Savitri Devi 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer to perform heart surgery

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Savitri Devi 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer coming home calling Sanchi and gets shocked seeing her in Nurse uniform. He asks why did you wear this nurse uniform. Sanchi says it is comfortable and I am just loving it. Veer asks what? Sanchi asks him not to interfere and let her handle her way. She asks how was today? Veer says stress not work. He tells that he has convinced a patient for operation and she asked him to do his surgery, later I came to know that she is Dr. Kabir’s patient. He says I went to talk to him, but he put forth the condition that if I succeed then he will lift ban from me and if I fail, then I can’t do any surgery in future. Sanchi shows trust on him and says she will help him. Veer says I haven’t done solo surgeries before. She says I will tell you few points to remember. Savitri rings bell then. Sanchi says I have to go as Maa is calling me and will serve you food.. Veer holds her hand and says he had food in canteen, just needs her. Sanchi says now she is needed by her mum in law. Gayatri takes out onion from Savitri’s armpit and sprays room spray so that Sanchi don’t get that smell.

Sanchi comes there. Gayatri says Didi has high fever and asks her if she is taking care of her like this. Sanchi gives her injection and takes care of her all night. In the morning, Savitri wakes up and finds Sanchi sleeping there, gets moved by her gesture. Sanchi asks how is she? Gayatri comes and asks her to make kada for Savitri. Sanchi makes kada. Veer comes there and says he needs to discuss with her as it is a complex surgery. Sanchi says she will give kada and come. Veer gets nurse’s call informing him that surgery needs to be done fast. He goes without talking to Sanchi. Sanchi returns to talk to him, and thinks how to talk to him now, thinks to take her phone back from Gayatri’s room.

Vikrant makes Priya run. Priya says I am running since 30 mins and can’t run more. Vikrant says I have done my work out in the morning and will relax there, and asks her to complete her work out for another 30 mins. Priya gets tired. Vikrant asks her to run around the chair and keeps bag on her neck. Priya says she will not do. Vikrant threatens to tell her secret to her family if she don’t agree. Priya runs around the chair.

Dr. Kabir tells Veer that he will monitor his surgery. Veer says ok. He thinks I didn’t talk to Sanchi. Sanchi gets her phone from Gayatri’s cupboard. Gayatri sees her in her room and asks how dare you to come in my room. Sanchi says I came to give you medicine and injection list and asks her to get it. Sanchi comes to her room and calls Veer, but he goes to change his clothes for OT. She thinks why he is not picking my call and calls Pragya. Pragya comes to Veer and makes him wear blue tooth device. She talks to Veer ands says now I can talk to you via this. Veer says yes, now you can guide me. Gayatri checks her cupboard and realizes that Sanchi took her phone.

Sanchi talks to Veer about surgery. Gayatri thinks so she is talking to Veer, I will teach her a lesson. Veer’s Bluetooth device falls down. Sanchi gets worried and thinks surgery happens nicely. Dr. Kabir sees Bluetooth device on floor and takes Veer out of OT. He asks what is this Dr. Veer? How dare you to take this blue tooth to OT and asks him to get out from his OT right now. Veer says first of all, this is not your OT, but mine, and secondly sanchi was supporting me, you didn’t give me any assistant too, how can you say that I don’t deserve to do surgery. I haven’t started surgery till now.Dr. Kabir says your one mistake then you will not go to OT again.

Gayatri comes to Savitri’s room and keeps glass piece on the floor. Savitri gets up and is about to keep her foot down, when Sanchi comes and keeps her hand under her feet. Savitri is shocked to see Sanchi’s hand bleeding. Jaya asks Veer about the surgery. Veer looks on upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bullsh*t .
    For me ,this show is zero.

  2. Nice episode ……feel bad 4 kabir ???????????

  3. All know SDCH trp decrease so RS again start giveing lollipop scene of kabir character. ???Idiot she think again all kabir fans start watching this crap show ??. No one come in RS this trap and believe. RS ,Writers ,CV all Veer obessed hai. They only use kabir character when they need and again sideline .

    1. Dhruti

      sahi me yaar what they think about us we are foolish ha??? crap show dr kabir ki image bigad kar veer ki image ko achcha kar rahe he they are obessed with veer character……………..pagal log…………..

  4. All show trp dropped not only savitri devi.

  5. This show has nothing to offer for kabir fans. According latest spoiler veer will be trapped in kidney stealing case and i won’t be surprised at all if it will be revealed that kabir is behind all this. Cvs r hellbent to destroy kabir’s character to justify their sanveer. So those who r still keeping expectation for getting something good for kabir’s character leave hopesbcoz cvs of this show r going to make him a villain. Story of this show is so irrelevant that whayever they r showing seems so stupid.
    i won’t blame rs at all for making sanveer a pair. By reading update of today’s episode must say that sanveer belongs to each other as they both r cheaters.Sanchi herself is a fraud queen and today she made veer also to cheat kabir during surgery. Par sanveer chahe jitani bhi cheating kare at last ye cvs unhe mahan bataywnge aur kabir ko villain. Jaya and savitri will accept sanveer and kabir will be completely destroyed. And i think many of the viewers must have already predicted that this will be the upcoming story of the show.
    Waise maine aaj tak kabhi bhi aisi bina sir-pair ki story nahi dekhi thi. Its a complete bundle show. So predictable story nothing new.

    1. Dear it is a trap by malhotra and gayatri. I don’t think kabir is negative tI’ll now. But yes I do agree that kabir has no role left now. Had kabir and sanchi got married; all 3 leads would have had good role. But now kabir is left with no role. He is neither neg. I think he should leave the hospital since cheater sanveer have again ditched him and backed out from their words? Why should kabir continue in this hospital? Now they will show veer will outsmart kabir in becoming the best doc and he will become dean. In short veer gets every thing and kabir loses everything. We should quit this show once and for all ?. It’s not meant for kabir fans

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