Savitri Devi 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer insults Mishri in the hospital

Savitri Devi 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri asking Veer to have breakfast. He says he is going to do important surgery, drinks water and leaves. Mishri brings breakfast and asks where did he go? Savitri says he went as he was getting late. She scolds her and asks her to learn to do the work on time. Mishri gets sad. Gayatri hears Savitri and asks Mishri not to get upset. She says Doctor’s lives are such and asks her not to take Veer’s tension as he will have food in hospital canteen. Mishri feels bad. She goes to the hospital. Veer goes to do the surgery while interns wish him all the best. Mishri looks at hospital and gets happy. She sees Ganapati idol and removes her slippers to pray to God. A peon is taking wheelchair and her slipper is taken away by it. Mishri returns and thinks if her slipper is stolen. She searches her slipper and asks many people in the hospital. She comes back to Ganapati’s idol and says now I have to walk barefoot. Intern shows her chappal. She wears it and thanks God.

Intern asks if she wants to meet some doctor and asks about her problem. Mishri says she came to meet her doctor husband. Intern says who could be her husband, how illiterate she is ? Nurse asks about her husband. Mishri shows Veer’s pic. Interns and Nurse are shocked. Intern says you are chief of Interns Dr. Veer’s wife. Mishri says she looks small and nobody believes that she is married. They tell that Veer is in the OT. Mishri goes straight to OT and asks him to listen. Nurse asks her to leave. Veer says I will talk to her. He comes out and asks why did she come? Mishri says she came to give him tiffin. Veer asks her to keep tiffin in canteen and leave.

Mishri comes to canteen and keeps tiffin. She then thinks he got angry as she interfered in his work. She thinks if someone eat his tiffin. She thinks to wait. Interns look at her and think she is waiting for Veer. Dr. Kabir is about to have food and calls Sanchi. He calls Sanchi and asks did you have food. Sanchi says she is about to eat food. He calls her on video call. Sanchi shows her plate and eats food. Veer is going from there and gets upset. Intern asks Mishri if there is something special in tiffin and tells that rat is there. Mishri runs out of canteen shouting. Veer thinks they are romancing after ruining his life. Mishri collides with Veer and gravy from the tiffin fall on his apron. Intern asks from where did Veer get illiterate wife? He was talking about standard.

Dr. kabir comes there. Mishri tries to clean Veer’s apron. Veer tells Mishri that he don’t want to see her face. Mishri says she came to feed him. Veer says you fed my clothes also and asks her to leave. Mishri leaves. Dr. Kabir says you shouldn’t have insulted her. Veer says she is my wife and I can behave the way I like, you have no right to say. Dr. Kabir sends the interns to do their duty. Veer asks why did you send them, let them enjoy too. He says you have done romantic lunch on video call, and asks him to show his lab coat to Sanchi and says his life is also messy like this lab coat. He says you both are responsible for it. Veer scolds his interns and says I know who has done this mischief. Interns tell that they were not there. Veer says your shift will extend now. Interns get upset and think did we ask him to marry illiterate lady.

Dr. Kabir sees Sanchi watering the flower plant and says yellow flowers are his favorite as it symbolizes friendship. Driver brings his bag and Veer’s lab coat. Sanchi says it is Veer’s lab coat and asks about the stain on it. Dr. Kabir says it might be changed with his apron. Sanchi says she will wash it and goes. Dr. Kabir thinks I am helpless to hide this from you.

Precap: Mishri’s friends come to hospital along with her and asks her to sit closely to him, and say they know what happens after marriage. Veer asks them to stop the drama and gets up angrily, some canteen stuff falls down. Sanchi hears the sound and is going there. Dr. Kabir tries to stop her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mona146

    yeh kya anpad gawar ka drama laga rakha hain sab ne. kisne bola tha use shaadi karnekeliye?veer is doing too much and so are others.

  2. Seriously who told veer to get married to mishri. No one forced him he did it. If you hate kabir sanchi then show it to them. Why r you giving punishment to an innocent girl who has done nothing. I m not liking veer insulting mishri everyday.

    1. Mona146

      exactly previously also veer was always annoying due to immaturity and volatile dramas against saanchi in hospital.

    2. I agree with u but after ai many days I saw interns ass room ne I think it’s getting back to hospital drama

    3. Yes after so many days lots of hospital scenes and interns. Show is getting back on track and I m loving it.

  3. is it just me who only think veer character is one who ruining the show , with his stupidity and irritate behavior to honest I can’t stand to watch him anymore , nobody force you to marry so stop being childish and move on ,stop blame and torture other people for you own stupidity and mistake. you should move on and grow up

    1. I don’t agree you veer’s character is not ruining the show. See whatever he is doing just bcoz of hatred for sanchi and kabir. Whatever sanchi did to him completely shattered him so it’s not easy to move on. But yes his behavior with mishri is not fair. She is innocent and getting punishment without any fault. So he is doing wrong with mishri.

  4. Ok seeing this I moved back to kanchi. Irresponsible. He such a rude person. I wish Sanchi doesn’t marry him at all. U k ow what I think it was the best choice to leave Veer. He deserves it

  5. Even Mishri should leave Veer as Sanchi did.. Like seriously he is so rude.. He only decided when Sanchi had left that he’ll get married and give his wife all the rights.. So where is her right be respected… She’s so innocent and ignores all the hateful behavior of Veer and still cares for him but Veer always insults her and degrades her.. This is so bad..

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