Second Chance To Love – Ishq Mein Marjawan (Chapter- 14)

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“Vansh In Rajput Palace”

Vansh hit his hand hardly on the staring wheel . He looked at rehaan with hatred and jealously filled eyes .

Vansh’s POV

I was going towards the hospital to check sia then only in the way I saw my ridhima coming out from a car which was stopped near a kulfi joint
I stopped my car a little far from the joint to see why she is here at midnight then I saw rehaan coming out. My blood boiled with jealousy .

I saw them eating kulfi together they were giggling chuckling and talking I wanted to beat rehaan black and blue to touch my Ridhima. But I smirked thinking about soon I will be back with my ridhima. I moved from there and went to the hospital.

Next day

Hello vansh how r u , asked rehaan

Hey buddy am fine,  he was controlling his anger as he didn’t wanted to show it to rey now..

Hey vansh I called you to invite you and ur family for a vacation at my place . As Teej and other fastivals are coming on the way and you are here so I think why don’t you and your family come at my palace and we all  will spend time together, what’s say? Asked rehaan

Ya sure we all will comesaid vansh in a exited tone… He was smirking as he wanted this only.

Ohhk great then meet tomorrow at my palace.

Next day

At 4 am

Everyone was already present on the dinning table exept ridhan and Arjun as he was a bachelor so he had nothing to do with teej. Rajveer, Sonalika , Devika Aditya and Bani were present there . All were waiting for ridhan when Aditya asked

Hey guys bhot neend aa rahi hai let’s start na what are we waiting for?

We are waiting for rey and ridhi .. Devika  answered.

But she’s pregnant then how will she keep the fast?  Asked bani

She wouldn’t keep the fast , first she was adamant to keep fast but after one hour of consoling her she agreed to not keep it but she wants to do all rituals like every year” Sonalika exclaimed.

Btw where is arjun. Asked Aditya

Ohh god u know na his drama ‘I am a bachelor I won’t come’ so he is sleeping. Said Devika

Just then ridhan were decending  from stairs holding each others hands ridhima was wearing a beautiful read marvari saree adorned with vermillion and nupital chain and a nose ring . She was looking heavenly and her cute baby bump added cherry on the cake .

Rehaan was also wearing a red kurta he too was looking like a prince.

They both came to the dinning area.

Everyone welcomed them then Sonalika and Devika gave sargi to ridhima and Bani respectively.

Ridhima beta you are looking gorgeous” Rajveer complimented

Thank you papa replied Ridhima with her best smile.

Are gorgeous to lagegi hi aakhir beti kiski hai ” Sonalika exclaimed.

“Obviously meri tumhari to bahu hui na ” said Devika

Devika vo meri Bahu nahi beti hai” said sonalika and cupped Ridhima’s face

Are are before being ur bahu or daughter she is my wife” said rehaan possessively .

Everyone giggled 

Everyone are sargi and then went to there respective rooms .

10 am Rajput Palace Jodhpur.

It was the occasion of hartalika teej whole palace was beautifully decorated

Vansh along with all raisinghania’s reached to the Rajput palace jodhpur.

They all were welcomed in a royal style.

Ahana was thrown out of the family that day only when sia regained her conciousness and sia Aryan & chachi had a heart change. Dadi was also in guilt while sia was happy to meet her Ridhima di and sad too as a part of her heart wanted her bhai bhabhi together.

Everyone were assigned to their rooms vansh’s room was beside ridhan’s room
Aditya and Bani were showing the palace to chachi ayran and Ishani while Sonalika Devika and dadi were chit chatting.

Then only some voices came from kitchen all the three ladies moved there

Kya kar rahe ho jau koi dekh lega said ridhima.

To dekhne do are biwi ho tum meri pura haq hai mera rehaan exclaimed

Rey please jau na said Ridhima

No no I won’t go saying this back hugged Ridhima

And started moving the spatula around the pan in which she making halwa .

Both the people were romancing here while Sonalika and Devika were chuckling otherside dadi wasn’t liking it besides them one more person saw who was boiling in jealousy he the side table with at most force that it got broken into pieces..

Everyone went there to see what happened.

Blood was oozing out from vansh’s hand . They took vansh to hall and made him sit.

Bhai ye kaise lagi asked Ishani

Haa vansh beta how did you got yourself injured? Asked dadi .

Nothing i was angry due to buisness issues and I splashed my hand on the table and it got broken. Exclaimed vansh

Meanwhile Ridhima brought the first aid kit .

She took vansh’s hand and started applying ointment.

What were you doing haa how careless attitude is it. Screamed ridhima in anger .

Everyone was shocked except Chauhan’s and rajputs as they knew it was not her who was screaming it was her it was her pregnancy hormones .

Vansh was staring her intensely and feeling her touch .

It was evening rituals were started

Everyone were waiting for the rituals to get started near pool side Ridhima was sitting there dipping her legs in the pool and splashing it  when rehaan came .

Mishti what happened? Asked rey

Nothing am feeling bad  said ridhima

Why my mishti is feeling bad asked rey

I wanted to keep this fast for you like every year I do said ridhima making a face

It’s ok …. Rehaan started coughing badly…..


Vansh tries to trouble rehaan

Teej rituals



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