Second Chance To Love – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Chapter- 16)


Vansh smirked and looked at Riddhima inside, who was looking at her mehandi. Vansh reminisced how he wrote his name on her.

Flashback starts:-

Vansh came in her room and saw her standing near the bed post. He went close to her, as her back was facing he inhaled her scent and a smile formed on his face.

“Rehaan bhaut andhera hai torch jaalao jaldi”

He heard her and closed his fists on hearing Rehaan’s name from her mouth. He went more close to her and he took a small fabric in his hand and bent down near her hand in the same posture he kept that fabric in which his name was inversely written and as he kept it on her his tag VR got imprinted. He smirked and went more close but she was about to turn so he came out.

Flashback ends:-

Vansh smiled and came down.

Everyone gathered downstairs  in the hall for the rituals of Teej festivals, Rehaan looked at Riddhima standing beside him in her saree looking most beautiful girl. Vansh was continuously  gazing at Riddhima.

All the ladies were sitting and listening to the teej katha, as Riddhima legs were paining due to pregnancy Rehaan made her sit on the chair.

Rehaan: Riddhima no need to sit on floor, get up sit over here. I’m here only if you need any help just call me.

He said after making her sit, she smiled at him and nodded. Riddhima felt Vansh gazing at her, but she ignored it and was keenly listening to the story.

Voice: Chand Nikal Gya…

 As soon as everyone heard it a smile came on their faces, they turned and saw out. All moved out and Riddhima was about to get up when she felt someone holding her hand.

She turned around and saw Rehaan helping her, Vansh closed his fists when he saw him holding her hands and her waist. All came out and Riddhima picked up the plate in which sattu was kept, Rehaan fed her that and then she sat on the swing, he started swinging her while she was smiling and being pregnant her hormones were liking all this. 

These cute and lovey-dovey acts of them was making him more angry and it was getting difficult for him to see them he came to the kitchen and reminiscing Riddhima he broke his fast. Through window Vansh saw Rehaan standing near the pool, he smirked and went back there.

He turned off the lights of the pool area, all got busy in getting the back light. Rehaan was holding the swing tightly so that Riddhima shouldn’t feel down. Vansh closed Rehaan’s mouth  and slowly pushed him in the pool.

Although all heard water splashing voice but thought it was darkness so something might have fell. Riddhima didn’t felt Rehaan presence near her or swing. She panicked and got up, her leg hits on the table in front of her. She was about to fell when felt two hands saving her.

Just then the lights came back, she smiled to see Rehaan but completely drenched.

Riddhima: Rehaan why are you drenched in water?

She asked him confused and he looked around to see everyone looking at them.

Rehaan: Woah I was the one who fell in the pool. Actually my leg got slippery due to the pool water around.

His answer might have been satisfactory for others but not for her. 

Rajveer: Rehaan go and change your dress and you all can go and rest already due to fast all ladies must be tired.

Rehaan nodded and smiling at Riddhima left from there.

Arjun: uncle, can we all play some game and have fun for sometime.

Rajveer was about to say but then thinking to let them enjoy he agreed.


All youngsters came to the hall and sat around facing each other. Vansh saw Rehaan coming down from stairs rolling up his sleeve while Riddhima was looking at him and smiling. He was again and again getting irked by all these things. Rehaan sat beside her.

Riddhima: Are you sure you fell in the pool by yourself?

She whispered to him but as Vansh was continuously looking at her, he heard her .

Rehaan: Riddhima, yeah I fell by myself. Bas dard horha hai.

He saw her looking tensed at him.

Riddhima: What? Where? and why you didn’t told me?

She said and gained everyone’s attention.

Arjun: Riddhuwho is hurt?

Arjun asked hearing her and Rehaan looked at Riddhima who was about to tell them but he interrupted her.

Rehaan: Arey nothing, you all tell what you are playing?

Riddhima looked at Rehaan confused, he came close to her and whispered.

Rehaan: Heart mein, Instead of taking care of me you are spying who pushed me or I fell by myself. 

She smacked his arm and then smiled at him.

Riddhima: One minute, when I asked you that someone pushed you or you fell by yourself? Did someone do….?

She looked at him raising his eyebrows.

Rehaan: No…but Keep it up, day by day you are improving your skills of spying.

He said and she turned to look at others. Vansh was getting more jealous by seeing them so close, talking, laughing, her smacking his arm and her taking care of him. He closed his eyes and gulped down the water in front of him. When he heard Arjun saying.

Arjun: So….So…So as today is teej to sabhi ne mehandi lagyi hai now all the boys have to search there name in there hands.

Arjun said and Riddhima looked at Rehaan who was smiling at something. Vansh smirked when he remembered him applying mehandi on her hand.

Arjun: First Ishani and Angre .

He said and Ishani looked at Angre, he smiled at her and she forwarded hand to him. Angre tried to find but the mehandi was itself too complicated just like Ishani, he looked up at her. She glared at him and he kept his hands anywhere.

Angre: Here it is…

He said and saw her looking at him, may be his luck was with him. It was there only. She smiled at him.

Arjun: Now Adi bhai and Bani bhabhi.

Arjun said and saw them looking at each other. He hit his forehead getting frustrated.

Arjun: Ahem….Ahem…

He said gaining there attention and they looked around and saw them smiling at them. Bani then forwarded her hand, Aditya saw everyone not looking at each other, he moved closer to her.

Aditya: If my name is in your heart then what’s the need to find it in your hand. 

He said and she moved closer to him.

Bani: If you didn’t found it now, then forget about sleeping in room. Search your place on terrace.

She said and he looked down carefully searching it.

Arjun: Aditya bhai 10 seconds….9…8…7….6…..5….

He started count down when Aditya shouted.

Aditya: I got it.

All burst out laughing at his reaction and then Bani nodded at him.

Arjun: So Ishani and Angre aur Bani bhabhi and Adi bhai had won now Rey jijs  and Riddhu.

He said and listening jiju Vansh anger was getting out of control. He saw Riddhima looking at him smirking, he smiled at her and she forwarded her hand to Rehaan. 

He bent down and saw her mehandi it was a simple mehandi but finding his name was difficult for him.

Vansh’s (In mind):- Search it Rehaan you won’t be able to find your name in her hand ever. She is mine till her and mine last breath, Riddhima will soon again become Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. She is mine wife, my sweetheart, my love, my breath she is mine and her everything is mine none has the right on her except me.

Vansh smirked and then heard everyone.

Arjun: Jiju you are taking too long.

He said and started counting. Vansh saw Riddhima smiling at Rehaan.

Arjun: 5…4……3….2….

Before he can complete Rehaan said.

Rehaan: I got my name.

He said and hugged Riddhima in excitement she hugged him back. Vansh closed his fists in anger and went from there as he was alone none saw him except Riddhima who smirked at this.

Flashback starts:-

As Riddhima saw her mehandi and then she looked around to see Vansh reflection in the mirror he was smiling or smirking. She went in the washroom and washed her mehandi.

After this she designed her mehandi again and in place of V of VR she made a design of flower and from she wrote his name RSR and  smiled at this.

Flashback ends-:

She turned back to everyone.

Aditya: Guys..It’s late and Riddhima even needs rest we’ll talk tomorrow.

All went back to their room. In the way.

Rehaan: Thank you.

Rehaan said to Riddhima and she frowned at him.

Rehaan: For writing my name.

Before she could say she heard his phone ringing, excusing himself he went aside. She moved to Vansh room and saw him throwing his things.

Riddhima: Vansh you have to accept this Riddhima isn’t yours now. You have to forget me.

She said and seeing his condition a tear droplet escaped from her eyes.


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