Savitri Devi 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer returns to SDCH

Savitri Devi 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir asking Veer to take a day’s time and decide. He leaves. Mishri comes there and thinks everyone is strange here, I brought tea and he left. Dr. Malhotra stops Veer from drinking. Veer asks why did you come? Dr. Malhotra says it is his duty to handle him and make him understand and asks why he didn’t accept the offer. Veer says he don’t want to join. Dr.Malhotra says it is my hospital which they have snatched and I am fighting alone to get it back. He asks him to support him and join the hospital. Veer refuses and says it is my last decision. Savitri hears them. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and asks her to take medicine. Sanchi asks do Veer agree? Dr. Kabir says I know he will not agree at first go and tells that he will try again. He makes Sanchi have medicine and honey and asks her to rest. He says good night.

Mishri asks Veer to have food. Veer says I am not hungry. Mishri asks him to share his problem with her and says a husband shall not hide anything from his wife. Veer asks her to go and not to trouble him. Savitri comes and asks Mishri to go. She asks Veer why did he punishing himself and tells that Dr. Malhotra is right, and tells that it is your Papa’s hospital and it is on my name. She says Dr. Kabir has done wrong with him and is not doing any favor by offering him job. She says you are a qualified doctor. She says you have right on the hospital and asks him to go and get back his position in the hospital.

Dr. kabir asks his Manager if Veer came? Manager says no and says we will hire some other doctor. Dr. Kabir says he wants him only as he is Veer. Veer comes there. Dr. Kabir says I am so happy that you came. Veer says I came here as I have right on this hospital and you must have heard the saying that one shall keep the enemy close. Dr. Kabir says whatever might be the reason, I have made the arrangements and returns his apron, stethoscope and ID card. He wears his apron. Dr. Kabir says welcome back Veer. Dr. Malhotra looks on. Veer’s friends and colleagues get happy and hug him. Dr. Kabir smiles. Veer says even I am feeling good to be back, atleast my friends are with me. Dr. kabir calls Sanchi and says I have surprise for you. He shows her Veer happy mingling with his friends. Sanchi smiles and thanks Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir says one of my friend told that there is no sorry and thank you in friendship.

Sanchi prays to God to make everything fine so that Veer forgets past and concentrate on his career.

Dr. Kabir addresses to the interns of the college and tells that Veer Malhotra will guide them and will be their mentor. He asks Veer to come to stage and handle his responsibility. Veer goes to stage. Dr. Kabir says congrats. Veer says I don’t know why you are doing this, but don’t think my hatred will lower for you. Dr. Kabir tells him that you deserve this. Veer gives the speech and tells that he is with them to guide them and will start the training from tomorrow. Dr. Kabir comes home and sees Sanchi in kitchen. Kusum asks him to freshen up. Sanchi asks how was your day? Dr. kabir asks what are you doing here? Sanchi says she was getting bored so thought to help Maa. He says he will bring food for her. Sanchi says I will eat with you both. Kusum says she already had food and asks them to eat. Dr. Kabir thinks Sanchi is happy and thinks he would like to see her happy always. Sanchi thinks I hope Veer mends his ways. She thanks him. Dr. Kabir tells that I can do anything for your happiness.

Precap :
Mishri comes to the hospital and shouts saying she saw rat. She jumps and the food which she brought fall on Veer’s apron. Veer gets angry and asks Dr. Kabir to show the apron to Sanchi at home and tells that his life is also messed up like this apron.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wth is wrong with Veer… It was his own decision to marry Mishri then why is he degrading and insulting her like tha.. I feel so bad for her.. I used to love his character at least he knew how to respect women.. I’m a big fan of VK but i literally hate his character as Veer..

  2. Finally after so many days I actually felt that it’s a medical drama so many hospital scenes were there. I wish makers 1 week Tak sirf kabir, veer and malohtra ko dikhaye. Sanchi ki shakal na dikhaye to accha hai. Wo to sirf veer ka jaap karati rahegi. Agar yahi karna tha to kabir ki wife hone ki duty nibhane kA natak karne ki Kya jaroorat this. Veer k pass hi rehana that na. Kabir bach jata iss naitanki se.

    1. I have doubt wt the hell jaya and pragya are doing ur right sanchi ka veer ke naam pe jaap it’s so irritating

    2. Mihra-101

      Totally agree
      I miss the old episodes with the hospital drama

  3. I have a doubt what the hell is jaya and pragya doing did they left show and veer ki natak tho bahut hogaya and sanchi ki jaap us ko character kis ne diya I was loving dosti of sanidhya I miss old scene
    N iss bar I’m sure veer sanchi aur jabir ko hospital se nikaldega

  4. I have doubt wt the hell jaya and pragya are doing ur right sanchi ka veer ke naam pe jaap it’s so irritating

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