Savitri Devi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Veer announces relationship break with Sanchi

Savitri Devi 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer hearing Dr. Kabir confession that he got happy for her belief seeing her vote for him and says you are so special to me. Veer is shocked and goes. Dr. Kabir thinks he is talking to self. Veer takes Sanchi to side. Sanchi thinks if he didn’t write my letter. Veer says I forgot to ask you, for whom you have voted. He asks did you break my trust. Sanchi cries. Veer understands and says I thought you will vote for me, but you betrayed me and asks why? He asks why did you give me a big betrayal. Sanchi says it is enough, leave me. I gave you letter and told truth then why you are reacting. Veer says another lie and says I should have understand that you will not vote for me as you thought I can’t win from Dr. Kabir. He says I am tired of this relationship, and says I need a break. Sanchi asks which relationship, and says they are not in any relationship. Veer says you are right, as only I made the efforts. I told you about my feelings, you didn’t say anything. I thought you will confess love one day and says I am done Sanchi Agarwal. He says whatever is between us, I am taking break.

Marjaayi ya plays as Sanchi gets teary eyes. Dr. Malhotra asks Veer where was he? Veer asks why? Dr. Malhotra asks him to come to temple. Sanket tells Priya that there was a cloth beneath the bench. Priya says Vikrant’s madness and Supriya getting missing. She says if he can kill Ravi for a small thing then he can kill her too. She says such a big secret, he talks to bench while sitting on it. Sanket says he is a devil. Vikrant comes there and claps, holds Priya closer to him and asks what she was planning. Sanket says Priya was planning surprise for your birthday. He asks her to tell what surprise. Priya says he will not forget it. Vikrant hugs her.

Savitri and Dadi are in the car. Driver takes a different route. Dadi asks him to take regular route. Driver stops the car. Savitri says there is no network here. She asks driver what happened. Driver says don’t know. Dadi thinks if Gayatri did something.

Dr. Malhotra and Veer calls Savitri and Dadi, but there is no network. Media comes there. Dr. Malhotra asks Adarsh if he called media. Adarsh says no. Gayatri comes there and insists to sit with Dr. Malhotra for the puja. They sit down. Veer thinks this woman is here, and that’s why my mum is not there. Vaidehi messages Driver. Driver smiles and start the car. Vaidehi and Gayatri smirks.

Sanchi tells her friends that she is not getting full feeling about the break. Pragya says everything will be fine. Isha hopes that the break is not permanent. Sanchi gets tensed.

Savitri is about to slap Gayatri. Gayatri asks her to be in limits and says she is Gayatri Malhotra. Savitri is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Anita

    I swear if they plan to take the sujal kashish piyush plot god knows whats goin to happen next
    pragya was righ tby saying if he doesn’t want to see ur face then what I’m mean seriously what is going on in that sanchis little brain pehle toh raita philaya and know trying to sort out uff iss ladki ka kuch ho sakta
    I feelsorry for kabir now
    hmm so priya is gonna give surprise to vikrant on his birthday Bhai pehle toh you got married to him in the first place nobody forced you lol
    dumb cvs first they should reveal saanchi Aggarwal identity to everyone and then vikrants truth later .

    1. Hey even I loved Kahin toh hoga , really kashish n sujal had a striking chemistry

    2. Anita

      i know
      I want kabir and sanchi together they really suit each other

  2. Plz make pair of kanchi…..I can’t see kabir heartbroken

  3. Today sanveer scenes was superb
    I loved it veer acting
    I want sanveer jodi

  4. Niyaaa

    Best sanveer scene ab tak … Finally veer fed up with sanchi’s so callled honesty nd mahaanta… Pity on kabir… Bechara pehle hi khadus h heartbroken k baad kya hoga… Nd sanchi mahaan devi plzzz baksho dono boys ko… Nd do complete ur father so called dream/maqsad, cvs dont made it kachra alreadyis khichdi.. Wo bhi birbal ki naa ban rahi h na serve ho rahi lol.. Nd trp decresed again due to pair confusion… Ab to bahut khush hoge tum hanii…

  5. VINAL

    But show has lost its track instead of medical drama they are showing stupid tracks
    Just hate cvs now its high time they should reveal who is lead pair

  6. Episode was worst … No kanchi scenes .. They should pair sanchi & kabir , az dy both r made 4 each other . their should b rift btwn sanveer so dt dy can separate . I want kabir n sanchi alliance soon .

  7. Sajnana900

    Yar yesterday’s epi was like hell there is nothing intersting without kanchi scenes
    They should make kanchi unite otherwise the TRP of this show ll start going less and less

    1. RuCh23

      I totally agree with you Sanjana ??? seriously! I don’t understand this stupid Sanchi ??? first she said there’s no relationship between them and in the next moment she is all so sad and frustrated about the break ??? First of all this girl doesn’t have a backbone to face situations. She only knows to hide her identity and keep lying ??? and no matter how much I liked Pragya’s character, she should mind her own business! If she didn’t meddle Veer wouldn’t be this hurt ???. And why the hell they’re making Kabir this much out of character? True I’m very happy to see his scenes but this is just too much! His khadoos personality changed and much he’ll be so hurt when he gotta know the truth! How happy all of us were when this show started! They’re now just dragging this rubbish track! When will they reveal the pair??? ???

    2. Sajnana900

      Haan na yar wahi to
      Seriously yar its 100 epi and till now they didnt revealed the lead pair i mean had ho gyi yar what the hell is this writer is jzt gone mad now
      Kahan se shuru hua or ab dekho thoda bhi tym nhn laga or kabir jhatt main change ho gaya
      And how much he believes sanchi and she again and again breaking his trust

  8. Pls make sanveer as the Lead pair. We all like them. Our full gang like sanveer and there is unknown high voltage chemistry b/w them. Pls dont separate them.

  9. Nautanki ho rha h . plz story aage badhaor

  10. I am not badmouthing about show but I want to say that this show makes a fun of doctors life and medical profession I usually not interested in watching show but after listening concept of show I think that I have to watch show one time but seriously this show is making fun of medical student life

  11. I am just tired of their usual 2 rupee drama….Pehle to sanchi ne raita phelaya & behave like that she is bechari…..Really who had done this. They show just crap …….This is medical drama ……Grow u CVs & take some inspiration from Dil mil gaye . Don’t stretch this love triangle track like chewing gum.Both couples fans are like that Ye ho kya raha hai . At least, unite her with someone …..I prefer kanchi as i am big fan of their chemistry.Priya & Vikrant notanki …….Plzzz stop this .Trps got lower but they don’t have any effect. Aur kuch expect bhi kya kar sakte hai Rashmi sharma ke show se .She is famous for this stretching.I must say afer Ekta mata Rasmi is the one director who stretch every twist for a month….in fact Gul is also come in this list. About Villians….Meri toh bolti band kar di…..Dimag ki dahi kar rakhi hai yaar……How much negativity……

  12. Niyaaa

    Yaa niyu iss show ko best villain creatives ka award dena chahiye nd plus me bonus k liye more confusing show ever ka khitab bhi de do… Ye wahi wali baat hui solution kuch mila nahi solution jab mila to question kya tha pta nahi.. Nd this time sanchi se jyada pragya had kar rahi h mind ur business stop it doing chamchi giri

    1. Ya, right didu….it’s one of my favourite show but cvs ruined this & it is unacceptable now. Do u saw today episode or read written updates…..Today episode in nothing to watch…..Trps get lower & vierwers too .Today episode is bakwass even bakwass is more interesting than this.

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