tuition, stay backs extra classes etc etc, and my tests are going to start from next sunday so there’s a lotttttttt to study, and i’ll need to stop writing for this week and next week ?, please exempt me ??, and ya one special short epi for u all
And ya please don’t write in the comment section that epi is short and all, I know that and I’m writing in start so please don’t write all that plsssssss


Dev was hell bored in office as his friend, aka Ayan wasn’t there to irritate him. This made him miss him a lot, he remembered about Sona and was about to call her

Dev : No, she must be in college, shit man, I’m missing her a lot

Just then his thoughts were disturbed by a phone call

Dev : Hello
Sona : Hi Dev!
Dev : (surprised and happy) Shona!! U called at this time but college
Sona : Offo Dev, I bunked college
Dev : But…y, how when
Sona : Ugh! Dev!! I bunked college to spend time with u and u….huh!!
Dev : Acha sorry baba, now what
Sona : Let’s meet at ABC park, we’ll spend some time together and have fun, I have many plans for today

She said in a bit of husky voice

Dev : Ok ur highness I’ll be there
Sona : Good come fast fast fast in ninja speed
Dev : Ok darling I’ll come bye
Sona : Bye

She said and cut the call and left for the park, Dev also left in car. 1 hrs passed Dev was stuck in traffic and was getting hell worried as Sona wasn’nt answering her phone

Dev : (hit the steering wheel) Shit man!

The traffic was slowly moving when Dev got a bit relived, he soon reach the park

Dev : Shona, Jaan I’m here

He called out but she wasn’t there, this got him worried, just then his phone rang

Dev : (relived) Hello Shona where r u??? Haven’t u reached yet, I’m wating
Sona : (crying and chocked voice) H-Hello D-D-Dev…..
Dev : (worried) Shona!! What happened to u??? Is everything fine
Sona : No it’s not, I just called to tell, forget me,
Dev (hell shocked) Shona jaan, what r u saying r u alright
Sona : I’m tell the truth, everything’s over, just just forget me!! But remember one thing I LOVE U!!

Saying this she cut the call

Dev : He-Hello Shna jaan say something….shit man

He got worried, fear occupied his mind, he waited but she didn’t come 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs, he waited nothing happened she didn’t come, this was it for him he told Vicky about it

Vicky : What! She’s missing from 4hrs???
Dev : Ya I’m worried
Vicky : Dekh tu chinta mat kar everything will be alright she’ll come ok

He gace Dev fake hope, they waited it was night time and she still didn’t come, now Asha was worried

Asha : Dev Shona kahan hai, she has still not come
Ishwari : Asha calm down she’ll come
Asha : How I’m getting worried a lot!!
Dev : Ma,auntie actually

He tells everything while Asha hears and gets shocked and bursts out crying badly

Asha: Meri beti itne ghanto se gayab hai!
Dev : Auntie don’t worry I’ll find her

He sad and again went on hunting for her screaming like an insane person

3 weeks passed, Bose and Dixit mansion was all quiet, Sona was still lost Dev was like a lifeless body, he became a robot no feelings n emotions, only responded to calls from Ishwari and family, but he still didn’t give up, only with a hope that his Shona will come back!

That’s it I want ur comments and from now sneak peek track is onnnnnnnn ?

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  1. Richa144

    Oh god..where is Sona

  2. best of luck for ur tests….nice episode…but where is sona…hope she is fine…she didn’t come back to home for 3 weeks….reveal suspense in next episode…waiting for u to come back….

  3. V.V.harshita

    OMG !! Plzs I don’t want this sneak peek track ???????????????
    Anyways plzs try to post aftr 2 weeks ….??

  4. Aarti32

    Akhir kaar sneak peak track aa hi gya? anyways post soon yaar

  5. Awesome

  6. Aamu

    I m shocked but u seriously rocked..amazing…
    Try to post next soooon?

    1. Aamu

      N best of luck…for ur tests..?

  7. Akshita

    ????? no sneak peak track yr

  8. Niki645

    Shocking but interesting! Pls post soon!

  9. Heshine

    Wow…! Rithika. . this was really amazing…but I’m aad fa devakshi…I mean they haven’t met fa 3 weeks. Pls…dear…make them meet soon ..! Lovely epi…love u..!
    Post the next asap..!❤❤??????

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