Second Chance (Part 9 – Adi knows Zoya’s past)

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Precap – Noor scold Adi, Adi-Zoya became friends…..

Zoya – ok now will set plan

Mahi – yes

Arjun – yes

Zoya – who is the groom???

Adi – seriously  are you a buddhu??? Arjun is Noor’s groom

Arjun, Noor, Mahi gives an impossible look

Zoya : Misiter

Adi : I have a name, you can call me Adi/ Aditya

Arjun :Bhai please

Adi : you are saying to me rather than saying to her

Noor: Guys now we all are a team Don’t forget

Zoya : ok Mr Aditya, Aditya, I am asking about the person who is going to marry??

Adi : that what I’m saying it is Arjun.

Zoya : Yah Allah, Aditya I am asking about the person which Abbu – Ammi fixed for Noor.

Adi : Oh!!! then say it clearly

Arjun: Bhai please

Noor : oh, I forgot to say… It is Anwar you know him very well??

Zoya : Anwar, Yes I heard about the name before , but I cannot  recognise

Noor : Appi he is the brother of Arshad Bhai.

Zoya : What ???

Mahi also gets shocked by hearing the name. Adi felt a fear in his mind that is Arshad a bad person, whether he had misbehaved with Zoya. Adi look towards Zoya

Bepannah…Bepannah plays

Arjun : who is Arshad???

Noor : Arshad bhai is my Abbu’s best friend’s son. He is a doctor. Appi’s marriage was fixed with Arshad bhai


In Siddique house,

Waseem : So we can fix Zoya and Arshad’s marriage is fixed

Arshad’s Abbu : But first ask to Zoya whether she is qubool with this marriage or she loves someone.

Waseem : No bhai . I know my daughter very well, my happiness is her happiness..

Arshad’s Abbu : ok then we can conduct this nikkah after the Eid.

Waseem : Yah Allah the way you like???

Arshad’s Abbu left  Roshnaq and Noor comes from inside. Waseem said

Waseem : Roshnaq make sweets today is a special day.

Roshnaq : what is that?

Waseem : not now I will say when Zoya comes


Zoya along with Yah and Mahi came. When Waseem sees Zoya coming he came with a plate full of sweets. Roshnaq and Noor also come

Roshnaq : Atleas now tell me Waseem

Zoya : what happened Abbu??

Waseem feeds a sweet to Zoya and says

Waseem : your marriage is fixed??

Zoya gets shocked

Waseem : And any guess who is the prince that is going to marry my princess

Zoya looked at Abbu

Roshnaq : Who

Waseem : My best friend’s son Arshad, he  is the best person in the whole world for Zoya

Zoya gets more shocked

Roshnaq and Noor gets happy but Zoya gets sad. this is noticed by Waseem .

Waseem: What happened Beta ??

Zoya : Abbu I don’t want to get marriage

Waseem : I know the the reason. you want to be independent, you want to stand on your own feet. but no problem Arshad and family are very understanding and supportive.

Zoya : That is not the reason .

Waseem : I know after marriage you will go Arshad’s house and you will miss us. No problem beta there is hardly 1 km from here to Arshad’s house. whenever you want to meet you can come or we can also come to meet you at any time..

Zoya : no Abbu, her eyes gets watery..

That time only he noticed Yash and Mahi. He goes to Mahi and said

Waseem :Mahi beta take the sweets. By the way who is this boy???

Mahi : Uncle

Waseem : I know he is your lover correct???

Mahi and Yash look at each other.Waseem goes to Yash with sweets

Waseem takes sweets beta. What is your name ??

Yash : Yash

Waseem : Mahi beta this is not right. You both have to gets married with the support and blessings from your family. because they  made you both to stand in your own feet. by hearing this much Zoya gained courage and said

Zoya : Abbu me and Yash love each other. we wanted to get married..

Waseem, Roshnaq, Noor gets shocked gets shocked. The sweets fell down from Waseem’s hand. Zoya gets frightened she says

Zoya : Abbu

Waseem : Don’t call me like that

Zoya : Please understand Abbu

Waseem : I said don’t use that word to call me. you loss the right?? Go from here. Don’t come when I die also. Now onwards I have only one daughter Noor siddiqui. he says to Roshnaq and Noor.

Waseem : what are you looking both go inside ???

Roshnaq and Noor feel helpless and move inside by seeing Zoya. They are followed by Waseem. Waseem closed the door. Zoya fell down and started to cry. Mahi and Yash comforts her. After sometimes Mahi, Zoya and Yah left from there.


Zoya looked Adi towards a teary eye Adi also looked towards Zoya both had an emotional eyelock.

At night Zoya and Adi in there respective houses.

Adi in his room..


what happened why me always think of Zoya? Why I always feel special when I see Zoya ??? Suddenly he said : NO adi you cannot cheat your Pooja. He moves towards the window and look at the moon. he remembers all incidents with Zoya.

At Zoya’s room

Zoya’ s POV ….

Even Though Adi is khadoos  why i feel something. suddenly she said : No Zoya you are only belongs to Zoya. You gave promise to Yash. She moves towards the window and looked the moon.

Bepannah….Bepanah plays.

The screen freezes when Adi and Zoya looking the moon from their respective rooms.

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  1. Shesha485

    Awesome episiode. I like the confusion part in the beginning. Zoya’s past is nice but is Yash alive? In Bepannah, Mahi’s bro is Yash. Is it the same here?

    1. Nicks

      Yash is dead. I mentioned the flashback. Also Mahi, zoya and Yash are friends…

  2. Adhu

    Nice episode. Adi and Zoya’s conversation was funny regarding Noor’s groom. Iam excited to know how Adi and Zoya fall in love.

  3. Priyu

    awesome episode!! Loved Adi’s behaviour.
    Please update next part asap and post link in activity area 🙂

    1. Nicks

      next part is already out

  4. Nicks

    Next part is already out

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