Savitri Devi 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi and Veer do the puja together

Savitri Devi 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria tells Gayatri about Sanchi and Veer, not consummating their marriage still. Gayatri gets happy. Savitri thinks she has to give saree to Sanchi for her first Baisakhi rasam and calls Sanchi, but she doesn’t pick her call. Savitri calls Veer and asks where is your wife? Veer says she must be studying and kept phone on silent. Savitri asks him to ask Sanchi to wear nice clothes for Baisakhi puja. Veer says ok. Gayatri hears them and thinks she has to do special arrangements for them. Pragya asks Veer what happened? Veer tells that Savitri was angry that Sanchi haven’t picked her call. Pragya says Dr. Kabir is not giving her break from studies. Veer asks Pragya not to disturb Sanchi, let her study and says he will handle. Savitri and Gayatri are leaving from home.

Jaya comes to Dr. Kabir and Sanchi and asks about the exam preparation. Sanchi tells jaya that she has to go now and will return and will complete the notes. Jaya says you can go, but Dr. Kabir says you can’t go. Dr. Kabir says Jaya aunty gave you a chance and responsibility even thought we have more talented doctors than you. He says you can’t go, be serious and be practical. He says you can’t lose this chance, and says sorry to Jaya. He says I can’t let Sanchi play with hospital reputation. Sanchi says I understand, but I need to go to puja also. Dr. Kabir asks her to answer for his three questions and then only he will let her go.

A lady asks Savitri when will his bahu come? Savitri says she will come. Veer comes there and says he will do puja on his wife’s behalf. Sanchi answers two questions right and says she has not studied for the last part. Dr. Kabir asks her to study first. Jaya tells Dr. Kabir about the importance of Puja and asks Sanchi to go. Sanchi thanks her and says I will come and complete my notes. Dr. Kabir says you are doing wrong? Jaya says I know Sanchi, she does what she promises, she will complete her notes.

Savitri asks Veer to go. Veer says no and tells that you said that this puja is important and that’s why I will do this ritual. Ladies gossip and tell that may be he will wear mangalsutra and sindoor also. Lady asks him to wear bangles and says puja is done after wearing the bangles. Sanchi comes there and holds the bangles plate angrily looking at the lady.

Veer is happy to see Sanchi there. Sanchi tells lady that she shall be ashamed. She says it is one of the wedding vow that husband and wife shall help each other. She says when my husband is supporting me then you are laughing at him. She asks whose husband does this. She tells that her husband helps her in every work and says they shall respect him. She says every girl wants this type of guy and I am very lucky to have him. She asks them to concentrate on their own husbands and says if your husband even half of Veer’s quality then your life will get better. She says today’s puja, we will do together. Savitri is upset. Veer and Sanchi do the puja together. Dr. Malhotra breaks Savitri and Gayatri’s fast and gives them gift. They thank him.

Veer also gifts Sanchi. Sanchi likes the watch and thank him. Veer says your good time starts now. Sanchi says when you came with me, my good time started. He says I know you are busy. Sanchi brings his favorite chocolate. Veer thanks her. Sanchi says I couldn’t bring special gift for you, and says she thought to break his fast with his special chocolate. She says I need to go. Veer says I will drop you to hospital. Gayatri asks a lady to give them Prasad. Sanchi and Veer take the Prasad and leave. Gayatri thinks tonight you can’t study as because of the Prasad, you can’t stay away from your husband and then I will keep you away from the exam and maa. Veer tells Sanchi about Harman’s marriage. Sanchi says we will go there. She says we shall change our clothes first. They don’t eat the Prasad and keep in car.

They go home and changes their clothes. Veer wears turban and his face with moustache and beard. Sanchi is dressed as Punjabi too. Veer says his destiny is beautiful, and he wants to marry her again. Sanchi says siyappa was much in their first marriage and asks why he wants to marry her again. Veer says their marriage will happen in Punjabi style again. Sanchi says your talks and attitude changed once you changed your get up. Veer says nothing is changed, whenever I see you, I fall in love with you again and again. Sanchi thanks him and feels lucky. She requests him not to marry someone else and says I will die if such thing happens. Veer says I will not do such mistake. Sanchi says we have to stop Harman and Soumya, else we will get late.

No Precap, show continues in Shakti’s episode.

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