School Love- Twinj: some shots (shot 1)

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Hello guys…thankuu so much for your support. So here i am with the 1st shot

At schl
The scene is of class 7th b. All the student are shouting just then one student comes and announce chinki and twinkle\\\’s name they both turn.
S- mam is calling you both for house meeting
Both- coming
And they both goes
Mam-so chinki you are sports incharge & twinkle you are cca incharge
Both-ok mam
Tw- mam and who is the inharge in boys?
Mam- yes he has not come now he is your senior. You both have to coordinate
Tw-ok mam

Nxt day
Mam- twinkle there is mehendi competition you have to collect names along w8th your partner
Tw-yes mam
Just then a boy comes
And calls tw\\\’s name
Twinkle turns
The boy is none other than kunj
Ku- hii i am cca incharge with you. I think mam has told you abt it?
Tw-oh! Yes. Ok then we will collect the names tomorrow
Ku (smiles)- ok
And kunj goes

Nxt scene
Tw and chinki comes out from washroom
Tw-chinki you know…. (and tells everything abt kunj. There were bff from childhood and everyone in the schl knows abt their bond all the students and teachers and they were lived by everyone)
Tw- yrr i dont know how he knew my name?
Chinki- i think mam would have told him
Tw-yes! Heeyy wait but what is his name? I dont know
Chinki-his name is kunj
Tw-kunj..ok but jow you know
Chinki-he was my exm partner 2 3 years ago

Nxt scene
By the time mahi has already entered in the schl and tw chinki and mahi have become good frnds and tw and chinki shares a very good bond with uv. Uv liked mahu from 1st day so he ask tw and chinki to convince mahi and they tell everything to mahi and convinces her and finally ub proposes mahi and mahi agrees just becuz of her frnds becuz she didnt knew uv soo much.

after 1 week they had their unit tests
Soo aftr the examination tw was waiti g for mahi and chinki just then kunj comes there
Ku- hii twinkle
Ku-how was your exm?
Tw-it was good. How was yours?
There was Awkward silence and kunj was just seeing tw she was feelung a bit strange
Ku- ok! Ttul bye
Tw-bye bhaiya
Ku( becomes shock)- bhaiya! Tw no need to say bhaiya i am only 1 year elder than soo no need of bhaiya
Tw doesnt understanding everything andwas busy with her i card
Kunj smiles amd goes

Nxt scene
Tw tells the whole incident to her frnds
Chinki-rw i am telling you kunj likes you flat ho gya hai
Tw-no yrr its nothing like that
Chinki-ohoo nothing like that.. mtlb ladka line marke chala gya aur ladki i card thik krte rehe gyi
Tw-yrr maybe he treats me like her sis
Mahi-no yr
And everyone teases her but tw was not ready to accept it

like this 1-2 months passes kunj use to follow tw during lunch in the garden and uses to stare her tw also had a doubt but when her frnds used to say she didnt use to accept it

One day
One pf her classmate comes to tw and says- tw i want to tell you something one boy of our class told me that there is someone who likes you a lot
Tw was shocked yet confused
He thinks-kunj kam tha ab ek aur
And asks- what his name?
Girl- he is your partner ahh..yes kunj
Tw becomes shocks amd her frnds started hooting
Chinki- see i told you from 1st day only
Tw-yrr what to do now
Chinki- i thinkyou should strt ignoring him
Amd they all goes
Like this 3-4 month passes and their 7th was coming to end. Mahi and uv were together amd all used to teases tw till now whole 8th knew that kunj likes twinkle amd her senior used to tease her a lot.
But kunj has not proposed tw
Amd kunj\\\’s frnds who were tw\\\’s frnds too used to tell about kunj that he only ask abut her. But tw was somewhat attracted towards kunj but disnt understood it. And they both never used to talk to eo becuz kunj was a shy type
One day at bus
One girl who was classmate of kunj says to tw
G-tw you know today kunj said that my crushes changes i every two months like cloths
Tw- then he should chnage this tym also na 5 6 moths have passed i am fed up of allt his yr
G- yess i also asked him then what abt twinkle? And he said no yrr she is not my crush. I REALLY LOVE HER

Tw ( some what blushes) and says- uff this boy.

Final exms comes and in the last exm tw celebrated her birthday

Kunj couldnt took off his eyes from tw and was just seeing her

In the garden
Tw was standing with her frnds and everyone was wishing her
Just then
Mahi- tw i think kunj will propose you
Tw- no i dont think soo
Chinki- but why?
Tw- yrr he doesnt even talk to me he is soo shy amd ita good if he doesnt propose me today

And on the other side kunj\\\’s friends were teasing him like anything

nxt scene
Everyone was sitting in bus
Tw was a bit angry becuz kunj didnt even wished her ( not becuz she had feelings for her becuz aftr knwiing everyrhing she treated him like his frnd)
girl- tw you know today kunj wass justt sooo lost seeing yiu he was likee oh goooddd sheee iss sooo pretttyyy. and he complained me that why i didnt told him that today is your birthday she would have brought chocolate for you
Tw- leave it yr dont tell lie. He didnt even wished me
Girl-yess i told him that go amd wish her but he was nott ready and said noo yrr i cant i dont thunk soo she likes me so why to spoil her birthday by proposing or wishing
Tw- seriously? He thinkss too much yrr. Not propose but he would have wished me at leats yoh all are telling me from almost 1 year thatt he likes me but i dont think soo
Girl- i dont knwo yrr god knows what type of boy he is

With all thiss fun and teasing and feeling of 1st love of kunj 1 year passess. Now lets see how the love will arise in twinkle heart? Or it will arise or not??

Precap- twinkle ties rakhi to kunj……their conversation in chat….kunj shares his feelings.

Soo guysss hope you all liked it. Will surely try to post soon. Amd plz keep supporting bye!

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