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sorry guys love triangle is needed but don’t worry i’ll put it in past not in present pairs

let’s start

in shekhawat mansion at dinning table
servants were serving food to randhir and laksh

ron[fumbling]: bhai i want to ask something

laksh: say fast what you want don’t be sacred .

ron: our collage has organised a trip to mannik[imaginary place] for month

laksh: why so

ron: to teach us survival in extreme conditions and through us contribute to betterment of such remote places

laksh: so

ron: i want to go

laksh: but you are not going

ron: but i want to and why i can’t

laksh: it’s not safe for you

ron: please it’s golden chance for me too prove my potential and achieve something

laksh : no more discussions no means no

and laksh stood up and went

ron called his friend SANSKAR

ron: bhai take me out of here anyhow

sanky: don’t worry i am there for u we’ll sneak out

ron: are you mad or what,see the security outside mr laksh shekhawat mhad made sure that i remain caged here

sanky[with evil smile]: trust me i will take u out of it anyhow afterall you matter some much to me .i am coming

ron: ok [wish he could understand what sanky actually meant]

gaddodia mansion

swara called her friend MANVIKA

swara: manvika di is not allowing me to go

manvika: it’s your life or your di if you want to go then who is she to stop u

swara: she is my elder

manvika: but what about you but if you are ok then who i am to say

swara: no am not then what

manvika: sneak out

swara: what and how

manvika:i can only tell you the path this you have to walk dear

swara: ok when r you all going

manvika: tomorrow morning come sharp 4 am

swara: ok

manvika,sankar and swara on conference call

sanky; di he is coming

manvi: even swara is coming sanyukta

sanyu: good work guys don’t all set even here

manvi: has rudr agreed

sanyu: no but he will till how many days he will say no to his sara,bye

call ended

manvi evil laugh: oh god how dumb you are sanyu you and sara hahaha

guys you were confused about past it just that all the characters of present are reincaration of past ,reborn to complete their love of past with news parts you’ll understand soon


one more character from past

princess samaya : another deserving quester for throne emerald ,daughter of king of lords who listens to none ,extremely pampered
her father was against her quest to throne as she was already heir of immennse power but she was she ,went against him and then regreted ,arrogant,smart,had crush on rudr but fell in love with one who used her and lost throne to him

pince sambhav: brother of samaya .loved his sister immensely smart ,powerful [more about him is mystery]

precap: start of journey to manik

do comment and tell if you are still confused or guessed the characters of past

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