A Secret Crush (shivika) Introduction 2

Hey..I’m back..so without any delay..i’ll start wid introduction 2

# Mehra’s

Aarnav Mehra (vinay jain) : husband of Sonal hav 3 children i.e. rohan , sejal nd surbhi..a business man loves his family alott..

Sonal Aarnav Mehra (shweta mahadik) : wife of Aarnav Mehra..loves her children alott..

Rohan Mehra (zain imam) : Son of Aarnav and Sonal..loves his mom nd sis's alott..(just like shivaay)

Surbhi Mehra (surbhi jyoti) : Daughter of Aarnav and Sonal…loves her bro alott..

Sejal Mehra (himani sharma) : Daughter of Aarnav and Sonal..loves her bro alott..

# Kapoor’s

Raghav Kapoor (rakesh kukreti) : husband of shalini..hav 2 daughter's i.e tia nd mallika..a business man loves his family alott..

Shalini kapoor (khyati keswani) : wife of Raghav..loves her daughter's alott..

Mallika kapoor (heli daruwala) : Daughter of raghav and shalini..loves her dad alott..selfish girl..dosen't care about  anyone..(maybe her character will change after few episodes)

Akash kapoor : Cousin  of Tia and Mallika as he lost his parents in a car accident..he stays wid his bua..i.e shalini kapoor..

Tia kapoor : Daughter of raghav and shalini..loves her mom nd dad alott..a sweet kindhearted girl..

Now lets begin wid actual story..

St. Saviour School

First day of school..(after vacations)

A huge campus is shown..which has a big enterence gate..from where 4 cars enter the campus..every one get down from the car..faces shown which get down from
Car 1 : Shivaay , omkara and rudra
Car 2 : Siddharth , Anika , ishana and soumya
Car 3 : Rohan , surbhi and sejal
Car 4 : Mallika , Akash and tia..

As the bell rings everyone run towards their classes..

Class 7th : class was silent as teacher entered the class..suddenly 3 students came running standing @ the door took permission of teacher to get into the class faces shown were soumya , rudra and sejal..

Class 8th : class was very noisy..a gang of 6 students enter the class i.e. Anika , Akash Ishana , Omkara , Surbhi and tia..

Class 9th : no one was there in the class as they had their games period..so they 4 kept their bags on their respective  places nd ran towards ground..faces shown were..Rohan , Shivaay , Siddharth nd Mallika..

Nxt what will happen..to knw keep reading my ff..??

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