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Neil Khanna—An Ex-IPS officer ,is currently working as an RJ.

Avni Ayesha—A writer.

Harleen Khanna—Neil Khanna’s Paternal Grandmother.

Prakash Khanna—Father of Neil Khanna and a renowned business tycoon of Mumbai.

Shweta Khanna—Neil Khanna’s Mother.

DD—Neil’s best friend.

Neela Pareikh—Avni Ayesha’s stepmother and a renowned businesswoman of Mumbai,also runs an orphanage named sukoon ghar.

Ali—Avni’s best friend.

Reha—Ali’s wife and Avni’s cousin.

Aman Ayesha-Avni’s brother.

Sunehri—Avni’s best friend.

Karan Kapoor—Avni’s ex-fiancée.

Sayesha Kapoor—Karan’s new fiancée.

Episode 1.

Scene 1:A radio station.

Neil:When the fragrance of the sea blends with the night and takes this city into the arms of slumber that is the time when I wake up,when the world closes its eyes to make the present,the past ,my eyes look for people like me who want to meet an old mistake again and walk down memory lane once again the same lane which is a pain as well as a relief , welcome to the program of the lonely hearts of such moments .The program is for people who are feeding themselves in this dark night or sharing coffee with the moon outside the is also for people who are on the bed but are still awake due to a book or lost in somebody’s memories ,I have brought a piece of my heart for such people but first as per the promise that I made 2 years ago I am going to tell you all the reason for which Neil Khanna turned into ACP Neil Khanna and ACP Neil Khanna turned into RJ Neil,so the story of my life has always been very complicated I fell in love with a girl named….

ok let’s call her j as I cannot tell her whole name so I was madly in love with her and then we decided to get married but on the day of our marriage she was kidnapped and forcefully married to vid…ok we will call that man v I wanted to kill that man but then I decided that I will punish him but after becoming an IPS so Neil Khanna became ACP Neil Khanna for the sole purpose of taking revenge from the man who snatched his first love from him and soon that day came when I was pointing a gun at v but that day my heart shattered into pieces I came to know that ju..sorry j was just playing with my heart she didn’t love me she loved my money and she was already married to that man v so that day ACP Neil Khanna became RJ Neil and that day I realised that if your first love gives you your first heartbreak it means that you never fell in love so now enough of emotional talks and let’s hear to this song :Mai jahan rahu, mai kahee bhee hu
Teree yaad saath hai

Jaane kiski talaash unakee aankhon me thee
Aaraju ke musaafir bhatkate rahe
Jitane bhee woh chale, utane hee bichh gaye rah me faasale
Kwaab manjil thee, aur manjile khwaab thee
Raston se nikalate rahe raaste
Jaane kis waaste aarju ke musaafir bhatkate rahe

Mai jahan rahu, mai kahee bhee hu, teree yaad saath hai
Kisee se kahu, ke nahee kahu, yeh jo dil kee baat hai
Kehne ko saath apane ek duneeya chalatee hai
Per chhupke iss dil me tanhaayee palatee hai
Bas yaad saath hai, (teree yaad saath hai -3)
Mai jahan rahu, mai kahee bhee hu, teree yaad saath hai.

Scene 2 :Pareikh Mansion.

Avni’s POW(point of view)

Avni:Dayawanti Mehta was right I am darkness but its not my fault that I am illegitimate then also Karan left me why does this always happens with me Ma why?

Neela:Avni , its not your fault and now you don’t have to be scared dayawanti mehta is dead .

Avni:Ma I know she is dead but her words will always haunt me because they were true ,and maybe she was right that Ayesha Ma and Ashish mehta died because of me .

Neela:Avni,why are you saying that her words were true she herself was a murderer she killed Ashish ,she killed Deeksha ,She killed Ketan and Hetal she tried to kill you ,she caused Ayesha ji’s accident she killed nanno ,she tried to kill you she tried to kill me and you are saying that her words were true you are saying that a blo*dy murderers words were true.

Avni:No Ma she was right because of me Aman is also spending his life in prison .

Neela:Avni,have you gone mad Aman is not in prison because of you he is in prison because he killed dayawanti mehta .

Avni:Ma ,then why Karan left Me do you have an answer ,you don’t have any answer right ,he was right no one will ever love an illegimate girl i don’t deserve love ,it would have been good if i would have died when dayawanti mehta shot me.

Neela:Avni,don’t you dare say this again.

Avni goes away from there.Neela hopes that love soon enters Avni’s life.

Precap:Neil meets Avni .

What will happen when Neil a witty and handsome RJ will Collide with Avni a beautiful heartbroken writer will they unite to become Avneil or will their meeting turn into hatred.

Episode 2;

Scene 2:Near a cliff.

Avni was standing near the same cliff where Dayawanti Mehta shot her ,where Karan proposed her and then broke her heart ,she had many reasons to commit a sucide but only one which was stopping her it was Neela Ma the women who could have lived a normal life with her husband Ashish Mehta and foster son Amol (Aman) but she didn’t ,she chose to devote her life to Avni the illegimate daughter of Ashish Mehta and Ayesha Haider ,though she didn’t gave birth to Avni she loved Avni more than her life ,hence Avni Didn’t had the courage to kill herself though emotionally she was already dead ,physically she was alive just for Neela Ma .

Neil was also standing near the same cliff as he came there with his paternal grandfather when he was small and his grandfather along with his aunt and cousin died there as their car fell from the cliff and he also met Juhi their for the first and also the last time he also had many reasons to commit a sucide but only one that was stopping him it was his true love ,yeah he was searching for his true love.

Both Neil and Avni wiped their tears and turned back to leave but they had to meet that day so the destiny played its game and they both collided and Avni was about to fall from the cliff but Neil held her and they had an eyelock , then they both said at the same time :

I am extreamly sorry,its ok ,by the way did you came here to forget your pain and yeah ,then they both bursted out laughing after some time Neil said:

Neil:Your name ?

Avni:I don’t tell my name to strangers.

Neil: So you laugh your heart out with strangers but don’t tell your name to them you are very wired miss…..Ajooba.

Avni:Ok ok I will tell my name to you but don’t address me as miss Ajooba ,so my name is Avni ,Avni Ayesha .

Neil:So finally RJ Neil met Miss Avni Ayesha the new beautiful heartbroken bestseller author about whom the whole Mumbai it talking .

Avni:Yeah its me ,but why did you address me the new beautiful heartbroken bestseller author ?

Neil:Beacuse the whole Mumbai addresses you like that.

Avni:By the way you are RJ Neil the one who says that falling in love is great ,then let me tell you love is poison it will kill you maybe not physically but emotionally it will really kill you.

Neil: Miss Avni ,you know what a person becomes a writer only if he or she has to share his her happiness with the world or if he or she has to hide his her pain, and after reading your books I can tell that you write to hide your pain, and something has happened with you which made you think that love is poison ,by the way you said that you came here to forget your pain so if you share your pain with me and if I share my pain with you than we both will really forget our pain for sometime.

Avni:But I barely know you .

Neil:Ok ,than I have an idea you come with me to the radio station ,i will tell on air that you have come for an interview then I will take your interview and after that I will take you to my favourite cafe and there I will tell you the pain to forget which I came here and after that if you feel comfortable you also tell me about the pain to forget which you came here and then I will drop you to your house ,and see I am not forcing you I am just asking you.


Neil takes her to the radio station ,takes her interview and then they both go to Neil’s favourite cafe.

Scene 2 :Chamko cafe .

Avni:Neil,this is my Best friend Ali’s cafe and also my favourite cafe.

Neil:Oh,that’s great I know Ali quite we’ll.By the way where is he .

Avni:He has taken his wife and my cousin Reha to a restraunt for dinner .

Neil:Ok ,so now I am going to tell you about the pain to forget which I went there ,when I was small I went there with my grandpa,everything was normal but one day grandpa was passing by that area with my aunt and cousin and I was talking with him on phone and he got distracted and their car fell from the cliff and they all died then my grandma started blaming me for their accident after that I was very sad but when I grew up I met a girl name Juhi there and I fell in love with her but on the day we were going to get married she got kidnapped and then was forcefully married to a man named Vidhyut.R after that I became an IPS officer to punish him and that day came when I was pointing a gun at him near the same cliff but then Juhi came and told me that she never loved me ,she only loved my money and she was already married to vidhyut ,after that I did a thing due to which I was suspended from my duty and I never joined it again instead I became an RJ.

Avni:So ,this is your story ,ok so now lets hear mine ,I am the illegimate daughter of Ashish Mehta and Ayesha Haider when I was 11 years old my grandmother Mrs.Dayawanti Mehta killed my mom ,snatched my brother Aman from me ,got my dad married to Neela pareikh and shot me in my chest but she didn’t knew that my heart was on the right side so I didn’t die because of it and as Neela Ma saved me and also left Ashish Mehta for me .And then when Ashish Mehta got to know that his mother was the reason for his sufferings ,Dayawanti Mehta killed him and nanno and after 10 years I met Aman and he got to know the real face of Dayawanti Mehta so he went to kill her but it was too late since she got mad as Reha had married Ali so she killed Deeksha Mehta,Ketan Mehta ,Hetal Mehta and also sent goons to kill Neela Ma but she was saved by Aman and then Aman killed Dayawanti Mehta and went to prison after that I met Karan and then I fell in love with him then me proposed me near the same cliff and after some days he called me there and said that he cant marry an illegimate girl and then he broke our engagement and proposed another girl ,Sayesha.

Neil:I am sorry if I freshened up your wounds after asking all this from you .

Avni:No Neil its ok.

Neil: So friends .


Neil drops her at her house and then before she leaves he says you know I bet I will make you fall in love ,Avni says we will see that and bye .After she leaves he says to himself Avni ,I will make you fall in love with me because I think that the true love I am searching for is you.

Sorry but all of you please read and comment on this FF only because In the last one the editor printed only introduction without the first episode in the heading and episode 1instead of 2 so please read this one and I hope you all enjoy it .




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