School adventures (prologue)

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Scene 1

A girl was running towards the huge building when she collided with someone and soon both were seen on ground opp to each other ( not on each other ?) ( every time our heroin doesn’t land in her Prince charming arms ?)

Girl murmuring – oh god what a fabulous welcome in school

She got up and cleaned her dress

When she was about to move the same person with whom she collided caught her hands and turned her face to face

Boy angrily – don’t you have eyes ?

Girl in same tone – I think you should get your eyes checked can’t you see I have two big big eyes

Till now students surrounded them

Boy – then why don’t you use them …. Idiot because of you I fell down

Girl mocking – as if I was flying in shy after colliding with you

Students present there started to laugh hearing her

But the Boy seems uncaring about it and points his right hand finger to her
Boy – you ….

Girl held his finger and twisted it – dare not to show me your this attitude it will not affect me

She angrily jerked his hand and went from there

Boy angrily whispers – tikhi mirchi ( red chili)
and some curses under his breath
Scene 2

A guy was on his way to his class when SPLASH

Someone threw water on him
He looked down at himself and them angrily at the person but



His breath got caught in his lungs seeing a girl standing in front of him biting her tongue giving him a cute expression

Girl – I didn’t mean to throw it on you but on my friend but it’s you fault you came in between so I will not apologise instead you should ask sorry from me for flopping my plan

Boy looked at her with open mouth

Boy – what the hell

Girl – not hell …… school …. Right now you are in school

Boy gritting his teeth – I will surely see you next time
Scene 3

A girl was standing near lift and starring the ‘ out of order ‘ board with a pout

Someone taps her shoulder she turned around and looked at the boy confusingly

Boy – lift will not start working by your starring

Girl embarrassed – no nothing like that …. Actually now I have to take stairs till 5th floor

Boy – no worries I will company you till there my class is also on that floor …… But if you want I can carry you till there I don’t have problem in it ( he smirked at last passing a wink at her )

Girl smiled brightly and started moving while the boy followed her

Boy – ary at least tell me your name

Girl smiled – find it out on your own — she winked at him and left from there

Boy stood there scratching his head
His mind yelled – beautiful
— —–
Tada I am back again so tell me fast how it is and many asked pairs so here you are

Samarth ashi

Let’s at KBC ?
Your question






?( I know you might be cursing me till now )(I am sobbing sitting in corner ) ?

Here you go

Above three scenes consist of each one so guess and tell me which scenes belong to which pair

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  1. Avi009

    Let me guess but if I win what will you give me ??

    Scene 1 hhhmmmm… Swasan I hope so
    2. Samarth ashi
    3. Raglak

    Now if I am right then bring one silk in school tomorrow ??

    1. Minions

      Surely I need to get one silk tomorrow for you I think ???

  2. Amazing

    1 ) Sanskar and Swara
    2 ) Samarth and Ashi
    3 ) Laksh and Ragini …………

    I think

    1. Minions

      Thanks dear
      You will get to know the answer in next part

  3. Amazing
    Mind blowing
    I guess first pair is our swasan
    Second pair is raglak
    And third pair is samarth nd ashi
    Hope I guessed right
    Amazing part plz post next part soon waiting eagerly for it
    Post it soon

    1. Minions

      Thanks dear
      Answer tomorrow pakka

  4. Swasan plz

    1. Minions

      Don’t worry Swasan is a pair

  5. IQRA222

    and i think 1st scene was Samarth ashi
    2nd was swasan
    and 3rd raglak

    1. Minions

      Thanks dear
      You have to wait for answer

  6. i think the 1st one is swasan and 2nd raglak 3rg sarmath ashi but i thought u will be giving more importance to one pair plzzzzzzzzzz dont do it im fed up i really love both raglak and swasan but i need equal importance i have stopped reading many ffs due to this reason plz do let me do it again im sry i have hurted u

    1. Minions

      Don’t worry as I told in intro I really mean it all characters will get equal importance but if any point you think I am suppressing one you are free to tell me and one more thing you don’t need to be sorry in any case it’s your opinion and I can never feel bad in it ?

  7. A.xx

    AMzing and loved the scenes and I think Swasan,,Samshi and Raglak xx

    1. Kriya.n

      Thanks dear

  8. It was awesome.
    I think the
    1st scene was swasan
    2nd samarth and ashi
    3rd raglak

    1. Kriya.n

      Thanks dear

  9. Good one

    1. Kriya.n


  10. AWASOME.
    …post nxt part quickly

    1. Kriya.n


  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear…swasan raglak samashi

    1. Kriya.n


  12. G.Chandu

    First arshi, second swasan, 3rd raglak I guess!! It’s a complete blind guess!!! I think it might be wrong too!! prologue was awesome!!

    1. Kriya.n

      You tried guessing it that’s enough

  13. nice one. it may be swasan samashi and raglak i guess

    1. Kriya.n


  14. Asw

    Nice first one is swasan second one is arshi third one is raglak keep going

  15. Asra

    awesome dear…i think swasan raglak and samashi

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