sdch kanchi or sanveer os (part 1)?

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hey guys i am back.was a bit busy in studies,just got free.all ff ,os are amazing i
Wish it may happen in serial also

Lets start..
The characters are same,the story starts from the scene when all in sdch come to know that it was riya who send pics of kabir and sanchi to dr malhotra,and also sended a video to kusum which showed tht sanchi is rusticuted from college which made kusum faint after surgery.

The scene starts when kabir,sanchi,pragya,isha confront riya.bala,madhu
Riya comes infront of sanchi
Riya-dr kabir main woh…
Just then sanchi slapes riya
Dr malhotra watches the whole scene.
Sanchi-riya i didnt even thought tht you will stoop so low
you fall so low tht even without
thinking you send the video to kusum knew tht she was could you?
Riya-dr kabir i am sorry i was just..
Dr kabir-shut up riya.a doctor has a responsibilty to think whts good for patient?but u dont deserve to be called a doctor.
Veer-ya,dr kabir is saying right.

Just then bala,madhu try to escape
pragya-stop where u guys are going ,.you are also the culprits?
Dr malhotra comes downstairs
Dr malhotra-wht the hell is happening in my hospital?
And sanchi wht you are doing here? Should i call guards to throw you out. How dare u to slap my daughter
Dr kabir interrupts
Dr kabir-sir plz let me speak
Dr kabir narrates whole incident
dr malhotra stares riya.
Dr malhotra-you could have told me kabir earlier.anyway i dont want much drama in the hospital.dr sanchi i cancel your rusticution next time be carefull.and dr kabir whosoever in punishable u can punish him or her
Riya glares
Dr malhotra leaves.
Dr kabir-now as everything is sorted u all can go to works and dr riya u are assigned triple shift along with dr bala and madhu.
Dr kabir stares sanchi and leaves for his cabin.
sanchi,isha and pragya starts to leave.
Veer holds sanchis hand.
Veer-sanchi i am sorry i doubted you,plz forgive me
Sanchi-veer its ok,now plz excuse me
Pragya-arre oh sadha papita dont worry sanchi ko hum samaja denge
Veer-pragya ab tum dekhna es veer ka kamal.
Dr kabir comes to kusums ward
Dr kabir-maa,how are u feeling?
Kusum-beta mujhe pata chala ki tu aur sanchi natak kar rahe thiye.chahte toh ki sanchi mere bahu bun jaye but koi baad nahi,aaj yeh jaan ke bahut accha lagya ki sanchi ne sirf mere liye meri baat ka maan rakha.
Dr kabir-sanchi is really a good person
He smiles.
Kusum notices it

Just then sanchi enters.
Sanchi-aunty soup .
Kusum-thanks beta
Sanchi-aunty sorry i hurted you..but
Kusum-arre beta koi baat nahi. i dont want anyone to be sad bcoz of me.
Sanchi feeds soup to kusum.
Kabir is continously staring sanchi he doesnt realise tht his phone is ringing.
Kusum is witnees it
Kusum-kabir tera phone kab se baj raha hai
kabir notices it . He recieves call and goes out.
After call,he sees sanchi and kusum laughing.he smiles looking at sanchi
Kabir goes to cabin
Sanchi comes to ward and checks patients file,veer shouts in her ear
Sanchi-veer ye kaya hai
She laughs
Veer stares her
Veer-sanchi ek acchi kabar hai.woh HR policy demolish ho gaye hai
Sanchi-toh kya
Veer-toh ab ye ki tumhe mujhe ignore karne ki koi vajah nahi hai
They have an eyelock

Precap-kusum plays rappid fire round with kabir
Q2. Din
Q4 pyar
Ans sanchi

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  1. Richa1496

    ff was nice… Precap was awsm and interesting…… Hope kanchi become pair….it’s just my opinion after all, its totally ur wish….Eagerly wating for next one…. ?

  2. So sweet episode I wish this story is seen in tomorrow episode of sdcah??? soo cute episode superb ????? plzz post Next episode by tomorrow can’t wait one more day

  3. Rehmat

    your ff is good keep writing but if main lead kaanchi so sorry I can’t read your ff because i love sanveer sorry If hurt you

  4. superb ff and specially precap will interesting update soon!!!

  5. precap is too good……….finally kabir has realised his feelings……awwwwwww………so we’re going to hv a love triangle???????? can’t wait for ur nxt update dear………

  6. I want kanchi and probeer as pair.please fulfilled my wish please yaar?????????????????

  7. Awesome nice ff if kaanchi is the pair then it will be awesome but it’s u r wilsh

  8. RuCh23

    Nice start RJ hope the story will be kanchi but anyway it’s ur choice ? btw what’s ur name RJ?

  9. Hema69

    its gud nut if main lead is sanveer then can’t read because for us kanchi is bestt

  10. Trisha139

    Yippee this was superb loved it

  11. It’s very nice hope it’s kaanchi.

  12. Only one thing to say ‘interesting.’?

  13. Plzz update next episode by tomorrow it’s a request

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