Savitri Devi 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi takes off from hospital for Savitri

Savitri Devi 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri falling down from the stairs as Gayatri gave her high BP dosage. Sanchi and Veer comes there and are shocked. They take her to room. Sanchi checks her. Veer says her reports were normal last time and says how can BP increased suddenly. Dr. Malhotra says because of your wife’s betrayal. Priya comes there. Dr. Malhotra instigates Priya against Sanchi. Priya asks Sanchi why did you lie to Maa. Gayatri says Sanchi will not go to hospital now, will take care of house. Veer doubts Gayatri says tells her that he can sense it is her conspiracy. Gayatri gets tensed. They try to take Savitri to hospital. Savitri gets up and says I will not go to hospital. Gayatri says didi will not go. Savitri says it is of no use and tells Sanchi, you have trapped my son in the net and says let

me clear you one thing and says you can’t play game with me. She says I will stay at home, if you care for me then take care of me sitting at home. Sanchi says its ok, if Maa wants to stay at home and get treatment then I will be home and treat her until she gets fine. Gayatri tells Savitri you did right. Sanchi tells Veer that agreed for Maa. Savitri says if Sanchi stays in hospital then Veer can make his career, and promises Gayatri that Sanchi will not go to hospital again.

Sanchi comes to hospital and tells Jaya and Dr. Kabir that Savitri fell down from stairs and asked her to be at home and take care of her. Jaya says ok and asks her to take care of Savitri well. Dr. Kabir asks how can you give her leave and tells that you are a doctor and needs to be here, what about your patients? He asks her to admit Savitri in hospital. Sanchi says she don’t want to get admit in hospital and tells that she is a bahu also. She says Veer will handle her patients. Jaya asks her to take care of Savitri.

Next morning, Sanchi thinks she forgot that she will not be going to hospital today. Veer says I will make Maa understand. Sanchi says it’s ok, I will take care of Maa. She asks him to call her if needed. Gayatri tells Savitri that Sanchi is even now ruling on him. Veer goes. Savitri asks Sanchi to give her phone. Sanchi says if any emergency comes. Savitri says others will handle and takes her of hospital. Sanchi walks off. Gayatri thinks Savitri will be ruined. Veer is checking the patient. Jaya comes there. Veer asks do you need anything. Jaya says no and then tells I need to ask you something. Veer asks do you want to ask about special person and says Maa is fine and will be very fine in few days. He asks her to go and talk to Savitri. Jaya asks him when Sanchi will return and asks him to keep her informed. Veer says both you and your daughter can’t like. Jaya says thank you dr. Veer.

Sanchi brings food for Savitri and asks her to get up. Savitri gets up and makes the tray fall intentionally, and says her sorry. Sanchi says its ok and tells that she will clean the mess and will also bring breakfast for her. Till she brings breakfast, Gayatri already fed food to Savitri. Savitri asks Sanchi not to feel bad and says Gayatri brought food for her. Sanchi says its ok. Gayatri brings nurse dress and asks her to wear it and take care of Savitri. Sanchi is upset.

A patient asks Veer to do her surgery. Pragya says you are ban from cardiac dept. Veer says Dr. Kabir to give him a chance and asks if he is afraid of him. Dr. Kabir challenges him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Iss show ka naam bahi aur bhenki Shaadi rakni chaye this yaaaak vomit aaarahi hai aur pata nahi Kabir ki demage mein Kya chalrahi rahi hai
    Better if he would leave the show

  2. Normal person

    aa hi gyi apni aukat pe…pta tha yhi hoga…tomchi ko justify krne ke liye ab 1 of Indias best doc newly made doc se haar jayega. Gussa to mujhe khud pe aa rha h…glti se like press kr diya… Aaj ka update to wahiyat h or precap mahawahiyat….

  3. Iss show ka naam sdch nahi bahi behan aur Shaadi rakna that
    And dono vs ab tak Kya Kar rahi hai show mein

  4. Now they will show veer won the challenge. Akhir veer hero hai aur kabir villain. Veer k paas sanchi ka so called true love hai aur sanchi k paas veer ka. The cvs just want to show that if u want to achieve smthng then knowledge and experience is not required at all. Bas apke pas sanveer type ka break up patch up wala pyar hona chahiye tab apko sab kuch asani se mil jata hai. Moral of the story is koi bhi exam pass karna ho ya challenge jeetana ho to sanveer type ka pyar kare aur haan pas main candles ka bundle jaroor rakhe patch karne k bahut kaam ata hai. Just a disgusting show nothing realistic.

    1. Hi riddhi, I just love all your comments. Why don’t you join twitter or instagram and post all these comments on insta. Don’t mind I copy pasted your comments once to RS. I still don’t understand why we are watching this show. Trust me all kabir fans have left watching. This show can only increase kabir fans bp. This show is only about veer and sanchi ?
      Rs doesn’t value vikram. I really want kabir’s character to end . They have to show kabir losing everything to veer. Mark my words, very soon saanchi and jaya will throw kabir out of the hospita because now they have veer nah?

      1. Thanks dear that u like my comments. I won’t mind at all if u copy my comments and send it to rs bcoz i m not at all interested to join insta or twitter for this crap show. I already left watching this show bcoz there is nothing left to watch. I just read wu just to see if there is anything worthwatching. After sanveer marriage i have only watched those scene where savitri slaps sachi. Bada sukun milta hai i just wish ki sd aunty do chaar meri taraf se bhi laga do pls. Here rs has done a blunder by making sanveer that is beyond repair. And to justify sanveer she will ruin kabir’s character completely. But this will not work bcoz to accept a pair the most essential thing is chemestry and chemestry btwn sanveer is a big zero for me. Wo mere liye hamesha bhai behan hi rahenge. Nothing is left in this show. Toatal bakwas.

  5. avinash agarwal


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