Savitri Devi 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir blackmails Sanchi to leave Veer

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Savitri Devi 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector coming to SDCH and tells that he wants to ask Sunny about Akshay’s death. Jaya asks him what is the matter? Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to come with him and says he wants to discuss Sunny’s case with her. He takes her to Sunny’s ward and asks Nurse to go out. He wipes Sanchi’s tears and says I can’t see you in this condition, but decision is your hand. He says if Police takes Sunny then what will happen? He tells her that Sunny’s condition is like this because of sleeping pills, how your mum will live with the thought that her son is a murderer and Sunny will commit suicide again. He asks Sanchi not to become selfish and asks her to check Jaya’s condition, and says she will die once sunny goes to jail. He asks her to decide. Sanchi says I can’t let anything happen to my brother. Dr. Kabir smirks and asks her to agree. He says I have proofs to prove his innocence. He asks her to become bad in everyone’s view so that they hate her. He holds her hand and says except me. He says you have to stay away from everyone specially Veer. He says tonight is the last day for you with Veer, and says all routine and lovey dovey moments shall be forgotten, as you will become my Sanchi from tomorrow. Sanchi is teary eyes. He holds her hand and shows bangles. Sanchi is forced to wear bangles for Sunny. She gets sad.

Dr. Kabir holds her hands and shows her bangles in her hand. He says this bangle will remind you that you are mine. Sanchi makes an upset face and agrees to his conditions. He asks her not to tell anyone about our deal else you know what I can do. Sanchi comes out. Veer asks if all reports are normal. Sanchi nods yes.

Dr. Kabir asks Inspector to come later. Sanchi looks at Veer. Later Sunny gains consciousness. Jaya asks are you fine? Sanchi says you have to stay here for few days. Jaya asks Sanchi to go and do her work. Sanchi says ok. Jaya asks what happened to him and says I was scared. Sanchi comes home with Veer. Savitri brings juice for them, and says you both might be hungry. She asks them to have juice. Veer thanks her. Savitri says Sunny will be fine soon and asks Sanchi not to worry. Veer and Sanchi tell her good night. Veer takes juice tray from Sanchi’s hand and keeps it. He asks Sanchi to smile. Sanchi thinks tonight is the last day for us. Veer asks what shall I do to make smile on your face. He sees bangles in her hand and asks from where it came. Sanchi is shocked and tells Maa got it made for marriage. Veer says ok and says I know how to relax my wife, by doing head massage. He asks her to sit. He tells I won’t let you break and massages her neck. He holds her hand sensually. Sanchi feels love and gets sad with the thought of Dr. Kabir’s condition. Sanchi thinks she won’t waste even a single moment as she has to spend her life with these moments. She hugs him and kisses on his forehead. She then rests on his chest. Veer rests while she sleeps.

In the morning, Sanchi asks Veer to get up. Veer asks her to give him a hug. Sanchi thinks of Dr. Kabir’s words and tells that she has to go to hospital. Veer says I will not go to hospital. Sanchi asks him not to be stubborn. Veer gets up and goes.

Sanchi comes to hall with Veer. Gayatri tells her that cook haven’t come and asks if they all shall be hungry. Sanchi says she will make food. Dr. Kabir calls her and asks her to forget about becoming good bahu and says you have to make everyone hate you and not love.

Sanchi gets wound on her finger. Dr. Kabir asks her to show her injury. Sanchi says you can’t feel my pain. Veer bandages her finger. Dr. Kabir hurts his palm and asks Sanchi can you feel my pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ChandanaSSV

    Arey villains ke liye koi kami reh gaya hai kya… KABIR ko bhi negative bana diya… An advice for cvs ek aur acchi heroine ka entry karke KABIR se usko patch up Karo…. Use saccha pyaar karne wala….. KABIR ko bhi ek happy life jeene ka haq hai….

  2. 23SAMAIRA0906

    Ufff whatever but in precape the lines told by Kabir is so heart touching and emotional !!! Yaar though the cvs r showing something which is………but the lines they gave to kabir r awesome …1st when he said in mandap”agar ajj main sanchi se shaadi karlu toh woh meri patni nahi mera adhura pyaar banke reh jaygi “…2nd when he was going out of hospital but before going he said ti sanchi”uss din mujhe mandap pe chodkar tumne mera dil toda hai par aaj tumne mujhe tod diya” …3rd today in the precape when sanchi got a hurt on her and she didnot gave him to first she said he wont understand her pain then kabir too cut his palm and said”Can u understand my pain??”…….. GOSH !!!! I m gonna die for this man and moreover his eyes… his eyes r more expressive than his words must say he is already blessed !!! I can’t understand how a man like him can be single!!!Whatever i will pray that he gets all the happiness of the world which deserves ……..and about kabir then its true no one can understand his pain!! NO ONE !!! …By the way there is good news for the cvs …they can’t have brain cancer !!why u know!!because they don’t brain!!! But their emotional dialouges r heart touching but i hate them because they ruined my cutepie veer and my hot and handsome hunk kabir’s character !!!! But i never regret watching the show because only for this show i came to know that a person named VIKRAM SAKHALKAR exist in this world …..seriously i would never deny the fact that i started watch this show for VARUN KAPOOR whom i follow since swaragini but i continued to watch the show because of VIKRAM SAKHALKAR ….never knew i would love VIKRAM more than myself LOVE U VIKRAM!!!!

    1. 23SAMAIRA0906

      SOrry it was” Veer ka adhura pyaar”

    2. True samaira the dilogue they gave r really awesome. I luvd it. When sanchi was bandaging his hands and he said that u never understand my pain the face of that b*t*h was emotionless as she really don’t have guilt at all what she did to him. At last cvs again tried to show her mahaan by giving her dilogue dr. Kabir dard ka ilaaz dard de kar nahi kiya jata. My foot. Iss chipadi ko kabhi kabir ka pain samajh nahi aayega.

    3. Dhruti

      true sammie his eyes says lots of thinks in show and that sanchi say that you didn’t understand my pain and what about kabir’s pain???

  3. No these cvs can’t show anything good bcoz they all became completely mad. Seriously there were so many villains and now they turned kabir also a villain To show sanchi mahaan these cvs can butcher anyone’s character whether its kabir or veer. These stupid cvs don’t understand that half of the fandom watch this show for veer and other for kabir. No one is interested in FL. If they keep on doing this trp will decrease only. But what to do inn cvs ko kuch samajh hi nahi aata ki fans kya chahte hai. Are sanveer bana diya ok but to kabir fans watch this show again they should have started kabir’s love story with a new entry. But nahi total bakwaas bana diya ye show. No one is interested in it anymore.

  4. Exactly guys you all are right no one is interested in FL…but these cvs are mindless they are unable to examine that what viewers want to watch in this show. Love Kabir aka Vikram from core of my heart… saanchi uss ka dard nahi samjh saktii but i can feel.

  5. So true said Palak they should totally bring up a new entry and start kabirs love story
    for the vikram fans who stopped watching the show after sanveer mariage

  6. swara bannerjee

    i hate that brainless sanchi

  7. My Varun Kapoor sooooooooo handsome ???? and his performance 10/10
    all the best Varuu
    love you so much ???

  8. Varunfan

    One thing is really good abt this sanchi Kabir scene that Cvs made it clear that by showing that sympathy card that you left me which is so obvious to happen even if they got married that day you cant justify indulging in someone’s private life and personal moments.No sympathy card cn justify this.Its utter nonsense.
    He felt bad but he should know this coming cause Sanchi dnt love him and even after marraige she will love Veer only so soon or later she wl be back to Veer.
    So there is no point of crying over spilt milk
    And if Kabir secretly wanted her to marry him at any cost then he jst made Veer right that he was taking advantage of the situation.

    I wanna be a hubby like Veer, he is being so good for his wife.

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