Savitri Devi 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer leaves his profession due to Sanchi’s betrayal

Savitri Devi 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir burning the saree gifted by Veer to Sanchi. Dr. Malhotra asks Savitri to do something and stop Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s marriage. He asks her to shake hands with Jaya to stop her marriage. He says he can’t see Veer’s condition. Savitri says she will not stop Sanchi’s wedding and tells that she will handle her son. Dr. Malhotra says what to do now. Pragya asks Veer to handle his patients so that he can divert his mind. They hear staff members congratulating Sanchi and Dr. kabir. Dr. Kabir thanks them. Pragya asks Veer to ignore them. Jaya looks on shocked. Dr. Kabir invites her for premarriage party. Jaya slaps Sanchi and says you made me proud many times, but today you have lowered my head. She says you have blackened Mishra family name which can’t be ruined. Dr. Kabir tries to say something. Sanchi stops him and says she is my mother and has full right to say this. She says she is doing this for everyone betterment. Jaya says I am ashamed to be your mother. Nurse comes and says Dr. Malhotra called them for board meeting. Dr. Malhotra tells the board members that Sanchi and Dr. Kabir are having a contract marriage and tells that Dr. Kabir 51 percent and Sanchi’s 25 percent will become 76 percent. They will have almost full control on the hospital and says they shall not marry this marriage of convenience.

Board member says if they are doing this then we can take action, but we don’t have any concrete proof. Dr. Kabir tells that exactly and says they are marrying as they love each other. He tells Dr. Malhotra that he doesn’t have any proofs and if he give any proof even on his marriage day then he will accept any punishment.

Veer tries to get injection liquid in the syringe and falls down. Jaya asks what happened to him? Patient says he is drunk and asks how can he handle a patient. Dr. Kabir tells Dr. Malhotra to see his drunk son and says he don’t deserve to be called a doctor, and asks Sanchi to take strict action against him. Veer says you don’t need to do or say anything. He removes his hospital ID card and gives in her hand. He removes his stethoscope and says I am leaving all this and leaving from here. He says I don’t want anything now. Jaya says you don’t know to do this. Pragya asks him to take leave and rest at home. Veer says my life is shattered and says he got involved in this profession because of a reason which ended.

Jaya tries to stop him. Savitri worries about Veer and calls Pragya. She tells that Veer didn’t come home. Veer is sitting with the beggars on the road and tells that his wife left him and now he lost his job also. He laughs and cries. Beggars/poor people looks on. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir are going home and see Veer with them. Sanchi asks to stop the car. Dr. Kabir holds her hand and says you will not go anywhere. Veer drinks and gives them drink. Pragya is searching him using his mobile location Police comes there and ask the poor people to leave. He asks Veer to go and is about to beat him, but Savitri comes there and tells that he is her son. Dr. Kabir tells sanchi that she wouldn’t have seen this day if she had married him before. She says trust me, you are responsible for his condition.

Precap: Sanchi gets ready for the marriage rituals. Guest ask about Jaya. Kusum says she is out of town. Jaya comes and says I am here. Kusum asks her to apply mehendi. Jaya tells her that she came to stop the marriage. Sanchi looks shocked. Savitri comes there and says she wants to stop the marriage. Dr. Kabir looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plzz let kanchi get married
    With this there will be more people watching the show
    I hope that jaya and savitri don’t stop the getting married
    ALL the kanchians are waiting to see them together
    The CVS has seen that after sanveer marriage the trp had decreased very much
    This time they should understand that the viewers want to see kanchi together

    1. Kanchi ki shadi ho gayi hai .relaxed. but i dont think its go long way only few days or one two month again kabir sachi divorce and sanveer reunite

  2. Trp drop because of ipl not sanveer jodi

    1. Lokesh

      Ipl 7: 30 pm se start hota hai, and sdch on 6:30, only on weekend it started at 4 trp decrease only and only as we stopped watching this crap.

  3. Let’s watch it. Otherwise we have the one option always open. If kanchi will be married there will be lots of tushion that will make the story interesting. If cvs will again start that saccha pyar drama I swear I’ll stop watching this show completely. I want something fresh and a story involving all the characters not that breakup patchup drama again.

  4. We SanVeer fans cannot see Veer in such a position. SanVeer are made for each other and kabir cannot be happy if he marries Sanchi as she does not love him and this will not be called as love as kabir is forcing Sanchi and making her sad. And pleaseeeeeeeeee don’t separate SanVeer.

    1. Dumas001

      Agree the guy burnt her sari because Veer blood was on it he said he will burn and destroy everything that has Veer name on it and he ecstatic watching Veer and Sacchi pain from day one he always blackmailed to get her to his is sad to see the Cv are sitting this crap

  5. Don’t worry every one the sicko kabir got married with sacchi and they spent a their wedding night in the room she shared with Veer.I wonder how many of you lovely ladies would be happy with a physco like Kabir now that he gotten the girl by force how far will her to go make her his will rape also be part of it .It so sad to see so many women want a girl to marry a man who does not love her but wants to possess her not caring that she had a husband and she and he loved each other.He reveled in destroying their marriage and yet his mother supported .

    1. Dear your research is half .If you saw segments or show carefully .Then you get to know sachi put condition don’t touch her or not physical relationship between them and best kabir agree her condition so please ye rape wali ghatiya baat apne tak hi rakho .watch new segment carefully. Both sleep on bed and in between there is curtain. Husband wife hoke bhi ek room me rahna without physical relationship is more difficult .but he agree so kabir not possess her .ya he blackmailing or forced to marry its true but that have some reason. If you watch show from starting then you know what a kabir character was last one year .he is not negetive from starting ab hua vo bhi uss sachi ki bevkoofi ki vajahse

    2. Dumas001

      I saw the segment after but what to say what will happen later the Cv butchered Kabir character what’s to say how far they go you the cv love to trend other shows .

    3. My dear aaj veer pe beeti to u r saying Kabir psycho and asking us how can we support Kabir? Kabir heart was also broken and ur favorite sanveer thrown him out of hospital for the crime that he has never committee where were your sentiment then. You were happy that veer got saved but have you ever thought that the b*t*h sanchi saved her husband but punished a person who was not guilty. So kehte Hain na Jo boys waho katana padega. I really sympathize with veer but not at all for sanchi. And don’t worry after some time you will get your sanveer back.

  6. Dumas001

    Who is shocking to see you ladies would choose a disgusting cheap man like Kabir over some like Veer who loves Saachi Kabir loves Sacchi so much he threw Veer out of his and loser Sachi room so he can have the wedding night there it disgusting he does not love Sacchi he just does not like to lose and he is possessive of her will his possissveness make him force himself on Saachi since she is to dumb and Did not trust her husband or her mother instead she gave up and made an innocent pay for her brothers crime

    1. No one supporting kabir wrong did here .But ya sachi deserve all this . She is selfish worst cheap girl ??who use kabir for fullfil her wish or whenever she need .?????? you agree or not your wish .sympathy for veer here . But not for sachi

    2. Dumas001

      I totally agree Sacchi is an idiot she uses everyone and never had a backbone to stand up when needed i love Veer seeing him break was heartbreaking and she keeps clenching her fist and crying yet she won’t open her mouth and tell the truth.

  7. Are sanveer ko separate nahi karenge to inaki story age kaise badhegi.cvs ko iss show me breakup patchup drama k alawa story k naam pe kuch nahi aata.BTW logon kA Kabir ne sanveer ko separate Kiya ye dikhai de raha hai but usaki wajah see apane fayade k liye hi sahi but malohtra and Gayatri dono sanveer ko sath Lana chahte Hain ye nahi dikh rah. Savitri and Jaya will shake hands for their children ye nahi dikh raha. Kabir is uniting them and those who wanted to separate sanveer now all r standing in favor of them. Sabko sirf negative point hi dikh raha hai positive nahi. If u r talking abt veer may be Kabir is doing all this to make him a strong person who has his own identity and is not only a little bit very sick puppy but an independent and best doctor who can do much better after coming out of the shadow of his wife. I still feel Kabir is doing all this just for a reason bcoz this is the man who one’s said as I understand the meaning of true love it’s SACRIFICE.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Oh NO Riddhi I know our Kabir is like you guessed only but I don’t want him to be that mahan he has to now do something for himself too.Bohot karliya samajsewa ab khudsewa bhi karle. Anyway Sanchi and Kabir were getting married earlier too and so this time it should not have been an issue.But agar shaadi hoti hai toh pyaar bhi hojayega baad mein.

    2. No dear I want Kabir to be shown as mahan so that by seeing his greatness that sanchi devi should fall in love with him and when she herself want to live with him I want Kabir to say SORRY MISS SANCHI YOU R NOT WORTH FOR ME AND DON’T DESERVE MY LOVE.?

  8. Guys pata nahi kiyun mujhy bhi aisa lag raha hai ke kabir yeh jan bujh kar raha hai iss ke peecche koi badii vaja hogi…. may be sanveer ke hi bhale ke liye. but I don’t want this. ager shaadi karwarahe hain toh in ke pyar bhi hona hi chahiye. I LOVE my sabir/Kaanchi and more over Kabir.

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