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Episode 15;

Scene 1: Pareikh Mansion.

Neil entered the Mansion with Avni in his arms .

Neela:What happened to her .

(Neil narrates everything and then takes Avni to her room and keeps her on the bed.)

Neela:Thanks Neil.

(Neil goes).

Neela goes to Avni’s room and gets tensed as she is not there then she hears a sound coming from inside the washroom she opens the door of the washroom and gets shocked.

Scene 2:Neil’s bachelor pad.

Neil was sitting on the couch thinking about Avni.

Neil:Avni,you are in this condition because of me but don’t worry i will soon give you the perfect life ,you have always dreamed about .

Scene 3:Pariekh Mansion.

Neela sees Avni lying unconscious inside the bathtub which was filled with water upto its brim,she takes Avni out and then calls Reha and tells her to call the Doctor .

Reha:Hello,dr.malhotra ,there’s an emergency please come to Pareikh Mansion.

The Doctor checks her meanwhile Reha reads the letter which was in Avni’s hand:

Neil khanna I hate you and today I am giving my life because of you.And Ma please don’t cry after I die .

(Suddenly Neil comes their as Neela already called him ).

Neil:How’s Avni now.

Neela:(slaps him)Go away from my daughters life,this happened because of you,I shouldn’t have trusted you go away I hate you,Avni hates you.

(Neil goes from there)

Doctor:She’s fine now ,you can go inside .

Neela goes inside the room and sits beside Avni,Avni hugs her.

Neela :Are you mad .

Avni:Ma…I I

Neela:Shut up and never do this again ,now sleep.

She goes out.

Reha:Neela Ma ,is Avni fine.


Scene 4:Neil’s Bachelor pad.

Neil was lying on his bed and thinking about Avni.


Avni:What …..

Neil kissed her cheeks.

Neil:I love you.

Avni:Oh you wanted to say this by the way I want to say something to you , I love you and I will love you till I am breathing,even if you will not love me then also (Mai tumse pyaar karti hoon aur tab tak karungi jab tak ye sannse chal rahein hain ,agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karoge tab bhi)See this is how we confess our love ,you are not at all romantic.

Neil:Oh my going to be wifey you are so adorable.i love you ,saying this he kissed her passionately.

Flashback ends and Neil sleep.

Hey guys ,Sorry for the boring and short episode and bye good night .


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  1. Avneil_Mady

    It’s good but short one yaar.plz write somewhat more na..!

    1. 8B4756

      Thanks,I will try to post a big episode.

  2. Avneil_Mady

    Your FF is very much interesting and new and we want to read more and more Yaar.. try to write some more ..(a request)… Happy writing ?? ?

  3. Lovely episode but plz try to make it longer
    Neil deserves this he deserves more hate from Avni
    Thank you for the nice episode

  4. Hasinasoghra

    Nice episode please update the next episode soon

    1. 8B4756

      Tnx,I will update soon.

  5. Ayesha_malhotra

    Nice. Keep writing.


    1. Avneil_Mady

      Waiting for your FF sissy..!!!

  6. Avneil_Mady

    Ayesha when shall we able to see your next episode of ur FF meri zindagi waiting for that sissy!!!!???

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