Second Chance To Love – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Chapter- 17)

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Riddhima: Vansh you have to accept this Riddhima isn’t yours now. You have to forget me. As now my love my life is rehaan and my baby I love them and I have nothing left for you in my heart .

She said and seeing his condition a tear droplet escaped from her eyes. But soon it her expression changed to cold one when flashback of her accident and miscarriage came .

She moved towards her room and went for changing.

She changed into comfortable night wear and relaxed herself on the bed rest she took book and started reading it when she felt someone’s intense gaze on herself she knew who it was.

What are you thinking like this, if you keep watching me like this, then I will surely  melt under your intense gaze “ said ridhima still focusing on the book .

I’m thinking how can my pregnant wife look more beautiful everyday”
Said rey still staring his wife lovingly.

Ridhima closed the book and kept it on her lap

U r lying as I have heard that in pregnancy husband’s loose their interest in wives as they look fat and you were only telling me that I look fat” said ridhima frowning.

Rehan chuckled and kissed ridhima on her cheeks . He took her hand in his hand and caressed her affectionately

Ridhima I can’t love you less even if I want or can stop putting my heart to you, you are not only my love, you are my proud, I love you Mishti I love you so much and I love aur Prince air princess too” . Saying it he kissed on her belly

“Thank you rey” said ridhima

Thank you for what” asked rey being confused.

For loving me so much for mending my broken self thank you for everything thank you for accepting me in whatever way am I thank you for giving me so much care thank you for respecting me and trusting me so mu.…” Before she could say anything else, Rehan kissed her.

Breaking the kiss rey said “shh.. ridhima bas aur kuch mat bolo tum bohut thak gayi hogi na ab so jau “ he smiled and taking ridhima in his embrace both slept .

Mid night

Ridhima sleep got broke as she felt thirsty slightly removing Rey’s hand from her waist she got up and looked at the side table only to find an empty jud sighed and took the jug and moved towards the kitchen in the way someone pulled her towards him she was about to shout when he closed her mouth with his palms .

Ammm…mmm…mm…” Ridhima was struggling hard to speak

Shhhhh it’s me sweetheart ur vansh ur husband ur love “

Ridhima pushed him hard 

What is this absurdity Vansh I am no longer your wife, we sre divorced 5 years earlier and I love Rehaan now he’s my husband so better be in ur limits . Said ridhima and tried ti move.

Ridhima please don’t say like this it hurts I am very ashamed for whatever I did but now I know the truth that you were innocent you never betrayed me . Said vansh with pleading eyes.

Did you forget that you were the one who was yelling on me  that I am a cheater, I have cheated you, you hate me then what happened now and don’t forget that I didn’t left you in my own . Said ridhima with disgust filled eyes

Ridhima I got to know everything am really sorry please forgive me come back to me I will die without you “ vansh spoke with guilt

What come back to you come back to the person who killed my baby who planned my accident??? Said ridhima and looked him with hatred filled eyes.

Vansh was flabbergasted as he didn’t expected this from her .

Ridhima smirked

Flashback starts

5 months earlier

Rey was talking to Aditya and Arjun where vivek and Sunil were also present in their study they were talking about the truck driver who hit ridhima and caused her accident .

Rey my men has found out about that driver who hit ridhima” said Aditya  full hatred visible in his eyes .

“Who’s that person I want him alive at any cost adi I will kill him by my hands after knowing about the person who sent him ” said rey with full anger in his voice

“How can you be so sure jijs that someone has sent him it can be really an serious accident ” asked arjun

“No arjun me and rey we both have a serious gut feeling that it can be someone from ridhu’s ex in-laws as she told me that her ex in-laws have tried to kill her many times before. ” Said Aditya

“Yes arjun adi is absolutely right I feel same and if aur doubt will be true then I have Ridhima’s swear that they will regret their existence that why they stepped in the world.” Said rey with blood shot eyes.

“Relax boss everything will be according to aur plan vivek will bring that driver to us” assured sunil

“Yes boss I will bring him to you tonight only.” Vivek replied.

This whole conversation was heard by ridhima after the conversation everyone left for their respective works while ridhima called vivek and asked him to first bring that driver to her then she got to know that the person who led to her accident was none other than vansh.  Then ridhima asked vivek to not reveal anything and making some excuse in front of Aditya and Rey. First he denied as ridhima was a sister to him he also wanted to beat the person black and blue who dared to kill her but she assured him that she’ll herself punish him in the worst way she can.

Flashback over

“What are you thinking, how did I come to know about the accident, I also came to know exactly as you came to know that I have cheated you” said ridhima with full hatred.


Confrontation continued


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