Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 8)

Shivani bua sends the video to Virat.

Chapter -8

Ting ting!

Virat checked his phone to see the video sent by Shivani.

Advay comes to him to tell him about Sayi, but he gets engrossed in the video. After watching the video, tears flow down from Virat’s eyes.

Virat – I never expected this. I never thought paakhi would do this to me.

Advay – It’ll be better if you consider this matter as an Officer and not as a lover or best friend.

Virat glares at him.

Virat – What do you mean Advay?

Advay – I know each and every member in your family. I know all your past doings. So it’s okay to not act innocent.

Virat – Who are you exactly? You are behind Sayi for some other reason. If you were her family, you should have come earlier to meet her. She wouldn’t have tried taking her life.

Advay – We found her before in Gadchiroli itself. Just because of that guy, we weren’t able to do anything.

Virat – Which guy?

Advay – Jagtap!!!

Virat – How do you know him?

Advay – Do you know that he’s still behind Sayi? He knows where she studies and where she lives. Infact he was there during Pulkit’s marriage also. Were you aware of it?

Virat felt like a thunderclap. He couldn’t resist himself and sat down on the bench.

Advay – Listen Virat, danger is increasing for Sayi. And that’s why I thought of meeting Sayi yesterday itself. Remember Sayi saying a racing sports car tried to hit sayi? That was Jagtap’s men’s car.

Virat – I thought he was an uncultured and uneducated person who won’t step out of Gadchiroli. That’s why I left that case there itself.

Advay – Anyways, Jagtap’s case can be seen later. Regarding this video, what are you going to do?

Virat – Arrest Paakhi. Not because she tried taking my Sayi’s life, but she broke the law.

Advay – This is a clear evidence to tell that Paakhi is behind this accident. Instead of accusing her for that, you prefer to arrest her for something else. Very nice Virat . You again decided to listen to your Paakhi and not My Sayi.

Virat – Advay, Paakhi was never mine. She’ll never be mine. But Sayi will be mine. She’ll always be mine, none can snatch her from me.

Advay – Virat, make sure you define your relationships properly. Remember you disowned Sayi at the auditorium? And now you say that Sayi is yours?

Virat – Some relationships can’t be named Advay.

Advay – Is that all you have to say? Do you know it has other names in the society?

Virat – Yes Advay, I know. But I don’t how to specify certain things. It’s just not in my hands. I consider paakhi as my best friend, but she expects me to be more than that. Sayi considers me as a person who took away her world. What shall I do then? I have no answers with me. But one thing I’m sure now, towards paakhi it was only an infatuation and towards Sayi is something different, and I don’t know how to explain that.

Advay was about to respond when someone calls him out.

Stranger – Advay, Jagtap is in my custody now.

Advay and Virat turn to the person. Virat looked shocked.

Virat – Samrat dada, you here?

Samrat – Virat…My Jeeva. Why are you here?

Virat – Dada, my wife is admitted here.

Samrat – Your wife?

Virat – Yes dada, everything happened very fast. I’ll tell that story later. Tell me when did you come here? And Jagtap? You know him?

Samrat – That’s also a long story. Regarding Jagtap, I’m here for Sayi. I heard Pulkit asking me to bring him here.

Virat looked stunned, Advay looked calm.

Precap –

Pulkit – I’m sorry Virat. But this is the end. You have to make a choice.

Virat looked tensed.

Sorry guys for the short ff! I’ll try making a longer one and upload it.

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