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Episode 16;

Scene 1:Neil’s Bachelor pad.

Neil was trying to sleep but he was not able to ,so he stood up went towards the fridge ,took out a can of beer and drank it in a second .

Neil:Why,Avni ….why do you hate Me you only said that you will love me forever. Than why do you hate me .

The beer had influenced him so much that he fell on the ground and soon slept.

Scene 2:Pareikh Mansion(Next day )

Avni woke up got ready and went to the breakfast table.

Avni :What’s for breakfast Ma.

Neela:Make it yourself .


(After some time)

Avni kept two plates stacked with chocolate pancakes topped with whipped cream ,chocolate sause and strawberries ,and two glasses of hot chocolate topped with Marshmellos,on the dining room table, one front in of Neela Ma and the other in front of her and both of them started to eat ,after they ate Avni said that she is thinking of going back to New York.

Neela:Then go ,why are you asking me .

Avni:I AM not asking you I am just telling you.

Neela:After what you did yesterday do you think that I will let you go . ?

Neela:Avu…sorry Avni see..

Avni:Are you still angry with me.

Neela:(in a sarcastic tone)No ,you try to take your life and I will be very happy.

Avni:Ma ,I am sorry ,please forgive me .

Neela:Ok ,and stay away from that Neil khanna.

Avni:But did you forgave me.

Neela:I will forgive you but close your eyes there’s a surprise for you.

Avni:Ok .

After some time aloud shout makes her open her eyes.

Neela,Reha,Mitali,Ali,Aakash and Reyansh:HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVNI.


Aakash:Avni,I am sorry about yesterday.

Avni:Its ok.

Reha:Avu ,we all have a gift for you,

Avni :What’s it .

Scene 3:Neil’s Bachelor pad .

Neil woke up and got ready .

Neil:Today is Avni’s birthday but….,i will give her the best gift.

Scene 4:Pareikh Mansion.

Reha:Avu have some patience ,we will give you the gift.

I am really really sorry for such a short and boring episode.Bye Gn,all of you.


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  1. Aghellia

    you have a gift, dont say your story is boring.. im enjoy every chapter of your stories. Take time dont rush, because i’ll waiting patient here.

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks for the encouragement

  2. Lucie

    Please post your next episode asap. I am eagerly awaited for it. And don’t be sorry.

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks for the encouragement and I will post soon.

  3. Wow I wonder what the gift will be
    Neil needs to realise that what he did can’t be forgiven so easily
    Thanks for the episode can’t wait for the next one

    1. 8B4756

      Tnx,for letting me know ur views ,and I will keep ur suggestion in mind ,bye and have a nice day ahead.

  4. Hasinasoghra

    It is not boring at all but update a long episode and this is my favorite ff

    1. 8B4756

      Ya,I will try to post big episodes,bye and have a nice day ahead.

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