Why me? Season 2 Chapter 6: In another world!

Chapter 6: In another world!

After a long time I’m back with this story, I hope you guys like, if you don’t like it, THEN I WILL DISCONTINUE IT!

Pov of an unknown person
“Where is Malika bhabhi and Tanveer bhai?” “Omg, this can’t be, that person looks exactly like me!” Someone said while pointing at Ashnoor! “What are you saying Ashnoor?” “Look there!” “That can’t be, he looks exactly like me!” I said. “Yes, he does Shahid!” “We should go there and ask them, who they are?” My cute wife said.
End of his pov

The convo of the lost souls + shocking face off
“Guys, I can’t believe it that they killed Malika di and Tanveer jeeju on our wedding day!” Ashnoor said. “Guys, there are some people coming to our direction, we could ask them, where we are!” Aakash said. “Hello, we are lost and we don’t know where we are!” Aastha told the people and Varun asked them: “why are you guys wearing masks?” “You are in south London!” “We are wearing Masks, cause these two look just like us!” Ashnoor 1(from A day to remember) said, while she took off her mask. Ashnoor 2 and the were shocked seeing two Ashnoors. “How can both of them be the same person?” An confused Nidhi asked and Shekher replied back: “cause we are in the other dimension, where you will see the other part of yourself!” “What?” Sunehri asked. “That’s the truth, we have hidden from you guys, cause we knew, that you will meet your other selves one day!” “Can you guys help us in finding Malika di and Tanveer jeeju!” Ashnoor 1 asked. “Yeah, sure in our world, they got killed!” A sad Crazy said and Shahid 1 asked: “who killed them?” “Sheesha, RG, PG, MT, AT and our cousin Sarah!” An angry Sanskaar said. “Oh no, it could be that they killed them in this world too!” “I will kill them, for what they did!” An angry Abhimanyu said.
End of this scene

Author’s note
Sorry for the short chapter!

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