Second Chance (Part 2 – Opposite ples)

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Precap : Adi sees Zoya’s ID card and read her name with a smile……

Adi : what happened to me why I am smiling by seeing her name?? My smile, my happiness all gone when Pooja left me. No Adi you cannot cheat your wife .

on the other side ,

Zoya : Mahi what happened to you ?? you know that I am right and that man ( Adi) was wrong. instead of scolding him you are telling sorry to him. You are a brave person, you keep on arguing with the people who do wrong.??

Mahi : you are right Zoya absolutely right, but think we are rushing to the office. you know about our boss who is very punctual. we are already late if you keep fighting then our boss will take our lives..

Zoya in her mind :you are right

In hooda house

dinning room

ANJANA is serving breakfast, her eyes looks like puffed red, she was crying  by seeing this Harsh asked

Harsh : Anjana today also??

Anjana : You are scolding me??

Harsh : I’ m not scolding I just asked, you know Adi very well. Give him some time.

Anjana : it had been 2 years is it enough ?

Harsh : give some more time..

Arjun : yes maa , dad is saying correct. One day our old Adi bhai will come

Anjana feels proud of her younger son , In her mind

Anjana : you are so understanding Arjun…

Zoya and Mahi reached the office. the office has a strict rule that even though you are a permanent employee you have to swipe your ID card and gett in…

Mahi swiped the ID card when Zoya’s turn she checked her bag and said

Zoya : Mahi my card is missing

Mahi : what

suddenly  an unknown number call came to her phone. she picked

Zoya : hello who is this??

voice ; is this Zoya Siddique

Zoya ; Yes I am

voice ; I got your ID card

Zoya : Thank you so much where are you ?

voice : I’m at XYZ cafe

Zoya: ok i  will come there

she cut the call and says \to Mahi that

Zoya ‘: Mahi you do one thing you getin says to boss that im notwell

Mahi : ok but take care of yourself

Zoya : bye

Zoya prayed to god : Ya Allah Thank you so much.. but one thing don’t make meet that ill mannered person (Adi)

on the other side

the face of the caller is revealed ,it is Adi

Adi  in his mind : welcome back ms. Zoya Siddique with a naughty smile

Guys I’m stopping here.


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