Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 9)

Virat meets Samrat.

Chapter -9

Virat – You know Sayi?

Samrat – Who doesn’t know her? Infact, I haven’t met Sayi before. Advay told md everything of their family. So I know everyone including Sayi and Sangeetha Aunty. I just need to meet them.

Virat – How do you know her?

Samrat – Through Advay. Anyways, you tell me about your wife. I never knew you would get married this soon.

Virat – Sayi. I’m Sayi’s husband Samrat.

Samrat – You must be joking! Why will you marry such a young girl?

Virat – Everything was happening very fast. None of us could stop.

Samrat (paused for a while and was thinking) – How’s she?

Virat – I don’t know, it seems she might have a memory loss. Especially the recent events, and I’m worried thinking that. I can’t stand in front of her, when she asks me, who I am.

Samrat – You don’t sound like you are worried Virat! She must be thinking the same thing which I’m thinking.

Virat – What are you thinking?

Samrat – Even if something happens to her, you won’t stay sad for long. Because Patralekha is there waiting for you.

Virat – What? Samrat, you know nothing about Patralekha. You have got a diamond. You have no clue how happy she’ll be once she sees you. I know my Paakhi better than anyone. (He raised his voice saying the last line)

Samrat (raised his voice) – Who is Patralekha for you?

Virat (shouting back) – My everything! Do you get that? She’s not just my friend, she’s also my partner in everything. We would’ve been together if I didn’t go to that stupid place, ‘Gadchiroli’. Even now I’m telling you, that place is the most regretful thing happened in my life.

Samrat (composed) – Good to know that you know Paakhi better than me. I’m very happy today because I just made you realise your feelings. You said Paakhi is your Everything, you said so many things about Paakhi.

Virat nodded accordingly and composed himself.

Samrat – What about Sayi? Who is she then? Why are you acting to be worried for her? Do you realise the fact that you never mentioned Sayi when you were arguing with me regarding Patralekha? You just now mentioned that Gadchiroli is your biggest regret. Good then.

Virat nodded in disapproval way.

Virat – No. No, no. That’s not what I meant. I can explain.

Samrat – No more explanation Virat. Whatever you said just now made everything more clear. And those who had to hear it also heard it.

Samrat looked away from Virat and nodded.

Advay – IPS officer Virat Chavan. Very good. I’m impressed with what you said now.

Dadu – Every court listens to both side of the story. Now that you have finished saying, you are OUT from my Sayi’s life.

Dadu turns and walk away from Virat.

Virat – Sir..Dadu..Sir, What I said now is not a lie.

Dadu – Mr. Officer, I would like to have a written complaint against my son-in-law who mistreated and humiliated my daughter.

Virat – Sir, what I said just now is not the lie but half truth of Patralekha, my friend. There’s something else that I wanted to tell Samrat, that’s when all you interrupted.

Dadu – What else do you have?

Pulkit rushes to them.

Pulkit – Virat, there’s an emergency. Sayi has gained her consciousness, but she remembers incidents of Jagtap keeping her in hostage. Is that true?

Virat – He tried, but he didn’t succeed.

Pulkit – Advay, where’s Samrat?

Samrat – Jiju…..

Pulkit – First work, then relations! You brought him?

Samrat – Yes Pulkit. He’s with my team.

Pulkit – Okay good. Now Virat, listen. We are planning to do the same things that happened before, just to check how well she can recover.

Virat – Is there no other options?

Pulkit – I’m sorry Virat. But this is the end. You have to make a choice.

Virat looked tensed.

Virat – Sayi will have to be normal right? Only then she’ll be able to fight with him.

Pulkit – Did she fight with them? Was it verbal or physical?

Virat – I remember just few glances.

Pulkit – Looks like, I need to talk to Mane.

Virat – No don’t. They tried dragging her, that’s where she used her physical strength.

Pulkit – Okay. Once Sayi gets well. We’ll start with that. I hope it’s okay for you Vi..Advay.

Advay – It’s perfect for me. Let’s go ahead like that. What about now? Who’ll manage Sayi? Since she doesn’t remember us, there should be someone whom she knows.

Virat – I’ll manage her. It’s easy for me, I’ll take care of her.

Virat tried moving towards the ward and then stopped.

Dadu – I was about to stop you! You won’t meet Sayi.

Advay – Did you just say, it’s easy to take care of Sayi?

Pulkit – Advay, let Virat go. We’ll see the rest later.

Advay and Dadu nodded.

Virat went inside the ward. He saw Sayi crying.

Virat – Sayi, what happened? Why are you crying?

Sayi – Virat sir, you here?

Virat – Why are you crying Sayi?

Sayi – I got married Sir.

(Sayi bursts out in tears)

Virat and everyone else were startled.

Precap –

Sayi – You can’t be my husband.

…….. – But I am your hus…

Sayi – Chup! Chupppp! Just keep quiet. I’m telling you, since I don’t know who you are, you can’t be my husband.

……. – But you are wearing my Mangalsutra.

Sayi – I don’t know! I know that Virat Sir is my husband. Right Virat sir?

Virat tears were flowing dow and he nodded.

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