Savitri Devi 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer accused of kidney trafficking

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Savitri Devi 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer getting a call from a man who asks him if he needs kidney and says he got it today from SDCH. Veer thinks so this is the Patient’s kidney. Man asks Veer to bring 5 lakh rs. Veer goes thinking to inform Sanchi later. Priya couldn’t sleep and tells Vikrant that she is hungry. Vikrant says I am not feeling food and bring something for you. He ties wet cloth on her tummy and asks her to sleep well, says your hunger will go now.

Veer comes to the said place and thinks where is that man. He thinks thank god, I got that kidney and hopes to save the patient. Man comes infront of Veer and asks him not to be act smart. Veer says I need just kidney and gives money. Someone takes the video and leave. Veer comes to the hospital and keeps the kidney ice storage box. Sanchi wakes up and thinks where did he go? She calls him, but his phone is off. Sanchi goes to washroom.

Ria comes to Sanchi’s room and keeps her phone on unreachable mode. Veer thinks to call Sanchi and inform her. He calls her from landline, but Ria takes off plug and thinks it is good Gayatri called her. Veer thinks he needs Sanchi’s help for the transplant, and then thinks to handle surgery himself. He thinks Sanchi is already stressed. He comes home in the morning and couldn’t see Sanchi. He calls Jaya and informs her that he got the kidney from donor bank. Jaya asks him to do surgery on reaching hospital. She comes out of house and sees Veer with a man holding kidney storage box. She reads the news that Veer is caught red handed while selling kidney.

Sanchi sees Veer going to hospital and asks him to have food. Veer says I will have food later in the hospital and leaves. He feels sorry to lie to her and thinks to talk to her once everything gets fine. Gayatri brings Savitri to hall and says we will have breakfast and watch TV for timepass. She switches on news channel and sees news about Veer’s involvement in kidney racket. Dr. Malhotra acts and asks what is happening in my hospital. Savitri says this is a lie, my Veer can’t do this. Sanchi tells Savitri that she has to go to hospital and asks her not to stop her and says Veer needs me. Savitri says you will not go alone, but I will also come with you. Veer comes to hospital and says I have made all arrangements for surgery. Jaya throws newspaper on his face. Veer is shocked to read the news and says this is fake, presenting in wrong way. He tells that I went there to buy kidney and not to sell it. He says I can prove it, I have that kidney.

Sanchi comes there. Nurse comes to Jaya and says board of directors are waiting for you in the conference room. Veer comes to his cabin and looks for the kidney in the storage box, but it is stolen. He comes to Jaya and says box is empty. He asks Jaya to trust him and says I haven’t done anything wrong. Dr. Malhotra, Gayatri and Savitri come there. Jaya says your game over, Veer Malhotra. She says I will never forgive you for this black spot on my hospital. She says you have shown your blood’s true colors. Dr. Malhotra and Savitri says that their son can’t do this. Many people gather infront of hospital and say slogans against Veer and hospital. Gayatri smiles. Dr. Malhotra asks Gayatri if plan will backfired. Gayatri asks him to just wait and see the tamasha. They throw stones on Veer. Jaya asks them to stop and promises that Dean Sanchi will punish Guilty Veer Malhotra. Sanchi is tensed.

They walk inside the hospital. Savitri asks Sanchi, you loves Veer and knows that he can’t do anything like such. Sanchi says I….Just then Jaya says council members are waiting for your decision. Savitri folds her hands infront of Sanchi. Veer feels helpless and turns to Sanchi.

Medical council members tell that they are signing on Veer’s termination letter. Sanchi says she will not sign. Dr. Kabir asks why she is blinded in Veer’s love, that she can’t see truth. Sanchi says I will prove Veer innocent and if I couldn’t then I will resign along with Veer. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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