Second Chance (Introduction of Zoya)

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A large park is shown. The weather was beautiful and the scattered sun rays makes the park look like a heaven. The people where doing their regular jogging and some children were playing here and there. A girl is shown sitting on the bench in the park. She was wearing a simple pink kurti and a white leggings. Her hairs were playing with the wind.  She has a big smile on her face on seeing the children playing. Suddenly her smile got vanished when see a child fell down and her mother is pacifying her. She got remember her family,-  her abbu, ammi and her Kohinoor (noor).  Two drops of tears came from her eyes.


Abbu ammi noor hum har din har samay aap logo ko miss karti thi. Abbu ke care ammi ke haato se banane wale pyaar se bhara khanna. Kohinoor ke saath hone wali chotti chotti ladayi sab. Pyaar karna koi galt kaam hai kya. Abbu apne toh sikaya ki ek achhe insan ko humesha doosaroko pyaar karna chahiye. Mein toh aisa kiya, phir kyon. Aur joh insan se mai pyaar kiya woh bhi ab iss duniya mein nai hai. Hum dono ek hi shehar mein hai phir bhi hum alag hai. Ab mein akele hoon. Her thought gets broken when a hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned back that was her best friend Mahi.

Mahi was her childhood friend. She was the only person who supported on her relationship with Yash. Her father died when she was in college. She was the only child. Her mother is staying with her. Now Zoya also stays with Mahi. Both are working as techis.

Mahi : Kab se tum kho dhoond rahi hoon. Aaj office nahi jana hai kya.

Zoya ( by looking into her mobile ) :  ya Allah hum late hai. Woh mein kuch purana bathe ke baare mein sochi thi.

Mahi( seeing tears in Zoya’s eyes) : Mujhe pata hai ki tum apne family ke baare mein sochi thi. Zoya woh sab beeth gayi baath hai ab woh sab bhula chuki hongi, toh aap unhe ek baar phone kyu nahi karti.

Zoya : Mahi tum sab jante hai phir bhi tum aise bol rahi hoon Yaad hai jab mein Yash ko lekar ghar ayi thi, tab mere abbu ne kya kha woh mujhe apne dil se aur apni family se alag kiya. Aur yeh bhi kaha ki agar mein mar gaya toh meri body dekhne ke liye bhi nahi aana. Tumbhi thi na waha.

Mahi : acha Baba I’m sorry ab chaley

Zoya : yes

They started to go while they were going Mahi prayed to God 🙏🙏

Mahi : Hey bhagwan  meri Zoya ko kisi insan ke zaroorat hai jo unki gham bhulkar aage bhad sake aur woh sab khushi lota sake jis par woh hakkdar hai.

Next part will be the first meeting of Zoya and Aditya .

So stay tuned….

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