Savitri Devi 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer inches closer to end Nayantara

Savitri Devi 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The ¬Episode starts with Veer and Sanchi are still in the jungle. He tells Sanchi to see the way. They start walking. Savitri and Ria place Ganapati Bappa in the inhouse temple. Gayatri comes. Savitri says where were you? Gayatri says Didi..I. Savitri says no problem, you came on time and prays to God to protect their family. She appreciates Ria for making beautiful and ecofriendly idol. Dr. Kabir comes and says clay’s ganesh ji. He says it must be Sanchi’s idea as she does such unique work. He then realizes and stays quiet. Ria gets upset and goes to her room. Dr. Kabir comes to her and says I…Ria says it must be Sanchi’s idea and asks him to go. Dr. Kabir shows I am sorry written on card board. Ria says I am sorry. Dr. kabir holds her hand and asks if she is still angry with him. She

says no. Gayatri gets upset seeing Dr. Kabir and Ria hugging each other. She thinks he is hurting my daughter even though he is tied with Sanchi. She thinks how to remove this thorn from Ria’s life.

Veer and Sanchi search for the clue. Sanchi reads the riddle. Veer says all trees here have big branches. Sanchi reads the next part of riddle. They see a tree having wide branches with red flowers on it. She says it is a unique sight. They go there. Sanchi says this is our aim, and tells that the flower is sparkling and baba must have talked about this flower juice. Veer says may be it will vanish before sunset. I will try to pluck it. He falls down the tree and tells Sanchi that it is very difficult to reach the flower, the tree is very slippery. Nayantara says it is not easy to pluck it and it will be sunset till you manage and then the flower will dry up. Sanchi says we have to pluck the flower and make diya before Ganapati Visarjan, so that we can capture Nayantara. Veer lifts her and asks her to pluck the flower. Nayantara says you are very stubborn and reads some mantras, and makes Sanchi and Veer fall on the ground. A heavy wind is blown. Meanwhile Sanchi smiles seeing flower in her hand. Veer says lets squeeze its juice and make diya. Nayantara uses her evil magic and holds Veer and Sanchi by the tree roots. Veer says we are dragging far from each other. Sanchi tells him that the flower slipped from her hand due to heavy wind. Nayantara says your all family will die, and you can’t search the flower now.

Pandit ji comes to Dr. Malhotra’s house and asks Savitri why she did the puja for less time. Savitri tells about the troubles in her house and tells that’s why they kept the puja today. She tells Pandit ji that she wants Ria and Kabir to do the puja. They do the aarti followed by Savitri, and Dr. Malhotra. He prays to God and asks him to give strength to Sanchi and Veer, so that they can defeat evil Nayantara and save all family. Sanchi and Veer are still tied up by the tree roots. Veer manages to cut the tree roots and frees himself and Sanchi. Gayatri also does aarti. Dr. Kabir and Ria do aarti again. Pandit ji asks Dr. Malhotra to lift Ganapati Bappa and take for immersion. Veer sees a flower on ground and picks it. Sanchi asks why did you lift it. Veer says may be it will be of some use.

Veer and Sanchi are still in the jungle and searching for flower. He asks her not to leave his hand in any circumstances, and tells that sunset is going to happen, we need to search the flower. Nayantara smiles. Gayatri thinks I got the property, but I lost my daughter to the man whom I hate the most. Nayantara thinks after Ganapati visarjan, your all family will die. Sanchi sees a small temple and prays along with Veer, requesting Mata Rani to show them way. Suddenly a heavy wind is blown. They see sparkling flower and pick it. Nayantara gets upset. Sanchi thanks Mata Rani. Veer also folds his hand. They leave. Nayantara says you got flower, but didn’t win. I won’t let you win.

Sanchi and Veer come home and asks Nayantara where is their family. Nayantara asks for the flower else forget the family. Dr. Kabir attacks Veer. Veer asks what are you doing? Nayantara asks him not to leave Veer. Dr. Kabir throws heavy vase on Veer. Sanchi shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This was supposed to be the last episode ???

    1. No today is last episode

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