Savitri Devi 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Dr. Kabir accuses Veer for Kidney theft

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Savitri Devi 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Isha to help him assist in appendix operation. Isha says sure. She goes to change her clothes. She gets someone’s call who informs that her Papa met with an accident. She tells Veer that she can’t operate and runs out. Ria is the one who made a fake call to her. Gayatri says it will be fun now. Veer thinks I have to do this surgery alone. He operates on the patient and comes out, says operation is successful. Jaya gets happy. Patient’s mother blesses him. Someone is keeping eye on them and goes to the OT. He then operates on the patient. Later Dr. Kabir comes to see patient and asks what happened to him. Nurse says he is feeling pain. Dr. Kabir sees two cuts on his stomach and gets his dopler reports. He is shocked to see his kidney missing. He gets angry on Veer.

Savitri shows Veer and Priya’s childhood pics to Sanchi. Veer comes and is happy to see them talking. Savitri sees Jaya’s pic and gets sad. Sanchi asks her to get the things better between them. Savitri says may those days come, but not now. She says I want to sleep now. Sanchi makes her sit on wheel chair. Savitri goes to her room. Sanchi comes to her room and asks Veer when did he come? Veer says when you were talking to your saas. Sanchi says finally everything is getting better. Veer says today I got a chance to spend sometime with my wife. Sanchi says if someone sees us. Veer says I am spending time with my wife. He tells her that Jaya asked him to operate today. Sanchi says it’s great and says she wants a family pic with both of their mothers in it.. Veer says it will happen. He gets Jaya’s call. Jaya angrily asks her to come to hospital. Veer says ok. He tells Sanchi that jaya called her, may be for emergency.

Sanchi prays to God and does aarti for making everything fine in their lives. Just then Diya is blown off. Sanchi thinks something is wrong happening. Veer comes to hospital and asks Jaya why did she call him? Jaya takes stethoscope and keeps on table. She then slaps him hard. Veer is shocked and asks what happened? Jaya says today you have proved that you are Anand Malhotra’s son, and says he is better than you, and you are more worse than him. Veer asks what did I do? Dr. Kabir accuses him for taking out his kidney. Veer asks what you are saying? Dr. Kabir shows the reports. Veer says I haven’t done anything. Jaya says the surgery was free, and it was my husband’s dream. Veer tells her that he didn’t do anything, asks her to look at him and says I didn’t do this. Jaya asks who has done this? Veer says I don’t know, but promises to find out the culprit. Jaya gives him 12 hours to catch the real culprit and also organizes kidney for that patient, as she wants patients to go fine. He asks her not to tell this to Sanchi and comes out.

Isha meets him. Veer asks how is uncle? Isha says he is fine, that was prank call. Veer realizes that somebody called Isha so that he has no witness. He thinks somebody trapped him. he comes near the OT and sees paint box infront of camera. He thinks somebody smartly trapped him. Jaya assures patient’s mother that everything will be fine and Dr. Kabir will handle him. Veer feels bad and thinks I shall focus more on searching kidney rather than finding the culprit, as until the kidney is transplanted, patient won’t be at peace.

Veer talks to kidney centres and comes to know about the kidney available in one of the centre. Sanchi waits for Veer. Veer comes home. Sanchi asks why you are late? Veer says I was stuck in an emergency. Sanchi says ok, and asks him to sleep. Veer couldn’t get sleep and waits for the call. Someone (Dr. Malhotra’s man) calls him and says it seems you need a kidney and says today we got a kidney from SDCH and asks him to buy kidney for 5 lakhs rs.

Savitri and Sanchi see the news that Veer is caught while selling or buying kidney. Sanchi tells Savitri that she has to go to hospital. Savitri says even I will come. Sanchi reaches home and tells that she will prove Veer innocent in 24 hours else she will resign from the hospital along with Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kabir is the one kidney theft hell b thrown out of hospital

  2. I just hate dis show now

  3. Kabirs is the kidney theif the completely destroyed kabirs character

    1. I think kabir is innocent. Its malohtra’s trap. He knows this very well that kamini sanchi can go to any extent to save veer. So i think he is playing game. Sanchi will blame kabir and thus for revenge kabir will be on malohtra’s side. Honestly i want kabir to destroy that selfish sanchi. She deserves his hatred only.

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    1. What the hell!

  5. Wow i knew it yahi hoga. Uss kamini sanchi ne veer ko bachane k liye sara blame kabir pe dal diya. Kabir ne hamesha usape bharosa kiya nd that b*t*h usane ek bar bhi ye nahi socha ki kabir aisa kar sakta hai ya nahi bas seedhe use culprit bana diya. I just hate sanchi.

  6. Shame on u.
    Don’t dare to call yourself a doctor.

  7. Ritchie go and see the spoilers then you will know the truth.Kabir loved sanchi

    1. @manu i have also read the spoiler. But i still feel kabir is innocent and its all a game plan of malohtra. Lets see wat happens next. But i would love to watch malohtra back in action.

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