Savitri Devi 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya decides to let Pragya write the exam instead of Sanchi

Savitri Devi 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya asking Vikrant where did he hide the old painting and when did he buy the new one. Vikrant tells her that he had kept the layer on the painting so that they don’t identify it. He asks her to thank him. Priya thanks him. Sanchi and Veer come back home. Savitri says you came at right time. Sanchi says I have promised not to let you down. Savitri says I have brought gift for you. Sanchi says for me. Savitri asks her not to be surprised and says she brought it for Priya and that’s why she brought for her also. She gives gift to Sanchi. Gayatri says it is a rasam that husbands make wives wear necklace and shows Dr. Malhotra and Savitri’s pic. Savitri asks Vikrant to make Priya wear it. Vikrant makes her wear it and says you are looking more beautiful. Gayatri says now it is Veer and Sanchi’s turn. Savitri asks Veer what is he thinking and asks him to make Sanchi wear the necklace. Veer says what? I will not do this childish ritual and says he will make Sanchi wear necklace in his style. He switches off lights and stands behind Sanchi afar. They see reflection and thinks Veer made her wear necklace. He switches on lights.

Gayatri is shocked and tells Savitri that Veer didn’t make Sanchi wear necklace and he lied about the meeting. She makes Sanchi stand beside Veer closely. Alarm rings. Savitri asks what is the alarm sound and asks about the band. Gayatri tells her that Jaya tied belt to him so that they don’t come closer during her exam. She says Jaya wants to stop Veer from getting closer to Sanchi and give them tracker. Veer laughs aloud and tells that it is health band given to them by the pharmaceutical company. He asks Gayatri to use her mind in good means and asks Sanchi to come. They go to room together. Savitri asks Gayatri not to double unnecessarily.

Veer tells Sanchi that they are saved from one problem. Sanchi says I am very tensed as alarm rang. Veer says I will talk to her. Sanchi says we have to be careful. Veer says she will not be silent. Gayatri tells Savitri that Jaya gave tracker to them and says she will prove the truth tonight. Veer measures the distance between them and sets his bed near her bed. Sanchi is about to get up. Veer says I have set my bed with the calculation and says I want to hug you. Sanchi says we can’t take risk. Veer says I know and says good night. He gives her fly kiss. Sanchi catches it and smiles.

Gayatri asks Savitri to come to Veer’s room. Savitri says it is not good. Gayatri asks her to come and forcibly takes her to their room. They see the blanket moving and see Veer telling that he wants to dip in her eyes. Savitri is embarrassed. Veer acts to be shy. He comes out and asks Gayatri what she wants to prove. Savitri scolds Gayatri and apologizes to Veer. Gayatri goes upset. Veer comes to his room and locks the door. Sanchi comes out from behind the bed. Veer says I knew that Gayatri will do something. Sanchi says we will save each other again. He is tensed. Gayatri tells Dr. Malhotra that they are clever and got saved. Dr. Malhotra says we have to thought about full proof plan so that Savitri stops Sanchi from writing the exam knowing about the band. He says he can’t bear to see their victory and asks her to think something fast and big.

Jaya comes to hospital. Pragya comes there and asks why did she call her urgently. Sanchi and Veer comes there. Sanchi says I know you are upset with us and says whatever happened yesterday, there was a reason behind it, alarm rang once. Jaya stops her and says I gave you a responsibility with trust. Dr. Kabir says you can’t make us lose this chance. Jaya says you are my daughter, talented etc, but I can’t take risk with my hospital. She says this hospital is my husband’s dream, you can’t fulfill his dreams and says now Pragya will write the exam. Sanchi is shocked.

Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that Sanchi’s exam date and their honeymoon date is same. Sanchi talks to Veer and tells that the date is same. Veer looks on. Jaya asks Sanchi about it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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