Savitri Devi 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Savitri join hands to stop Dr. Kabir and Sanchi’s marriage

Savitri Devi 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Malhotra telling Savitra that Veer can’t stay without Sanchi and asks her to stop Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s wedding. Savitri says she won’t let anything happen to Veer. She comes to Jaya and tells that she has sworn not to talk to her friend again, but she is helpless today. She asks her to stop Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s marriage and save Veer. Jaya tells her that Veer is her son also and tells that we both will fight for his true love to stop this wedding. Sanchi is ready for her mehendi. Guest asks about Sanchi’s mother. Kusum says she is out of town. Jaya comes there and says I am here only. Kusum gets happy and asks her to come and do the rasam. Jaya says I didn’t come to do the rasam, but to stop the marriage. Savitri comes there and says this rasam will not happen. Jaya tells Sanchi that you couldn’t handle old relations so how you will handle new one. She says it is not a game that you change the doll/groom. She tells that he was proud and believed that Sanchi can’t be wrong, but today you broke my trust and belief. She says I am sure that all these rasams and your relations with Dr. Kabir is all lies and asks her to come to Veer, your true love and says for whom you have broken relationship with me. She asks her to come. Sanchi says it was my life’s biggest mistake. Savitri says you are saying that your relationship with Veer was wrong. Sanchi says yes and calls her aunty ji. Jaya says I was wrong then and you are wrong now.

Jaya tells Dr. Kabir that Sanchi has gone mad and says you are a matured guy, how can you think that you will build your Palace on someone’s Sorrows. She says Sanchi is Veer’s wife. Dr. Kabir says they are divorced now. Jaya says marriage can’t be broken on papers and says it is souls relation which can’t be broken. Savitri folds her hand and asks her to save Veer’s life. She says if you don’t return to him then he will die. She cries and pleads in front of her to save Veer. Sanchi says aunty please, I will not change my decision. She asks her to either bless her or leave. Dr. Kabir smirks. Jaya asks Savitri to come and says she is ruining her life. They leave. Sanchi runs to her room and cries. She says sorry, please forgive me Maa. Savitri comes home. Dr. Malhotra asks what happened? Savitri says Sanchi don’t want to agree to anyone’s saying. Dr. Malhotra thinks how he shall stop the wedding. Dr. Kabir comes to Sanchi and takes her outside. He asks Mehendi girl to write Kabir on her name. Mehendi designer writes Kabir on her hand. Sanchi goes to the washroom and washes her hand. She goes to washroom and washes her hand to clean Dr. Kabir’s name mehendi from her hand. She comes back. Dr. Kabir checks her hand and asks why did she wash her hand? She says she can marry him forcibly, but will not let his name be on her heart and hand.

Dr. Kabir is about to apply haldi to Sanchi’s face, but Veer comes there playing dhol and applies haldi to sanchi’s face. She challenges Dr. Kabir to take his Sanchi from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Baar baar kui veer bech mein talk jate

  2. Anu88

    This time also we Kanchi fan get heart broken………….

  3. Amnesia ki shikar sanchi ko koi yaad dilao ki jab veer see shadi ki thi tab bhi usake hath pe Kabir k naam ki hi mehandi lagi thi.

  4. Nothing to worry
    Kanchi get married

    1. No dear its wrong. Kanchi marriage is fake

    2. But the segment did show that Kanchi get married and they sleep in Veer ans Sanchi’s room with curtains in between it was posted yesterday on Youtube from Telly Masala in which Varun himself spoke about it and told that kanchi did get married and veer was forced to leave his room

  5. Veer beech main aayega but kanchi ki shadi hogi and if trp will increase they will go on with kanchi and praveer Jodi by showing love hate relationship of kanchi and slowly blossoming love story of praveer. What I feel everything became good in sanveer life and also Kabir’s character can’t be run as negative for so long. So kanchi and praveer love story will freshen up the story. Or if nothing will work they will again start break up patchup drama and the show will end.

  6. 23SAMAIRA0906

    Dont worry guys Kabir and Sanchi r married and their marriage and first night after marriage is also shooted…but u know while reading this update i was laughing so damn heard especially a line is their which my eyes …u know which one…..the line where THE GREAT SANCHI’S MOTHER JAYA MISHRA said ” U CAN’T MAKE UR PALACE IN SOMEONE’S SORROW” OR in short she meant THEY CAN’T BE HAPPY BY MAKING VEER SUFFER…AND THEIR HAPPINESS WON’T LAST LONG….Like seriously man …grow up..even SANCHI and VEER tried to do the same…by making KABIR SUFFR they both tried to built their PALACE OF HAPPINESS..but our respectable elder THE JAYA MISHRA said na U CAN’T LIVE HAPPILY…THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM………btw guys didn’t u find a thing very interesting Our Veer is the most talented guy …he knows how to impress a girl…he knows how to follow her …he is a talented doctor …he knows how humilate a girl ..he knows to do break up and how to do patch up again in a few minutes…he knows to break a marriage..and most importantly i think he also work in BAND PARTY..thats why all the time he comes with his Dhol…But i really feel sorry for him ..he is just suffeting today for no reason only for that Great Sacrificing ki Mata Sanchi… really cherish the initial episodes where he was a prankster….and what to say about Sanchi ..Huh!!!?? She is great only for her sacrifices Veer is suffering…today only for Sanchi , Jaya.. Savitri ..Veer ..Kabir …Isha..r suffering and Kabir has also not least suffered …he has suffered the most….I m saying na The most suffered character…

    1. No its fake marriage. Sabir not married

    2. If it’s fake it means Kabir is doing all this for a reason and I must say all kanchi fans should watch the show till they are showing kanchi together and as we all know that it’s fake we’ll be mentally prepared this time that again sanveer will reunite and I think after that all the kanchians will leave this show completely bcoz at least I m not at all what interested in sanveer saccha pyaar drama. And after watching yesterday episode if u people have noticed Kabir’s expression when Jaya was preaching him it was like he knows that he’s doing wrong and I feel once again he himself go away from sanchi’s life. And I am surprised how these people are they all are not thinking that whatever is veer facing same situation was with Kabir even these dumb people done so much wrong with him and no is still realizing it. Seriously I want both veer and kick her off from their lives. This lady sanchi is soooo self centered she only knows how to hurt people and blame others that they r Wong.

    3. 23SAMAIRA0906

      @crapshow Sorry dear but its the truth the shooting had also be done.. And Sanchi is already MRS. SANCHI KABIR KAPOOR .the shooting had been done

    4. So true Samaira. I did laugh on the line when while the show was in kabir brings sanchi back from the room after jaya and savitri scene at time he told the mehendi artist”DIDI” cant even imagine how it feels when such a handsome man calls you a DIDI.

    5. ????? DiDi and that mehandi artist was looking younger than sanchi.

  7. ???? absolutely and one thing is clear veer accha doctor bane na bane best dhol Wala hai. U r right samaira the most suffered character is Kabir but here every one cares for veer’s suffering but no one ever care for Kabir’s feeling. Actually jab veer hurt hota hai to ro ro k ganga jamuna baha details hai and Kabir ko kisi k aage rone ki adat nahi. I was laughing by thinking that veer is heartbroken and he has so many people to support even sanchi is concern for him but here no one has given a single thought that when Kabir broke down he neither showed his tears to any one and didn’t ask anyone to come and hold him he stood by himself. No matter if cvs r showing Kabir as villain for me he is the real hero with backbone. I ‘ll definitely watch till focus is on Kabir. Now a days he is slaying. so

  8. yes Riddhi and sammaira you both are right veer ke support ke liye toh itne saare log hain yahan but jab kabir pe beeti toh us ke saath koi nahii tha. Kabir ne khud ko khud sambhala tha. lekin akhir ek insaan kitna bradasht kar sakta hai. akhir woh bhi insaan hai uss ka bhi temper loose hosakta hai. aur kabir ka yeh sab karna koi badi baat nahii koi bhi normal insaan toh yahi karega. jo kabir ne kiya. kiya yaad nahii saanchi ko paane ke liye veer ne kiya kiya harketein kii thi? huhh lekin yeh joh mahaan saanchi devi hain na in ko toh veer se pyar tha na isi liye uss ki harkain sahii lag rahii thii right?? aur joh ke Stupid FL saanchi maata kabir se pyar nahii karti toh yeh sab galtttt haiii..hmm?? kuch galat nahii hai… kabir you did right. aur main jantii hun tum kabhi galat nahi hosaktey. as samaira said even my focus will only on my fav Vikram aka Dr. Kabir Kapoor. I don’t care what Cvs want to show us. lekin ager Kaanchi kii vaja se TRP main increasement aayi toh yeh show kaanchi ke saath hi end hoga. and guys yeh toh hona hi tha. I was knew it from beginning ager sanveer ki vaje se TRP decrease hui toh yeh RS kaanchi ko ek mauqa toh zaroor degii and see…. chalo Kabirians and kaanchians if you are reading this comment then I want to tell you that guys if you want kaanchi permanently then plz do watch the show not for any other reason just for our fav Vikram aka kabir and for make kaanchi permanent jodi of the show. It’s a humble request guys. If you are obsessed for your sabir/kaanchi then it is a good chance to show them that our kaanchi is best jodi and trp’s not decreased because of kaanchi engagement earlier btw everyone knows that sanveer will going to happen that’s y kaanchi and kabir fans left the show.

    1. So true Mamda
      all the kanchi fans or not if kanchi all the VS fans should watch the show for him atleast so that the show ends with the kabir and saanchi as a pair

  9. Veer ko dhol bajane k ilawa or kuch aata bhi h jab dekho dhol k saath aa jaata h acha hota doctor ki jagah dhol wala ban jaata?? and mahaan Sanchi mata ko to sirf apne Veer ka dard dikhta h Sanchi to bare asulon wali h na to ek murderer ka saath dena aata h usko tab to apne usul yaad nh aate usko jab Ayesha ko injection di thi jo illegal tha tab kahan gye the uske usul or bolti h vo apne haath par Kabir k naam ki mehndi nh lagwae gi first time bhi to Kabir k naam ki hi mehndi thi na uske haath par tab kyu usne nh bola ye sab Veer hurt hua h ye usko dikh rha h Kabir kitna hurt tha ye usko nh dikhta are han Veer rondu jo h jab dekho rota h or pita h or kuch to aata nh usko or mahaan Sanchi usne aaj tak ek bhi kaam Isha Pragya ki madad k bina Kiya h admission se le kr apni shaadi tak sab kuch to Isha Pragya ne hi kiya h or Kabir ne uske liye kitna kuch Kiya h but nh usko to sirf apna so called true love Veer dikhta h Veer k liye apni maa ko bhi bhul gyi huh? or Kabir I have a strong feeling that he is doing all this with a purpose he knows what he is doing and that didi?? us bechari ne to Sanchi ko apni imagination m hi maar diya hoga?? kisi aunty ko bhi acha nh lage ga agar Kabir unhein aunty bole ga or ye?? but lets get back to the point I am always with Kabir whether he is in negative or positive I’ll always feel pity on him even if he will kill Veer being a girl I know whatever he is doing is wrong but har baar compulsory nh k larke hi galat hon so I am with him and whatever he is doing is right Sanchi deserves all this Sanchi is a selfish and cheap woman she always used Kabir and used him as a tissue paper and mostly like a toy cheap fool girl go to hell Sanchi she can’t see how much Kabir suffered but she can just see Veer is suffering now to ja k bolo apne Veer rondu bache ko k alcohol consume na kre bache alcohol nh pite vo bornvita pite hein?? bornvita piye ja k rondu Kahin ka

    1. Ha ha ha Rondu veer?? really he needs bornvita not saanchi at all. bechara bachha kis ne bacche ke haath main alcohal de diya hai? khair mujhy kiya padi hai savitri ko Chinta honii chahiye apne rondu baby veer kii.??

  10. hold on guys.. what problem do you have with Veer.. makers know what they are making and scripting. if you have so many opinions then why you dont become one of the writers.

    1. Haha Jiji we r already writers…the way we want SDCH to be we write the story in that way…so better dont say that because only for the viewers the show is going on so we have full write to speak about it and also its a platform where we discuss about the serial so we can give our opinion…and according to me the writers of our Telly Update r far better than the CVs. Ateast we have some logic and link with the past story……

  11. Why should we stop everyone has right to keep their opinion aur waise tum log bhi doodh k dhule nahi ho Jo tum Sab Kabir ko bolte Ho we also know. U have right to give your opinion and we have right to put our opinion. We also know. What makers are doing.

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