Savitri Devi 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir blackmails Sanchi to rusticate Isha and Pragya

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Savitri Devi 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Isha telling Sanchi that she is taking half day off and going home as Papa is unwell. Sanchi says you can’t go and tells that rules are same for everyone, I can’t be biased. Pragya asks Isha what did she say? Isha says she refused. Pragya asks her to go and says I will do your patient’s surgery. Isha goes. Priya goes to SDCH washroom. Nurse comes and changes her medicine on Dr. Kabir’s orders. Priya comes out, takes her bag and leaves. Veer checks patient. Nurse asks him to attend call. Veer attends call. Savitri asks him to come home with Sanchi and says something happened to Priya. Veer comes home with Sanchi and checks Priya. He asks what did you have? He says it is allergy. Priya says she had medicine given by Sanchi. Sanchi checks the medicine and thinks Dr. Kabir changed it. Veer asks what did you give to Priya? Gayatri asks what we will tell to Vikrant. Savitri asks her to tell what happened to Priya. Sanchi says may be I gave wrong medicine to her. Gayatri says see…Savitri is shocked. Veer asks how can you do mistake? Sanchi says but it happened, and says Priya di shouldn’t have come to me. Gayatri says oh god, and says what kind of woman you are? You shall repent. Sanchi says what shall I do, shall I cry and says Priya is just allergic, she didn’t die. Veer says Sanchi and gets angry. Savitri and Priya are hurt.

He asks her not to tell again about her sister. He says I love my sister equally to you and I know you will not tell this, and says you are stressed and that doesn’t mean you will take out your frustration on house or its people. Sanchi turns to go and cries. Veer says I am not yet done. Sanchi says even my work is not over. She asks him to leave her hand and says I need to go to hospital. She goes. Veer apologizes to Priya on Sanchi’s behalf. Priya says its ok Veer. I can understand. Savitri says whatever Sanchi did today was wrong, let her come home, I will talk to her. Veer says don’t take tension, I will talk to her and send medicine to Priya. Gayatri thinks it is her good deeds that is paying off and thinks Sanchi is getting enmity with everyone one by one.

Sanchi cries thinking about her words. Dr. Kabir comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Sanchi asks him to move away and asks why did you do this with Priya. Dr. Kabir says I am a qualified surgeon and was helping you. Sanchi says Priya respects you a lot. Dr. Kabir now they hate you and asks her to understand that he is doing this for her betterment. Sanchi says I don’t want your betterment. Dr. Kabir says you have no option, as everyone loves you a lot and I love you more than anyone else. He asks her to be strong and blackmails her taking Sunny’s name. Sanchi thanks him for the advice and asks him to get out. He leaves. Sanchi cries.

Sanchi thinks Dr. Kabir is right, I have to become strong. She wipes her tears. Isha talks to her father and says she will try to come. Pragya asks Isha why didn’t you go? Isha says I was going, but emergency surgery came. She tells that Papa called and said that he is unwell. Pragya says she will do her surgery and asks her to go. Isha goes. Dr. Kabir hears them and smirks, thinks your friendship will break now. He calls Sanchi to her cabin and says a doctor has broken a major rule and you don’t have any option than to rusticate her. Sanchi sees Isha’s name and gets shocked. Dr. Kabir asks why are you so shocked? Sanchi says Isha is my best friend and is among the best doctor. She says how can I rusticate her. She says I have already ruined many doctors’ lives and says she will bring all doctors back. She says sorry. Dr. Kabir says I don’t want your sorry and asks her to do as he is saying and shows Sunnys video in which he is giving statement to police. Sanchi rushes there. Inspector asks Sunny to tell him what happened that night. He says I want to know from the start. Sanchi comes there and nods no to Sunny. Dr. Kabir smirks and tells Inspector that he needs to check Sunny. He checks his BP and tells Inspector that Sunny is not in a position to give statement as of now. Jaya gets thankful to Dr. Kabir. She asks Sunny why he gets tensed seeing Police. Sunny says you know that I get scared seeing Police. Sanchi looks at Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir takes her to side and asks her to agree to his all sayings without argument, else he will call Police.

Isha says Sorry to Sanchi. Sanchi gives red and yellow card to Isha and Pragya and asks them to decide. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chepadi sachi ko baki Dr,s ki aur apne fried life ruin ki iss baat ka dukh hai par false blame lagake Dr kabir ki jindgi ruin ki uska kya ??? Aur priya ko small allergie hui hai mari nahi sahi kaha chepdi ne . Abtak vikrant ne kya kya kiya uske sath animal ki tarah rakha .phasi pe latkaya itna bardashte kiya small allergie bhi kar legi .cheadi dusaroko (kabir ko .yahatak apni maa ke against jake )dukh dekar apni khushiya pane chali thi .she deserves all this thing . Iss se bhi bura deserve karti hai

  2. Please make in such a way that someone helps Sanchi , she is suffering a lot. It is very difficult to behave in such a rude manner to anyone who they love a lot.

  3. It’s soo bad ek Di life save karn vaaste enne janiyan Di jaan koi kivei Dav te laa sakde haan eh sanchi da negative role vakha rhe hai

  4. Its just the beginning she has to suffer alot. As Malohtra said once “waqt ki fitrat bahut buri hoti hai ek bar palati jaroor hai” its just the beginning of sanchi’s bad time more worse has to come yet. The day when malohtra will snatch his hospital from sanchi and her license will be cancelled that will be the most worst thing with that chipadi.

  5. I am waiting for Gayatri told Vikrant that Sachi give wrong medicine to priya .????bas maza aayega Kabir ke sath sath ye Vikrant bhi iss chipdi gadhi selfish Sachi ke peeche pad jaye . ??? phir iss ki halat aur worst kar de dono .

  6. Hii guys the I am not getting like option in any of the fanfiction after tu has been revamped is it me who is getting the problem or someone like me

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      Hi Even i m getting problem i wrote my ff but i was not able to see the ikes and dislikes even my ff readers r getting problem for this!!Should we report about this to the TU sevicers??

  7. Hii after commenting on this page I don’t know but the like dislike option suddenly came so I don’t think there is any need to report but still I am having one problem I am unable to get 1st page.of savitri Devi it either starts from 2nd page or it shows only written updates and not fanfiction

  8. Varunfan

    What about telling Vikrant that Kabir gave Priya wrong medicine????

    How about Vikrant vs Kabir ????

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