Savitri Devi 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Riya gets shot

Savitri Devi 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand going to Sanchi and asking about Veer. She says he went to hospital, why do you have a knife in hand. He locks her and goes. She shouts for help. She sees Naintara. Naintara asks what will you do now. Sanchi says you have done all this. Naintara says Anand is selfish to kill his son to save his life, my revenge will fulfill with Veer’s death, I will get Mukti. She goes. Sanchi prays to Mata Rani and cries. The door opens for her. Sanchi thanks her and runs out. Anand comes to Veer. Veer says you here at this time, are you fine. Anand says I had some work with you, I m really sorry Veer, I had no option. He shows the knife and attacks. Veer asks what are you doing. Anand says really sorry Veer. Veer defends the attack and runs out. Sanchi comes to hospital and looks

for them. Naintara stops her.

Sanchi says I won’t leave you run so easily. Naintara asks her to look around. Sanchi sees Anand and Veer fighting everywhere. She gets shocked. Naintara asks how can you find real and fake Veer, till you find, one of them will be dead. Sanchi looks for real ones, and sees if they are winking. She asks Anand to stop and sees the illusion. Veer stops Anand. Sanchi comes here and thinks they are real Veer and Anand. She shouts stop it. Veer asks what happened to you. Anand says don’t know. Sanchi says Naintara has done this. Anand says it means she has come back. She asks do you know her. He nods. Riya gets fruits for Kabir. She apologizes on Gayatri’s behalf. She feeds him fruits. Gayatri comes there. She says you thought just you can follow a car, I m your mum. She says Kabir did you think you got saved, not that easy, you cheated me, you are forever gone. She points gun. Riya stops her. Gayatri asks her to come. Riya comes in front and gets shot. She falls down. Gayatri gets shocked and shouts Riya.

Sanchi asks Anand who is Naintara, why does she want to take revenge from them. Anand says Naintara was patient in our hospital, she has stolen a baby from maternity ward, a guard has seen her, when he tried to stop her, she angrily attacked him, Naintara died by that guard’s hand by mistake, I got this news late, I buried her in that ward so that media doesn’t know this, that’s why I asked you not to open that ward. They suddenly hear babies crying. Naintara comes there. Naintara asks Anand to say truth, else this sound won’t stop. Sanchi says I m sorry on his behalf, stop this sound. She asks Anand to tell the truth if he is hiding anything.

Anand says no, I m saying the truth, believe me. Veer says why is she saying you are lying, tell us truth. Sanchi asks Naintara to say truth. She promises to get justice for her. Naintara says what will I do of justice, I just want revenge. She hits Anand and asks him to say truth. Sanchi says fine if you want revenge, I will see how you take revenge, I won’t let you touch anyone. Naintara goes. Veer says we are bearing this because of your lie. Sanchi says its fine if you don’t want to say truth, just remember you will be responsible for any unfortunate thing. Nurse comes and says Riya got shot. They get shocked and rush. They see Kabir and ask you here….. in this state.

Kabir says I m this state because of Gayatri, she has shot Riya. They get shocked. Gayatri says he is lying Anand. Anand says what are you doing here with Kabir then, Gayatri tell me the truth, what’s happening. Gayatri says yes, I shot at Kabir, not Riya. Anand asks are you insane, I m going to lose my second daughter because of your madness, enough now, I m going to call police. She says no, no one can call police, I m warning, else I will sell this hospital, I will get everyone on road, this hospital is on my name now. They get shocked. She says I have POA with me, I can do anything. Sanchi says do anything you want, I will get you punished for this.

Tantric helps Sanchi and says we will cage Naintara. Naintara performs in the party. Sanchi comes there and sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab Riya aur Kabir shaadi

  2. This serial is really pathetic now

    1. Kaash ye show off air chaligaye really fed up with this

  3. i hate this serial so much now .only kabir is the charm of this serial im only watching for him .why the cvs seperated kanchi .nowthey should take the crap story off air.

    1. They will after naintara part

      1. Mathlab Riya n Kabir ki shadi hogaye na

    2. @pia if u r on Instagram then plz convey one msg to the makers if they made sanveer I don’t have any problem but before ending the show they should at least prove Kabir’s innocence of kidney theft then it will be a great favor to we kabir fans at least sanchi should also know about her own sins. I don’t want anything else. If any kabir fan can convey this message to makers it will be really great. And yes I don’t want kanchi at all. I only want kabir to be proved innocent and get back his dignity. I think all kabir fans should do this request.

      1. Off course I agree with you per ek baat zaroor hai hum Instagram so bi post kare us ka shiw ki writers per koi har nahi padega n I really mean it. And according to me iss show ka naam sdch nahi ssk season 2 rakna chaye. N yeah show ab iff air nahi zayage kui ki ssk, shakthi sab na Bina trp ke 2se 3 saal chaleye
        If u have heart anyone I’m sorry

  4. I have decided never to comment here bcoz the story of the show is pathetic. Well isase better story to 6 class kA bacch likkh lega. Anyways I hope the show will end soon. Ab jisaki shadi jisasE ho I don’t care. Bas iss show kA name savitri Devi college and hospital rakhane ki jagah ‘sasural sanchi ka’ rakhana chahiye that. Anyways it was my last comment and I m really happy that ria loves kabir truly. At least wo ghatiya aurat jisaka naam lena bhi mujhe pasand nahi kabir ki life se gai. I never hated any FL of any show par the FL of sdcah is the only character whom I hate from the core of my heart. I have never seen such a cheap and selfish woman who always cared about herself her feeling and only used ppl for fulfilling her selfish motive. I JUST HATE SANCHI THE MOST GHATIYA CHARACTER SEEN EVER.

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