Episode 13;

Scene 1:Neil’s bachelor pad.

Neil was doing some work when the door bell rang ,he opened the door and saw Karan.


Karan:I want you to forgive me for what I did Please.

Neil:Really,you want me to forgive you,HOW DID YOU EVEN THOUGHT THAT I WILL FORGIVE YOU.

Karan:How do you know.

Neil:I left my phone in the mall and it’s recording mode was on so I heard you and Sayesha talking.

Karan:Sayesha left me ,she didn’t knew that you and Av…Avni were going to get married,so she thought that this prank will break your and Avni’s friendship as you will think that she is obsessed with me,but when she came to know that you and Avni loved each other and were going to get married,she said that she won’t marry me till you and Avni don’t get together.

Neil:I know how it feels when your love hates you ,but..

Karan:I know that you will not be able to forgive me but at least let me help you and Avni get together so that I can say sorry to Avni for what I did and

Neil:So that you can marry Sayesha,so you want us to become friends with benefits in a way.

Karan:No I just want to become your friend,and it would be better if you forgive me.

Neil: Ok,I will forgive you but after I and Avni are together.

Scene 2:Pareikh Mansion.

Next day Avni woke up and she remembered what happened yesterday.

Neela:So do you still hate me,

Avni:No,but I am angry from you.

Neela:So,you don’t want to know why Neil breath the married.


(Neela tells her everything)

Avni:And he trusted Karan Kapoor,wow.

Neela:Even I cannot forgive him but at least ….

Avni:If you love me than don’t talk about this again and yeah I have to go out for some work .

Scene 3:A cafeteria.

Avni was sitting in a cafe ,She was indulged into the MacBook in front of her, stacks of books were lying on the table.That’s when Neil entered the cafe ,He ordered a hot chocolate and sank into the seat. Neil inhaled, intending to take a deep breath, just then his eyes caught on Avni she was sitting on the adjacent table. The waiter came up with the order, Neil then realized he was holding his breath for so long. He kept on shooting glances at Avni not able to help himself. She scanned through the documents around her, and kept on typing them down. Neil’s phone buzzed, with a message from Neela Ma which said :She’s there isn’t she,but don’t think of talking to her directly,do something so that she thinks that it’s a coincidence . He got up from his seat to leave, and was about to turn around to have a look on Avni again, when he bumped into someone from his back. “Ouch!” He heard a very soft and sweet voice, with a thump sound of several things hitting the ground. Neil turned around quickly, and his heart skipped a beat. It was her! His Avni .She bent down to pick up her things but didn’t realise that she bumped into Neil . “I’m so sorry” Neil apologized. “I didn’t knew you were behind me.. I’m sorry for any losses.” Neil hurried to help her. And As his hand touched her hand they both felt connected by subconscious jolt,Avni looked up and hurriedly picked up her things and stood up to run away from their but Neil said:Can we talk Please.she composed herself,took a deep breath wiped her tears,and then said without turning Back:There’s nothing left to talk about.

She ran to her car but didn’t care to look before crossing the road hopefully Neil pushed her before a car could hit her and they both rolled on the pavement,Neil got up and extended his hand towards her she held his hand as she had got hurt and knew that it would be hard for her to stand ,then Neil picked up her bag and gave it to her .

Avni:Thanks for ….the favour,she said as she walked away stumbling a bit due to the sprain on her leg ,she opened the gate of her car and was about to sit inside the car.

Neil:Let me drop you please,you have got a sprain on your leg ,it would be difficult for you to drive.

Avni:I don’t take help from strangers.

Neil:Oh so do you take …um…favours ,he said winking at her

She knew that he used the word Favour as a pun so she smirked trying to hide the smile and blush that were forming on her face,she knew that she won’t be able to drive and she somewhere also wanted to confront Neil and made him realise that he lost her love by committing a sin 4 years ago.

Avni:No I don’t take favours but I’m willing to take a help from you Mr.Khanna ..the STRANGER.

Neil:Well so let’s go.

Avni:ya ,she said as she moved towards the other side of the car …and she was going to fall down when Neil held her and they had an eyelock.Avni broke the eyelock by clearing her throat.

Then they both sat in the car and Neil began to drive,but he was not liking the silence so he finally broke the silence.

Neil:So ,how’s….life.


Neil:And your condition .


Neil:And ….. um…Sunehri told me about…….your addiction and those men.

Avni:(laughs )Oh ,so you might be happy.

Neil:No I’m not and I am sorry,he said while wiping his tears.

Avni:Don’t be ,it’s my fate ,she said with a concern in her eyes as she put her hand over his and then said,Don’t waste your time on me you won’t be able to win me back so move on you will find someone good than me,she said and then jerked away her hand and fought back the tears in her eyes .

Neil :We ….reached.

Avni:Huh…o …ya Ok …bye..Ne…Mr.Khanna.

Neil parked her car gave her the keys helped her go near the door and than went away.And said to himself I will move on but with you.

I hope you all enjoyed the episode,and please comment and like it encourages me to keep writing,and bye for now.Have a good day ahead.


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  2. It was a very nice episode

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