Second Chance (Part 1 – ADIYA’ s meeting)

Hooda house,

Aditya is screaming from his room….

Adi :  Maa…..maa…

Anjana : what happened Adi??

Adi : where is my black shirt??

Anjana : I had removed all, because it doesnot suits you also black is not your favorite colour.

Adi: did you asked me ???

Anjana : but Adi…

Adi: enough… maa, i had told this before BLACK  is my Pooja’s favourite colour. She want me to put one time her favourite colour dress  but I could not fulfill it when she was alive ….not only this I did not fulfill her any wish…. So I will fulfill her wishes…..

Anjana : but Adi it is past.

Adi angrily leaves from there without saying any thing

Anjana started to cry…

Adi was driving very harshly, he doesnot caring about others in the road..

his POV…

“Pooja today also i get angry in maa because of you,, please come back Pooja i can’t live without you,,, please pooja I will not fight with you, i will not get angry on you, I will full your all wishes “…

suddenly his car get hits with another car. he get down from the car angrily and said

Adi : Cant you see the road?  who gave you licence to drive like this ???

A lady get down from the car . She is Zoya ..  both Adi and Zoya had an eye look.. both feel a  sense of belonging.

Bepanaha…..Bepanaha…. plays

Zoya : look mister, you are driving very harshly . you came and hitted us and you are blaming me….

Adi : oh… you are putting the blame on me…

Zoya : exactly.

Adi :  see you are a girl that does not mean that you are always right and others are wrong

Zoya : look.

suddenly Mahi get down from the car

Mahi : Zoya what are you doing. we are already late, get inside the car. She turn to Adi’s  side and said

Mahi : sorry bhaiya.

Zoya looked at her shockingly

Adi ( happily) : see this is manners..if you do a mistake you should have the courtesy to apologise.

Zoya angrily stares him and get inside the car while was entering her office ID fell down which she doesnot notice. Adi sees it and takes the ID card and read the name  “ZOYA SIDDIQUE” a small smile came in his face……

for the next part “STAY TUNED”

  1. Shesha485

    A great start. . Aditya-Zoya meeting is nice. Waiting for the next episode

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