Say That You Love Me – Episode 6

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Previous Episode : Sanskaar saves Swara from suicide…!!!


Episode 6 : Stand For Yourself

***IN GH***

From the time Swara has been brought from hospital she was locked in her room

Urvashi annouce to Swara her decision of marriage after two days in which Swara refused

This thing make both Urvashi and Raj angry and Raj beat Swara with stick mercilessly

The whole mansion was echoing with Swara’s screams but still both devil’s didn’t pay any heed to her pleadings….


***IN Swara’s Room***

***Swara’s POV***

Here I’m now lying on floor beaten badly by my so cold fiance and my Mom whom I thought my whole world

Today I got to know One thing that I’m a really foolish girl who was not able to recognize true colours of my so cold family

Neha was right she always warned me but being a blind girl in my Mom’s love u didn’t pay any heed to her talks and always scold her

But now no more I’ll stand for myself I’ll not let them use myself for there so cold blo*dy business

I think it’s my Father’s prayers that I got save from there evil plans always

Please God help me to get out of this hell….

***POV ENDS***

Swara decides to do acting in front of Urvashi and Raj so that they can let her roam I’m house…

When Urvashi comes with her lunch she tells her about her acceptance of marriage and also said she will not go against them….

Being still suspicious she let Swara out of her room but still with two lady body guards

Where ever she goes those ladies always follow her like her shadow

Urvashi takes an appointment in parlor for Swara she informs both ladies to be with her every time and Swara heard all this

After some time when there was no one IN lounge and taking it as an opportunity she goes towards landline and dials number of same parlor and cancel her appointment

She did all this as in case of she wouldn’t have reached there than they would have call home and Urvashi gets to know about her activity she needs almost 2 to 3 hours to get out from this city

***AT NIGHT***

Swara packs her savings in a small bag and also takes the cars which Saxsena has given her she place all those things in a small pocket type bag

Then she prays to God to help her and sleep in the bed thinking about her plannings
***Next Morning***

It was a morning filled with new hope and bravery Swara was determined to get out from this hell by hook or by crook…

She gets ready in simple suit and leaves the GH with those body guard ladies Urvashi has strictly warned those ladies not to let Swara out of there sides at any cost
At about 3:00PM Swara leaves GH with ladies and about at 3:30PM she reached to the parlor

When she was going inside she sees that those ladies are also coming with her inside so in order to stop them she said

Swara : you both please stay here as inside there are many women and there is so crowd if you all will come in….then the owner of parlor may gets angry and appointment get cancel….and if this happened than Mom will not leave you….so it’s your choice whether come in with me….it stay here…

Lady : ok we are staying outside you just come straight here….After getting ready…

Swara simply nodes and goes in….she goes towards washroom and wear veil to hide her identity she takes her small bag in which she has kept her saving and that card and leaves from back door carefully….

After that she hired a taxi and goes towards bus stand from that bus stand she takes a bus which make her reached Mumbai….where Saxsena lives….


***IN GH***

It has been 6:00PM and in GH all were waiting for bride but when she didn’t show up Urvashi calls in parlor and she got biggest shock that there appointment is canceled last night,…

She than hurriedly calls those body guard ladies and asks then where they are and where is Swara….Urvashi scolds them and tell them while matter….

Listening to Urvashi both ladies becomes afraid and goes inside of parlor where they got to know that there come thousand ladies who knows who is Swara….

Urvashi and Raj both were hell angry on Swara for her act and surprised too that how she got this much courage to go against them….they search her on her friends houses but all gets in vain as she has already gone very far from them….



Swara reached Mumbai and she calls Saxsena from a PCO she tells him to pick her up from here as she can’t explain a events on phone

She waits for sometime there and than Saxsena came and they both left to his house….


***IN Saxsena House***

Both Swara and Saxsena were sitting in lounge and Swara explains all events from starts she was crying and Saxsena was consol her

Sax(worried and pacify her) : I have always tried to warn you but you didn’t pay heed but I’m glad you are save and sound now….but….

Swara(confused) : what but….uncle….

Sax(worridly) : Swara today night I’m leaving for Canada….than where you will live….

Swara(crying) : where will I go uncle….can I please live in your house as you are going to Canada

Sax(explains) : Swara I have no problem you can live in my house,…but it’s not save for you….you ran from Urvashi and Raj they will find you here soon….

Swara(crying) : than where will I go uncle….(sobbing loudly)I have no one in this whole world…I’m…I’m alone

Sax(explains her) : no Swara you are not alone…you have a full family….you have cousins….you should go to your Father’s house….

Swara(confused) : but uncle they hate me….

Sax : no Swara they don’t hate you….I’ll talk to then…..


***IN MM***

Parvati Gagodia was in hospital as she was unwell and in MM there was only AP and Rohan Ap was preparing food so that she can take that with her to hospital….
Just than phone rings she picks up the phone and than after thinking some time she agrees to the person…..

She sends Rohan who has came to pick her to somewhere to brought a guest or some relative….

Now Rohan picks the Person from the address which his mother has given him That Person silently sits in the car and Rohan started to drive…..

Who is that Person…???

Where will Swara go now…???


Next Episode ;

Boy(Furiously) : You What Are You Doing In My Home Tell Me Dammit…

The Girl Is Crying Miserably

Girl(Scared & Fumbles) : I …I ..

Boy(Angry) : I Know You Came Here For Which Purpose Look It’s My Home Don’t Create A Seen And Leave From Here Before Anyone Sees You

Girl(Crying & Fumbles) : No… You Are Taking Me Wrong ….I…I..

Boy(Super Angry) : I Don’t Want Your Explanation Just Get Lost I Know You Are Very Stubborn You Will Not Go Like This Wait Let Me Help You


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