Savitri Devi 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer ruins Sanchi’s muh dikhayi rasam

Savitri Devi 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling Sanchi that he wants Veer to feel the same pain which he felt after her marriage with Veer. Sanchi gets teary eyes. Dr. Kabir says I have to make him understand how it feels to see your love with someone else. Sanchi says you can stay with me in this room to give him pain, but for me this marriage will never matter to me. She reminds him of her condition and tells that they will never have husband and wife’s relation. She says you can’t get me and says this paper can never get you a place in my heart. Dr. Kabir says I will wait till you accept me. Sanchi goes. Savitri and Dadi ask Dr. Malhotra that they shall shift to farm house. Dr. Malhotra says if we leave then we will lose this house also. Veer tells that he will not get weak and will see how sanchi stays infront of him with Dr. Kabir.

Pragya tells Jaya that Sanchi got married to Dr. Kabir. Jaya cries and tells that she has ruined Veer’s life. She tells that she didn’t give such upbringing to Sanchi and says she don’t have the patience to see her shamelessness. Pragya asks what she will do now. Dr. Kabir comes to Gayatri’s room and changes her medicine. He says I won’t let you recover. Savitri, Priya and Ria come there. Dr. Kabir pretends to check Gayatri and tells that he came to see his patient. Ria says we have many doctors at home and don’t need you. Dr. Kabir says he will come and see his patient often.

Savitri sees decorations in the house and asks Kusum. Kusum say she kept Sanchi’s muh dikhayi rasam. Savitri asks Veer to come from there. Veer says he will not go. Kusum asks Sanchi to accept Dr. Kabir and asks her to think that it is an arranged marriage. Sanchi says you would have made your son understand that love can’t be forced. Kusum says my son is changed and I hope he will change again as his love is true. She takes her for Muh dikhayi rasam. Veer brings chair and sits infront of Sanchi while holding wine bottle. Savitri asks Veer to come. Veer says I will not go from here. Savitri says your stubbornness will hurt you and leaves from there with Dadi and Priya. Kusum lifts Sanchi’s veil. Sanchi looks at Veer. People gossip about Veer. Kusum scolds Veer. Veer says he is mourning. Dr. kabir asks his mum to do the rasams. Ladies see Sanchi’s face and give gifts. They ask Dr. Kabir to lift bride. Dr. Kabir says I can’t lift Sanchi due to sprain in my hand and I have surgery to do also.

Kusum asks them to leave their hand impression on the wall. They leave their hand impression, but Veer splashes water on the wall. Kusum asks them to redo it. Veer splashes water again. Dr. Kabir shouts what the hell Veer. Color water plate falls down. Sanchi tries to pick it and the color applies to her hand. Veer puts his hand on the colored plate. He leaves his hand impression on the wall. Sanchi also keeps her colored hand on the wall at same time. Dr. Kabir fumes seeing their hand impression. sanchi and Dr. kabir do the ring searching ceremony. Dr. Kabir gets the ring. Woman says Dr. Kabir will rule on Sanchi.

Dr. Kabir tells Savitri that Sanchi will do first aarti of God. Sanchi says it is not needed. Dr. kabir says it is needed. Veer says always maa does the puja. Dr. Kabir says they have insulted you and made you nurse, now I will get your lost respect back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks hasan for the update………….now I am sure that something big is happening with kabir…………today his some expression when he looked at veer proved that………….jo vi ho i feel really very bad for veer,sanchi and kabir……………

  2. Y dis veer cm in middle

    1. Veer ki to adat hai hamesha beech me aane ki. He irritates me alot. But have to bear him for kanchi. Yes I have noticed there something that is really fishy with Kabir. Hope the makers reveal it soon.

  3. i am curious too…..start watching once again

  4. Hey btw the write didnot wrote the the last part when Sanchi was sleeping Kabir went to cover her with blanket and he sat there for a few seconds but when he was about to go Sanchi held his hand during her sleep!!
    I m not understanding what the CVs wants to show like seriously?? Before everyone’s marriage,i.e., when Sanchi and Veer were intens they showed Sanchi and Veer love each other but Kabir too loves Sanchi…..then they showed like though Sanchi loves Veer she is destined with Kabir!! After that Veer-Sanchi’s marriage..then Kabir being antagonist!! Till here OKAY we understood!! But after that Kabir marrying Sanchi in court,there they didnot showed Sanchi signing the paper which clearly means that they didnot marry…After that while performing the rituals the Cvs showed that though Kabir-Sanchi married but Sanchi is destined with Veer….Again intheir bedroom while Sanchi was sleeping she held Kabir’s hand while he was about to go!!! Oh god its just radiculous!!! Someone tell me if Sanchi is destined with Kabir or Veer?? If Sanchi Wants Veer or Kabir?? But one thing is clear that Kabir is still a protagonist and he is doing this for some reason and Ok for a second if we believe Kabir to be negative but at least cannot beieve even Kusum aunty wil do such kind of thing!! She WILL NOT DO this …..there is absolutly something fishyyy!!! Otherwise Kabir wouldn’t have saved Jaya that day!.

    1. RuCh23

      Don’t tire your mind Sammie… it’s useless to even try to understand what they’re showing ???. You’re right. Even Kusum’s helping so there must be something big. I remember a scene before that press conference changed bride wala one… Kusum was trying to talk to Sanchi but Kabir came in time and she couldn’t. It was like she wanted to tell her something ???. For now let’s just wait and watch. But it’s really funny to watch Ravan bringing his Lanka to Ayodhya ???. No matter how serious the situation and the expressions of the actors, it’s so funny ???

    2. BaBa ji thullu???

      Don’t keep any hope for sabir marriage or kabir character dear .its all only for veer progress and becoming best Dr .new segment come veer break kabir record of surgery. And swarda said she is happy for her husband veer break kabir record .very soon kabir truth open and he loose everything name fame izzat best dr ka title and ofcourse sachi also .

  5. I am also feel the same……….. something is fishy here………

  6. Let us all not break our heads thinking about what the CVS wants to show
    and just watch the patiently to know the plan of Kabir
    and soon Sanchi should realize about the how much Kabir cares and loves her

  7. Yes even I have seen the segment veer broke Kabir’s record. Even I feel there is something fishy. If Kabir wanted sanchi he would never have agreed to her condition. And I saw when sanchi told him abt her divorce he felt bad. And why he did court marriage is it something related to the thing jaya said kagaz k tikdo pe
    na to rishte banate Hain aur na hi tootate swarda said makers made sanveer to make sanveer fans happy and now they are making kanchi fans happy so request all kanchi not to connect yourself emotionally or expect anything from makers they will do whatever they want to do. Just enjoy till they r showing kanchi and be mentally prepared also bcoz they will break them also. And one thing ITANA SAB HO GAYA YE KABIR K PAPA KYUN NAHI NAZAR AAYE KAHIN. EVEN KABIR K GHAR PE BHI NAHI??????

    1. i agree with u….makers will continue with kanchi pair if trp improves or else they will end up with sanveer….i will watch the show until they r kanchi…

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