Savitri Devi 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer misunderstands Jaya, Savitri critical

Savitri Devi 4th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi talking to Jaya and telling that Savitri was looking upset. Jaya asks her to keep Savitri happy and insists to meet her. Sanchi says I will do something, gets idea immediately and asks her to come at 9 pm, as they will be busy in conference at that time. Jaya gets happy and says I love you beta. Sunny and you are my strength. Sanchi says I love you too and says bye.

Adarsh asks Dr. Malhotra to get ready to go for Pharmaceuticals meetings. Dr. Malhotra says how can I go, have to do something about Savitri. Adarsh asks him to attend meeting. Dr. Malhotra goes.

Gayatr asks Vaidehi if she can really do this. Vaidehi says she will do and asks her not to worry. Gayatri says you seems to be confident. Vaidehi shows the rose and tells that it has a button which will emit poisonous gas which will kill Savitri. Gayatri is amazed hearing her plan and asks her to go and kill Savitri.

Garg gives name of all female staff list. He reads the women list and thinks he can’t doubt on Sanchi. He goes inside Savitri’s ward. Savitri responds seeing Veer, Priya and Savitri’s pics on TV. He thinks Sanchi is doing all those things for Maa which I can’t think of. They see Veer’s childhood pics. Veer asks why did you put these pic seeing his naked childhood pic. Isha says it is interesting. Sanchi tells Savitri that her family is beautiful, have two loving kids and asks her to be fine for them. Savitri blinks her eyes. Garg tells Veer that she responded. Pragya and Isha tell that she will be fine soon. Ria, Madhu and Bala come there and get upset.

Sanket is in Vikrant’s house and thinks to talk to Priya once everyone’s sleeps. Vikrant comes and asks him to have a peg with him. Sanket says I want to sleep now. Veer takes Sanchi now and asks from where did you get those pics. Sanchi is speechless. Veer says I don’t care, but I care seeing Maa responding seeing them. He thanks her for saving his mum and bends his head down infront of her. Sanchi looks on. She makes him look at her. Sanchi asks him to come for video conferencing. They go.

Vikrant drinks wine. Sanket throws wine in vase. Vikrant tells Sanket that he tried hard to place in Priya’s heart, but sadly he couldn’t make place in her heart as Sanket was in her life whom she used to love before marriage. He says when my turn came, I made it clear who is the boss, I tortured her a lot so that she forgot him completely, now she can’t think of anybody except me even in her dreams. He says I enjoy seeing her helplessness. Sanket thinks I won’t leave you. Vikrant says sadly we have no husband and wife relation and wishes she says I love you to him once. He stumbles. Sanket takes him to room. Vikrant says I love Priya so much and can’t see her becoming of someone else, she is just mine.

Vaidehi comes to the hospital and asks about Savitri’s ward. Receptionist tells her. Everyone attend the conference, Doctor suggests them to take special care of the patient for 2 days. Vaidehi comes to Savitri’s ward. Nurse stops her. Vaidehi says she is Dr. Malhotra’s saas and threaten to complain to him. Nurse lets her go. Vaidehi enters the ward. Jaya comes to the hospital. Vaidehi says why did you come in our life to ruin it. What did you think that I will let you snatch our happiness easily, and says you are dead for us years back, don’t try to be alive, I will not let you come in your senses. She takes out poisonous flower from her hairs and makes Savitri smell it forcefully. Jaya comes there just then and sees Vaidehi making Savitri smelling the flower. She asks her to leave Savitri. Dr. Kabir asks interns to check Savitri as 2 days are critical. Savitri falls down from the bed. Vaidehi thinks to elope before she is caught. Vaidehi pushes Jaya and elopes.

Veer comes there and sees Jaya eloping, sees Savitri on floor. He recalls Dr. Malhotra’s saying and thinks Jaya Mishra was trying to kill Maa. Jaya collides with Sanchi and tell her that Vaidehi tried to kill Savitri. Sanchi calls auto. Jaya waves her bye and goes. Veer thinks why Sanchi is talking to her and thinks if she is her daughter. He asks Sanchi if she knows her. Sanchi says she told her direction and says she came to have gol gappa. She asks why did you ask about that aunty. Veer tells her that the woman tried to kill Maa. Sanchi thinks why Veer is thinking this way. Veer asks her to come inside as Maa is critical.

Priya thinks why did Sanket come here? Sanket comes there to drop Vikrant to room. He tries talking to Priya and says it was Dr. Malhotra’s plan to separate them. Rukmini comes there and asks Sanket what he is doing here? He says he came to drop Vikrant to room. Rukmini asks Vikrant to go and scolds Sanket.

Veer and Sanchi come to ward and see Dr. Kabir checking Savitri and making her wear oxygen mask. He tells them that someone tried to make her smell cyanide gas. Veer panics and cries. Sanchi asks him not to lose hope and asks Nurse to make OT ready. Priya gets up in night and knocks on Sanket’s room. She gets inside and asks him to leave before Vikrant knowing about him, and says he will kill you if he comes to know about your truth. Sanket says you can’t lie even now, as you said that you hates me, but you cares for me even now. Priya says yes, I care for you as I really loved you. Vikrant gets up wondering where did she go? Sanket says even I loved you from bottom of my heart. He says your Papa made our love as chess and monica was the puppet. He tells her everything how Monica had trapped him. He says I did a mistake not to stop the wedding, but what I could do when you don’t trust me. When my Priya decided to marry someone else what I could do. He says Jaya Kaki came to your marriage to tell you, but your Papa locked her in room. Priya says my papa can’t do this, I am sure that this is done by Mrs. Malhotra. Sanket thinks she is innocent not to agree.

Veer and Sanchi waits outside OT. Sanchi asks Veer to come and sit peacefully. She asks him to have trust on God and relax. She gets Jaya’s call and ends the call. Veer cries. Sanchi rejects call again and again. Veer asks her to pick the call. Sanchi says nothing is important than Savitri aunty. Dr. Kabir comes out and tells congratulation guys.

Veer thinks not to leave Jaya and Sanchi Mishra and expose them. Sanchi tells jaya that Veer is doubting on her. She turns and sees Veer standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. no kanchi scene….boring episode

    1. Also waiting for Kanchi.

  2. Khamoshi

    No SaBir scenes like a rain without water. No point in serial to watch.
    H. Hasan its a humble request to u..plz upload ur Written update of episode as soon as possible bcoz no repeat telecast is shown on TV as well as late online episodes telecasted. My one and only hope is ur post. Plz its a request from ur post’s Silent reader.
    I can’t wait to know what Scenes and story is shown in latest episode. I am SaBir fan and want to know DOES THEIR STORY BEGAN? Thats only the reason.hope u fulfill my requested work.

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