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Episode 9;

Scene 1:New York.

Avni went out of the room and then went to her study ,and started searching for something,then she took out a blue bottle from the drawer of her desk ,on the label of the bottle it was written post-traumatic stress relief pills,ya after Neil left her heartbroken she turned to drugs and eventually got addicted to them but one day Neela Ma got to know about her addiction and sent her to a rehabilitation (rehab) centre but only yesterday Avni went out and bought a bottle of those drugs again as she thought that she was going back into depression,she twisted the bottle and was about to take out a pill from it but a voice stopped her from doing so .

Neela:Avni,bacha last time you had these drugs 3 years 11 months ago from now and You also came out of the rehabilitation centre 3 years 6 months ago from now so why are you trying to have them again,I know that you are thinking that you are going into back into depression ,so let me ask you when did you came out of your depression,even after so many years you still drink alcohol on this day ,you still want to get addicted to drugs just to forget what Neil did to you can’t you see that they will harm you ,acha Ok drinking alcohol once,twice ,thrice or even five times in a year won’t harm you,but what about these post-traumatic stress relief pills are you so weak that you need them to find solace tell me , (saying this she snatched the bottle from Avni,and threw it in the dustbin,and then took out a matchbox from a drawer in the desk ,lit a match stick gave it to Avni and said)burn it and promise me that you will never even think about taking it again or else you will see my dead face.

Avni burnt the bottle and ran past Neela ,hiding her tears and then she entered her room and burst out crying.Neela came there and hugged her .

Neela:Avni,please don’t cry ,I know that you are angry as we are going back to India and I also know that you were going to eat those drugs because you don’t want to go back,but till when will you try to hide from your past ,it will someday come in front of you.

Avni(sobbing )Ma I know but I don’t want to go back.

Neela:Please for me,please.

Avni:Okay,but I want you to do something.

(Muted conversation)

Neela:Avni , it’s a wrong way and moreover it’s not your way of doing things, and you will have to find out your own right way.

Scene 2:Road.

Neil went out of his studio apartment,sat in his car and started going towards the radio station on the way he was thinking something.


On Avneil’s weeding day Neil went to a mall to buy a photo frame for her,the photoframe on which he wanted to put the photo of there perfect family,when he was going towards the exit he saw that a skit was going on ,and he liked the idea so he started recording it ,suddenly a man bumped into him and he dropped his phone ,the man was Karan.

(Muted conversation)

Some hours later ,after Neil broke the marriage.

Neil was sitting in his studio Apartment,his eyes were bloodshot red due to anger he stood up and started searching for his phone,suddenly the door bell ringed ,he opened the door and saw a man standing there holding his phone.

Man:Sir,you dropped your phone in the mall,we found your visiting inside the pocket of your phones cover,saying this he gave Neil the phone and went away.

Neil opened his phone and saw a recording in it he played it and heard Karan saying to Sayesha that when Neil saw the cctv footage of Avni kissing me he got so angry and jealous that he didn’t even checked the date. Neil realised that he just took the worst decision of his life ,he made Avni walk out of life for no reason.

Flashback ends .

Scene 3:Radio station.

Neil:Hey everyone,I’m sorry but today I am not willing to talk so let’s hear this song.He said as he took a sip of hot chocolate from a black coloured cup on which A was written with white colour indicating that Avni was the light in Neil’s life ,then he played:

Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho

Kal shayad yeh aalam na rahe

Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho

Kuch aisa ho hum, hum na rahein…

Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye

Chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Meri jaan mein har khamoshi le

Tere pyaar ke naghme gaaunga


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Aise zaroori ho mujhko tum

Jaise hawayein saanson ko

Aise talashun main tumko

Jaise ki per zameeno ko

Hansna ya rona ho mujhe

Paagal sa dhoondu main tumhe

Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho

Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho

Toote dil ke tukde lekar

Tere darr pe hi reh jaaunga


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Iss chahat mein marr jaaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Tum yun mile ho jabse mujhe

Aur sunehari main lagti hoon

Sirf labon se nahi ab toh

Poore badan se hansti hoon

Mere din raat salone se

Sab hai tere hi hone se

Yeh saath hamesha hoga nahin

Tum aur kahin main aur kahin

Lekin jab yaad karoge tum

Main banke hawaa aa jaaunga


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Iss chahat mein marr jaunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

He enjoyed the song as he was thinking about the moments he spent with Avni.

Bye for now and good night.



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  1. Hasinasoghra

    Nice episode Shia

  2. Aghellia

    I’m crying here… Avni get addicted to drugs. Neil learn his mistake when avni gone. So much trouble happen to both,,

    1. 8B4756

      Don’t worry I am bringing up a big twist ahead

      1. Hasinasoghra

        From that twist they both will meet na

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