Savitri Devi 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer hates Sanchi knowing her truth

Savitri Devi 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling his friends that he will find out about Sanchi. He asks his friend about the machine. His friend says it is a lie detector machine to catch a thief’s lie. Veer says I will handle and asks him to go. His friend/ colleague says Dr. Kabir give the responsibility to him. Veer holds his collar and asks him to tell Dr. Kabir that he can’t handle the responsibility. His friend says the samething to Dr. Kabir. Veer says he will handle. Dr. kabir finds his behavior strange. He sees Sanchi and thinks why she is tensed. Vikrant brings Priya to Tantrik. Priya continues to talk to Sanket. Vikrant asks her to be quiet and asks Tantrik to treat his wife, do whatever he wants. Tantrik shows the burning coal and says this is the only way to treat her. Vikrant asks him to do whatever he can, but treat Priya. Veer asks Neeta to tell Sanchi to assist him. Sanchi says she has a duty to attend. Neeta asks her to assist Veer.

Vaidehi and Gayatri comes to Komal’s house and watch CD. Gayatri asks her to give CD to them and offers 20 lakhs Rs. Komal agrees. Ms. Fernandes asks Veer to test the machine. Veer says he will test on Sanchi. Sanchi thinks he is trying the know her secret. He asks if your real name is Sanchi Agarwal. Sanchi says yes. Red lights blinks. Priya refuses to walk on the coal. Vikrant asks her to walk and asks her to hold her saree. Priya asks Sanket to hold her hand. Priya walks on the coal and gets her feet burnt. Tantrik says it is done. Vikrant thinks Priya got fine. He puts water on her feet. Priya asks him to put water on Sanket’s feet and says it is burnt much. Vikrant gets angry and beats Tantrik angrily. He asks Priya to come.

Veer tells Sanchi that he needs to know her identity and asks her to tell truth. Sanchi thinks she can’t tell him truth as she has promised Jaya. He asks if you are Sanchi mishra. Sanchi cries. Veer says I was searching you and asked for your help to search Sanchi Mishra, but…He asks her not to utter a word and says he hates her. He says I have trusted you blindly, but you….He goes. Sanchi is shocked.

Sanchi tells Jaya that Veer came to know the truth. She says now he will tell truth to Dr. Malhotra. Veer comes to talk to Dr. Malhotra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. anybody watched todays episode?

    1. No….not until it is kanchi

    2. VINAL

      Not at all
      Why to waste our time for seeing this boringggggg track

  2. hi everyone i read your ff,os all are amazing like exotic love,faith,friendship or love.and many more.i think no one will support sanchi.she will go to jail,as jaya got injured while bringing cd to sdch as she is going to get attacked by goons,before savitri could tell truth about malhotra,malhotra will harm her and veer will think jaya and sanchi are responsible,again sanveer break up. As dr kabir hate lies he will be quit duringg sanchis arrest.later kusum will tell him to think that sanchi might be innocent,so i think dr kabir will get sanchi out of jail.sanchi will try to tell truth to dr kabir about malhotra but jaya might stop her as she will tell sanchi to get enough proofs before saying truth,lets hope kanchi happenes…

  3. Nice episode

  4. boringgggg
    hoping kabir gets more screen presence

  5. Chalo sanchi ka Sach to expose huya. Kitne mahino see isi din ka intezar Kar Rahi thi.

  6. Why writers making veer again to misunderstand sanchii…Always realizes his mistakes,sanchi accepts him…when he is about to say his feelings and again some drama starts and they get seperated…What is going to hapen

  7. NerdyBirdie

    Dude how does Veer get away with all this crap?! Seriously… Varun has taken a slightly more mature look now (kind of like in his role as Sanskar) compared to before. Also Veer really has no right to hate Sanchi at all! He’s hated his father for years and thought the worst of him and Veer himself knows how many times he’s doubted Sanchi! He should think clearly and not under anger. This is not going to go well…

  8. This is my POV… actor’s tips for doctors….. Disgusting….. I just have to say this people should do the job in which they r good at neither then giving gyan to someone

    1. Everyone has right to express his/her POV regarding in any profession. & he gave his POV. Why u have problem from this? If u doesn’t like his POV, it is correct bt not says bad words on his POV.

  9. Veer is really his fathers’ son, he’s exactly like him. No wonder he despises him.

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