Savitri Devi 7th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Savitri asks Sanchi to leave her job

Savitri Devi 7th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer sacrificing his choice for Sanchi. Dr. kabir is upset. Ria tells him that she wants to do her specialization in cardio and wants to assist him. Dr. Kabir agrees. Sanchi comes to Veer and asks if he is happy. Veer says ofcourse and tells that he has forgotten it long ago. Sanchi says you don’t need to sacrifice for me and says you are important to me than others. Veer asks her not to feel bad and asks her to make him happy, says he has an idea. Sanchi says really and asks him to tell. Veer asks her to kiss him. Sanchi gets shy and kisses on his cheeks. She calls him shaitaan/naughty. Veer says you are my world, and I am very happy in it and asks her to chill and be happy. Gayatri tells Savitri that Sanchi has done magic on Veer and says she will not let him be even ward boy. Savitri says she will shield her son and asks her not to worry. Gayatri appreciates her plan.

Sanchi searches for her purse and thinks if she left it outside. She finds her bag kept in the box and asks her if she understood Veer’s position now and says he will feel suffocated when he comes out of your trap, as he will be always your junior. She says you can’t be good bahu and wife. Sanchi says I can prove that I can be adarsh bahu and wife and asks for a chance. Savitri says I will give you a chance, and will forgive you, and will talk to Jaya also, will make everything fine. Sanchi is happy. Savitri says I have a condition and asks her to leave her job. Sanchi says Veer loves me the way I am. Savitri says you don’t like my condition. Sanchi says I will try to convince you, but not on the price of my career. She says she will become an adarsh bahu and wife. Savitri says they are going out and asks her to feed Veer tonight. Sanchi says ok and takes keys from Savitri. She unlocks the locker and gets her purse. She leaves home.

Dr. Malhotra shows detail report to a doctor. He comes to Jaya and says this is ridiculous, how can your daughter be so irresponsible, so ridiculous. Jaya says until she was my daughter, she was responsible, but now she is your bahu and it is affect of bad company. Dr. Malhotra says my son came home early and says it shows whose company is bad. Sanchi comes to the hospital. Veer asks why she got late. Jaya scolds her. Sanchi goes.

Veer thinks to cheer her as he finds her upset. Later he comes to her and asks her to come for lunch. Sanchi says I have just 10 mins. Veer makes her sit and shows her golgappa, chutney etc. Sanchi thanks him. He feeds her golgappa. Sanchi likes it. She also feeds him. Jaya sees them having golgappa and comes to them. She tells Sanchi that 10 mins break is over and asks her to come for meeting. Sanchi tells him that she needs to go and asks him to have lunch. Later Sanchi checks the time and thinks she has to make food for Veer. She says lets do the meeting tomorrow. Dr. Malhotra says tomorrow you have to go out, lets finish the meeting now. Sanchi thinks then who will make food for him and says we will continue the meeting, but let me make an important call before. She calls Servant and asks him to make food for Veer. Servant says ok. Sanchi thanks him. Sanchi then messages Veer that she asked Chandan to make food as she will get late. Veer writes ok and love you too. Chandan serves food on the table. Gayatri asks him to throw it and says Veer will not eat this food. Chandan says ok.

Savitri comes home and sees Veer having corn flakes and asks if Sanchi haven’t made food. She asks Sanchi to either leave Veer or her job, says you can’t be a good bahu if you do job.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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