Savitri Devi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Savitri Devi is alive, Dr. Malhotra’s secret out

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Savitri Devi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir searching for Sanchi. Sanchi tells Isha and Pragya that she has to go to 10th floor. Pragya asks her to think wisely. Sanchi says I have to go. They hug her. Sanchi asks them to relax. Dr. Kabir searches for her and sees her. Dr. Sharma stops him and discuss about his patient. He asks him to send him patient report. Sanchi wears cleaner’s clothes. He comes inside and asks her if he saw Sanchi. Sanchi nods no. He looks at her. Sanchi thinks nobody shall identify him. Dr. Malhotra and Mr. Chawla get inside the lift. Mr. Chawla is about to tell about the box. Dr. Malhotra stops him from telling anything. Dr. Malhotra and Mr. Chawla get out of lift. Dr. Malhotra asks her to use employees lift and come out. She comes out and looks sad. Dadi asks Servant to place Savitri’s pics and remove Anand and Gayatri’s pic from the wall. Gayatri and Vaidehi get irked.

Khushboo is sitting and her father asks people to come and take darshan of a Devi. They give her money and valuables. Khushboo says he is hungry. Suman comes to Jaya and tells her that Khushboo is doing drama and became Devi because of her. They see people touching her feet and giving her gifts and money.

Sanchi somehow comes to 10th floor by stairs. Watchman stops her and asks if you are new, let me talk to Ms. Fernandes first. Sanchi prays to God. He calls Ms. Fernandes, but her number is busy. He lets her go, but stops her from going to ward no 1009. Sanchi thinks I will go for sure. Once that guard goes, Sanchi goes to ward and sees boxes. She finds the boxes empty and thinks if there is nothing here then why did uncle wrote in his diary about this ward. She then happens to see Savitri Devi alive on the bed. She is shocked and thinks who is she. She then realizes and says this is Veer’s mum.

She checks her and says she is in coma. She asks can you hear me. She thinks why did Dr. Malhotra kept her here hidden. She thinks to take proof of her and takes pics. Dr. Malhotra is passing from there and hears camera sound. He opens the door silently. Sanchi realizes someone is on door and hides. Dr. Malhotra comes inside and looks for the person who entered there. He is about to open the box in which Sanchi is hiding, but then hears the sound from different direction. He goes out and scolds the watchman for not doing his duty well and says it is a prohibited area.

Sanchi comes out of ward silently. She comes to meet Jaya and informs her that Savitri Devi is alive. Jaya gets happy and sees the pic. She says Savitri was a good human, friend, wife, bahu, mother etc. She tells that Savitri called her and insisted to meet, but later she comes to know that she met with an accident and went into coma..Later they come to know that she got missing. Jaya asks her to let her meet her. Sanchi says yes and says she will make her meet her. She says she wants to tell Veer that his mum is alive. Jaya asks Veer. Sanchi says he is Dr. Malhotra’s son, but not like him. Jaya asks her not to let Dr. Malhotra and Adarsh know that she knows the secret. Priya comes to Malhotra house and thinks no goon is here. He calls her and tells her that his man will shoot Dadi.

Priya gets scared as his man fires at the trash bin. Dadi comes in car. Priya hugs Dadi and goes. She comes home. Vikrant asks her to have food and asks Rukmini to send it with Priya’s hand. Vaidehi and Gayatri start acting seeing Dr. Malhotra coming home. Vaidehi cries and acts saying she has no pics of their marriage and cries. Gayatri says I couldn’t make Mamma stop crying. She says I know that Savitri Devi is in your heart, but her identity is harming my present. She emotionally blackmails him and says this hospital, house and you are hers. She says she wants to marry him infront of people. Dr. Malhotra says Savitri is alive, and says not alive and says everything is yours. Gayatri requests him to marry her. He thinks he really need to fix this.

Sanchi comes to the hostel. Isha and Pragya asks what is on 10th floor. She says she saw Savitri Devi on 10th floor and says Dr. Malhotra have hidden her from everyone. She shows the pic. Sanchi says we have to tell this to Veer, as he is Savitri Devi’s son.

Sanchi comes to Veer and is about to tell him. She sees Dr. Malhotra hearing him and stops.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rehmat

    oh my god D.R malhotra is disgusting how can he do this own wife now I am sure pair wil be sanveer hello sanveer fans Abc usha how are you

  2. Nice episode

  3. So after so many days veer will get his happiness back….Now I think I will see mother-son-daughter bond….but again sanchi will come in veer’s life….hope this time savitri devi and jaya will help them to unite…

  4. All sabir fans, please join sabir fc on twitter and instagram and keep tweeting rashami mam and colors for kabir and sanchi pairing other dr kabirs role will come to an end if sabir don’t end up or worse they will make dr kabir a negative character. Plz we don’t want that. If sanveer don’t end up, veer will still have role because he is dr malhotras son, but if sabir don’t end up, kabir will definitely have no role. Cvs will always go ahead with the more popular jodi, we need to show them that there are lots of sabir fans too.

    1. u r absolutely right
      thats y im join d instagram sabir fc

  5. Rehmat

    i agree with abc hope sanveer meet soon if kaanchi make a pair so serial is so boring

  6. omg the show is creating lots of confusion each day . whether it will be kanchi or sanveer. well iam okay aid both. I love kabeer. but roj new suspense.
    kanchi fans chill yaar . show ko start hue kuch hi tym hua h. kuch v ho sakta h. have patience. kabir lead me h

  7. There is no chemistry btw Kabir and sanchi both are dumb in acting but in case of sanveeri at least veers acting is always superb so it’s all about sanveer jodhi…agr sanchi aur veer ki pairing nhi hogi toh pure serial ka mtlb hi Kya rhega..may be ye ho skta h ki Kabir veer ka bda bhae nikle …I love sanveer jodhi more more than kanchi

    1. I’m not a fan of any pair, but I like Varun’s acting,honestly I don’t like Kabir’s acting,Kabir fans may bash me but everyone has the right to comment so negative comments if any are alright ,Swarda is improving.

  8. Hiii guys hw r u all???
    Sanchi finds that savitri devi z alive and she z in 1009 room,nd sanchi also take a photo as proof,but when dr.malhotra comes to know that sanchi knows that secret ,then he will definitely change savitri from that room,when sanchi takes veer to that 1009 room then savitri devi will not be there,then veer will get really angry if this diz happens then misunderstanding between sanveer will increase.but i’m sure sanchi can’t tell veer about his mom truth in tomorrow episode

  9. Guys from october onwards savitri devi college&hospital z reduces to half an hour means 6.30 to 7 pm.
    Bcoz at 7pm to 7.30 pm kasam serial will start.
    So sad??? sdch reduces to half an hour.

  10. Please I want kabir to pair with saanchi but I don’t think so as usual same comment but no change in sdch

  11. hey rehmat I am fine dear but I miss all sanveer fans where are [email protected]@[email protected]@jesmine where are you?I am started forgetting you and I already forget many fans of sanveer…[email protected] how are you?.the story is turning in that situation where it is confirm veer will be the main lead if sanveer happen or not veer will be the main ml..sanchi and kabir looks good but kabir is too elder than sanchi..Sanchi looks well only with veer.I want kabir with priya..then in future both kabir and veer will have a role….

    1. VINAL

      Hi Abc still there are many sanveer fans just not commenting like me
      Waiting for sanveer to unite soon hope savitri devi help them

  12. Ya…..I too love sanveer, they both look cute together and sabir look so boring. if they are going to make a pair then the show will be so boring…….so please make sanveer pair…:)

  13. Yeeeeaahhhh I think now therewill be sanveer only

  14. i want kaabir and saachi as pair …… will be interesting to watch

  15. Niyaaa

    For me only kanchi means sdch no kanchi no sdch

  16. Kittykrishlife

    Sanchi looks elder to Veer. I feel there is no chemistry between them. If sanveer happens it is the same usual revenge drama. I already saw sanskar supporting swara in swaragini. And i have no interest to watch the same in this serial too. Iam not comparing sanveer with swasan. Because sanveer will never can become swasan. Jameen aasmaan ka farak hai dono jodi mei. If it is not sabir then goodbye to sdch. I like sabir pair. Its good that serial is becoming half an hour otherwise who will watch vikranth-priya , jaya- khusboo, gayatri -her mom drama. It is so disgusting to watch vikranth.

  17. Plz make kanchi as lead pair….or else it will be very boring

  18. I want only veer sanchi

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