Savitri Devi 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir targets on Sanchi’s all relations

Savitri Devi 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer asking Sanchi to tell him what happened and says may be I can help you. Sanchi says there is no matter and I don’t want to talk about Dr. Kabir. Veer says shall I relax you before you go to sleep. Sanchi says no. Veer says we will watch your favorite animated movie. They play it and he sleeps while watching it and resting on her lap. Sanchi gets Dr. Kabir’s message and he asks her to come and meet him outside. Sanchi messages him that she can’t come, but he forces her to meet him. Sanchi makes Veer rest and go outside. She asks Dr. Kabir what did he do? She says she is married and can’t fulfill his illegal demands. Dr. Kabir says this will not happen again and tells that he wanted to kill that man, but. Veer wakes up hearing the animated movie sound. He looks for Sanchi and asks Servant. He sees door open and thinks to close it. Sanchi says I am not interested in your sorry and asks him to let her go. Veer comes near the door and just then Sanchi comes inside. He asks what you are doing here. Sanchi says she went out to attend important call.

Gayatri shows her jewellery to jeweler and comes to know that it is fake. She checks Dr. Malhotra’s watch and thinks it is fake. She checks painting and thinks even this is fake. Savitri comes and asks what happened? Gayatri tells that all her jewellery, watch and painting is replaced by artificial things. She blames Sanchi, but Savitri shows trust on Sanchi and says she has no interest in jewellery. She says if Veer comes to know about it then what he will think and asks her not to tell this again. Gayatri thinks she will catch the real thief.

Dr. Kabir calls all staff members and tells that their hospital name shall be changed after the merger. He says he has thought enough and now he will keep the name on the person who had started this hospital and I am his fan and want to become like him. Dr. Malhotra gets happy thinking he will take his name. Dr. Kabir takes Dr. Sunil Mishra’s name. Sanchi thinks it is his cheap conspiracy. Jaya thanks Dr. Kabir, but Sanchi tells that this hospital name will not be changed. Jaya asks what are you saying, this is your Papa’s right. Sanchi says Savitri Devi College and Hospital is a brand and if we change the hospital name suddenly then it will affect our business. She calls off the meeting and asks everyone to go back to work. Jaya gets hurt. Dr. Kabir smirks and leaves. Jaya asks Sanchi why did you do this? Sanchi says we can’t afford to change the name now. Jaya says do whatever you want, as you are Dean now. She says your name is so big now that you don’t value your father’s name. She goes. Dr. Kabir is hiding and smirks listening to their conversation. Sanchi comes to Dr. Kabir and asks how dare you to use my Papa’s name in your cheap conspiracy. She says my papa deserves this name, and it will happen with right person’s hand. She says you have been successful to break my relation with my mother. Dr. Kabir thinks your all relations will break and you will be left with me.

Priya comes to the hospital and tells that she wants to meet Sanchi. Sanchi comes there and asks her to come. She checks her and says you are fine. She gives her medicine. Dr. Kabir is hiding and eyes her.

Veer makes Lavender and Kapur’s oil and tells that he will give her head massage to relax Sanchi. Pragya appreciates his thoughts and says where do such men are seen. Veer promotes new show Roop. Pragya says she will watch that show. Isha tells Sanchi that Papa is unwell and she wants to go home with half day leave. Sanchi says she can’t give her leave and can’t be biased. Isha is shocked.

Priya gets allergy with the medicine which Sanchi gave. Sanchi says she is just allergic and haven’t died. Veer shouts Sanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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