School Love- Twinj: some shots (shot 3)

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Hello guyss soo i am back with the 3rd part. Thanku so much for your love and support

Ps:- Guys today’s episode will be long as i would not be able to post soon as school has strted. And also today i will reveal the speciality of the story whih i told you at the very beginning soo are you excited to know?

so here we go….

Tw- so why you made me tie rakhi?
Ku-actuallyy my friends and classmate they were saying something about you that they shouldn’t say and were saying a lot of things that dispite that you didnt like me i still have feelings for u till now n all rubbish thingss

Tw- so?
Ku- so i said you to tie rakhi so that they should feel that now i dont like you anymore and tell anything related to you and becuz of their teasing youwere also frustrared that’s why i did so
Tw becomes surprise and says-just becuz they said bad abt me you made me tie rakhi and did t rhiught once abt your feelings. Seriously?
Ku- yes if they qould say bad abt me then its fine i dont care but i cant listen anything against you
Tw smiles and says- is it so?
Ku- yes
And they were talking like that and feelings strted arising in twinkle’s heart too. She used to love talking to kunj and used to share each and everything thing with him. It became like a daily routine or rather a habit of both to talk with eo and their first step towards love i e friendship was taking place and everything was going smoothly but we say na that good things doesn’t stay for long.
So twinkle had an elder sis whose name was tara she was in college and cared for her sis. She had a doubt that now a days tw used to chat all the time and she already scolded tw once related tothe matter of kunj but forgave her as she thought that is for the first time and warn her that it shouldnt happen again.
So she snatched the phone from tw to check and kunj’s msg were coming soo tara read all the conversation and was very angry with twinkle that he is talking with the same boy again and misunderstood that they were in a relationship . She scolded her like anything and tw srrted crying then she snatched her phkne and changed her pswds and warn3d that either she should stop talking to kunj or else she will tell everything to their parents. She was not ready to listen totw and talked to kunj too from tw’s account tw was having no idea abt their conversation and tara warned her strictly or nxt time she will not say anything but their parents will talk to her and made her understand that this is not the right age and he is not arigh person. Tw agreed to her but she knew that kunj really love her a lot aftr talking some days it 2as very difficult for them to stay far but they stayed.
Now new session came and tw was now in class 9th and kunj was having 10th. The shifts were now same. Both used to see eo but never used to talk and kunj always ignored twinkle. Twinkle felt bad and didntiked kunj’s behaviour and ignorance. Before that she only saw kunj seeing her lovingly. But npw everything changed.

Twinkle thought that something has definatey happened between tara and kunj’s convo and tara has told somethinf to kunj becuz of which he is not e ven seeing her. She wanted to know but cant ask kunj as tara has warned twa and also she gave her swear of their parents that she would not ask kunj anythung and she promised her that she would never talk to kunj So she has lost all the hopes and just used to cry seeing kunj’s behavior and used to think thst now kunj doesnt love ehr anymore. Then she thought that why all this affecting her and her friends made her realise that she too loves kunj. And she accepts that aftr lossing kunj she has realised his importance in her life.

But now the prob was that how to talk. She just have to ask to kunj why is he ignoring her and if he had lost interest or not. And wanted to confess her feelinfs and nothing else.
An idea struck her mind that was she cant talk but can write. So decided to write a letter to kunj in which she confessed her feelings and cleared that it was her sis who talked to him the last time and uf she had said somethung then she is sorrya and wished him all the luck for the future as now they cant talk anymore and tells everything abt the promises amd swear ans she wrote that if he is busy that it is not necessary to reply as it was the time for their boards
And she tells one of her close frnd to give to kunj. Kunj reads the letter. Now tw was very nervous as she has confessed her feelings and had some hope that maybe kunj will reply. But he didnt. Kunj just asked her friend that if all the things are true in that letter be uz he cant beleived that the girl whom she loved for soo long and her first love also loves him.
But then also he didnt replied.

Twinkle was very upset becuz he didnt repkied and thought that kunj has now definately lost the interest and that it was too late. This was all noticed by uv which was veryyy close friend of tw or rather a brother. It was their annual function time amd the practice was going on and no studies were there. Uv asked tw that if she liked someone becuz now a days she is behaving differently. He knew about kunj but only that heliked her in clasd 7th and thats all. Uv asked tw that he will defunately helped her amd she should trust him once. Twinkel told everything to uv from the beginning to the letter part. Uv was surprised to listen kunj’s name from her mouth and asled her to tell him it is just an attraction or true love? Tw was not knowing and said i dont know but only thing i mnow that i have realsied his imp. And i want what he thinks aftr knowing my feelings. And told that chinki and mahi have tried toralk tk kunj many times but he used to ignore thema and doesnt replied properly. Also their school was strict and more talk with boys that too senior boys was not allowed. Soo uv asked tw that till when she wants everything sorted?
Tw was confused and didnt ubderstood anything she asked uv that what he is going to do. Uv just asked her to repy tw saysrhat its better before his boards soo that he doesn vet disturbed. Uv smiles and sayss soo mucb time oh god. Listen just give me 2 days today and tomorrow and eveythunf will be sorted. Tw was totally confused. Uv told her that he would talk to kunj abt this. Tw denied but he didnt listed and when they all were sittin in their buses during the departure he talked with kunj. Tw was nervous and sat in the busuv liv3d near tw’s house so their buses were same when uv came in the bus tw was just seeing him and asked what happened ? Uv just smiled and said nothing.

The nxt day
When tw came the first thing she asked to uv was that what was kunj’s reply and what was the conversation? Uv just asked her to keep calm and be quite and asked her only one ques if she wants to be with kunj? Tw gets confused and ask to be with kunj means? Relationship? Uv- yes
Tw becomes surprise amd didnt know what to say uv asked her again tw was confused and askes uv that what abt the promise. Uv- and what about your love and kunj’s feelings? See twinkle you have to choose be tween both and the rest is your choice. The only things i mnow is that promised are not greater that relations. If not today then tou both will not be happy in tour life. Twinkle thinks. Her friends also ask tw to agree as smthey had seen her condition. Tw- ok but first i have to talk to kunj. Uv- that i will do. So i should say yes?? Tw- i dont know uv-aree tw- ok
Uv-rw i promise just wait till recess only 2 hours and kunj will be in front of you

At recess

Tw qas in the garden with mahi when she notices kunj coming with uv she gets nervous as they have never talked face to dace and also she has confessed everything. Kunj sees her with a smiles but she didnt look kunj even once b3cuz of nervousness. Uv ask mahi to come with her and leave both of them alone. And asked them to talk fast as there were teachers too twinkle becomes nervous and just request them to stay there only and not to leave her. She just repeats uv’sname and request him to stay she was o the verge of crying just becuz of nervousness.
Kunj sees her condition and ask her friends to stop tw calms down. Ku- hii twinkle tw repkies with a shaky voice. As soon as kunj sees her condition he slowly ask them to go but tw again panics. Kunj says her to calm down and ask her if she doesnt trust him only 5 min canthey be alone? Tw- it snot the matter of trust but why you want to talk alone what’s the prob if they are staying. Kunj agrees and her friends wrre sranding at some distance.
Ku-soo do you love me
Tw was looking towards the ground only and replies- ofcourse or else why i would have written that letter
Kunj just smiles and ask- soo are you ready to take one step ahead in our relation
Tw just replies by saying yes.
Ku-ok so?
Ku- you tell
Tw- so i want a proposal. Kunj aapne abhi tk propose nahi kiya hai soo yes
Kunj just smiles listening only kunj from her and ask- tw why you need a proposal you know everything ryt?
Tw- noo yrr i want
Ku-ok so I LOVE YOU
tw smiles amd says-I LOVE YOU TOO
Tw-soo i think now tou should leave as everyone in the garden is seeing us
Ku- soo what let them see
Tw- really you wanna create scene
Ku- i am not having prob lets creatw
Tw-noo but i dont want so go now
Ku- what to do i am nor feeling like
Tw smiles and says- kunj goo na
Ku- accha tw i wanna ask something
Tw- hm
Ku- are you happy?
Tw- yes and smiles.
Ku-ok then everyhin is fine bye
Tw- bye

as soon as he goes her friends just hugss herr tightly and everyone becomes happy like anything
Tw thanked uv. Uv just smield amd thanked her for trusting him and also scolds her for not lettig them go and why she was soo nervous tw just laughs and says yrr i was tpo nervous. Uv – soo congratualations
Tw-uv kust tell what happened between tou and kunj. Beacause qe know eo from 3 years but we were not together and suddenly in one day he directly proposed me. Uv just ask her to be happy and replies by saying that its boys talk soo leave it. Tw requests him uv just says that he just told kunj everything about your feelings and asked him to talk so kunj said that lets talk tomorrow but uv denied amd said that no i have promised her till lunch sok just think either today or never if you really love her then just go and tell
Tw just amiles and thanked him again. Uv smiles and says- tw he really love u alot 3 year is a very long time and also tou both didnt talk then also he had feelings…

Soooo guysss did you liked it??
Finally aftr lost of twist and turns they are finally together
Soo now the speciality which i was talking about. Soo guys actually the whole story which i was wrtting from the first part, each and every incident of this story is TRUE actually this is MY story acutually this all happened with me, each md every incident i have not added anything extra but just have written eveything that happened. Yess guyss its true. We are together from 18 jan this year only and now i have gone to 10th and he is now in 11th. Soo did you liked it?? Do tell by comments

And guys i wanted a suggestion from you regarding it that wheather i should continue with the relation or not becuz i am totally confused i an afraid of parents butt he is really vrry sweet and now you all know the story you all have also seen that he is soo serious and i cant hurt him or leave him plzz plzzz do tell me through your comments

Please guyss give me suggestion i really wanf that. Thankuu soo much for reading and showering your love.

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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Maine pehle hee samjha tha ki shayad yeh aapki story hai ? and according to me you should continue with this relationship… Both of you are very sweet… And your friends too. And thanks to you friend who is Uv here ..

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing shot dear…
    About love.. if he so caring and sweet then I think you should accept him. Kuk agar pyaar hai to bata do… before it’s too late… but at the same time I think you should tell your parents too. Kuk hamare friends toh loyal hain lekn ye society wale……. iss se pehle parents ko kahi aur se pata chale khud bata do.sab hi parents apni beti se kitna pyaar karte hn… sorry… Don’t mind plz…
    Tmne toh mujhe mere 12 grade ki yaad diladi…. mujhe bhi ek boy ne proposed kia tha but instead I kicked him kuk unke group wale prank kar rahe the aur us par meri friends ko crush tha….. I never believed in love n all but karna para…. mera fiance bolta hai main bohot boring hun…. ????

  3. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing shot dear…
    About love.. if he so caring and sweet then I think you should accept him. Kuk agar pyaar hai to bata do… before it’s too late… but at the same time I think you should tell your parents too. Kuk hamare friends toh loyal hain lekn ye society wale……. iss se pehle parents ko kahi aur se pata chale khud bata do.sab hi parents apni beti se kitna pyaar karte hn… sorry… Don’t mind plz with my words…..
    Tmne toh mujhe mere 12 grade ki yaad diladi…. mujhe bhi ek boy ne proposed kia tha but instead I kicked him kuk unke group wale prank kar rahe the aur us par meri friends ko crush tha….. I never believed in love n all but karna para…. mera fiance bolta hai main bohot boring hun…. ????

  4. Lavender_girl

    Hey yaar…. I was reading ur story from the 1st part and till now I was a silent reader…But after knowing that it’s ur true story I can’t resist myself from commenting… And ya according to me U SHOULD CONTINUE with this relationship..That boy seems to be in true love with u…And ese true love bohot kismat walo Ko milthe hai ..So keep it as a treasure….And all the best for ur classes…

  5. Awesome Episode dear I think you will continue this relationship

  6. It was lovely….
    It ur true luv story … sweet…..
    U both r very much sweet…..
    But i can’t help u in this….because i don’t believe in luv & all things…..
    But ya if u trust him & then u can continue with ur relationship…

  7. Trivisha Choudhary

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  8. Amazing episode dear post soon

  9. Amazing and cute

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